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  1. ThatWeirdGuy
    08-08-2022 08:38 AM
    Part 2:
    Pussy: Well here we have some problems. She's shaved/waxed so it's all nice and bare.... But given her overal body shape this doesn't do her any favours. I'll explain in the overall section.
    To be crude she has a hell of a set of "beef curtains." They hang low when she is naked and had her knees spread. Nice shade of pink but her clits on the big side... Something to "chew" on I suppose.

    Overall: skinny and boring.... Her hips could be wider and her tits should be bigger. Combine this with the bald cunt and you a woman who looks like a girl. Her ribs are clearly visible in one pic proof that she is just too scrawny. Get her a sandwich , boob job and some grown up hair and there might be something to work with!
  2. ThatWeirdGuy
    08-08-2022 08:37 AM
    Part1 :
    Okay so this Rating was requested to have a humiliating(but honest) slant. I'll split this into 4 sections tits, ass, cunt and overall.

    Tits: In the pictures sent Hailey has an average (boring) sized breasts nothing truelly attention grabbing. Her left areaola is significantly larger than her right. Her nipples themselves are pretty small and even though she's not that big there is signs of sagging even in her early twenties. Laying down her left tit wants to fill her armpit... Or it would if it was big enough.

    Ass: small and firm looking no cellulite so that's a bonus. Looks tight probably doesn't take much cock up the ass. I'm guessing she's the type to freak out out of fear it would hurt.
  3. Geluvir
    08-08-2022 08:25 AM
    Face/Feet N/A - neither were provided in the 4 pictures I received (and to be honest I’m not a feet person so I couldn’t comment) as is her right not to do so. I will comment however that she is short haired which I think fits her body type quite well so I think she would likely be incredible cute ^^

    Overall 8/10 - I want to give more, I do, anyone who she plays with or shares with will consider themselves lucky I guarantee, but I find myself pulling back slightly as to remain genuine and honest in my rating.

    I hope Hailey deems is worthy to play with more in future and a big thank you to her for participating this far ^^
  4. Geluvir
    08-08-2022 08:24 AM
    Ass 8/10 - have to admit this isn’t what I’m about so I have an amateurs opinion on this. It’s in perfectly proportion, nicely smooth and curved but as mentioned before the slightly too thinness to me means that she hasn’t got quite the fullness you might want. Smackable but probably limited in bounce potential.

    Pussy 7/10 - while this has the lowest rating, Hailey’s pussy is by no mean unattractive. It’s a lovely pink and you’d be damn sure to want to bury your face in it, but her larger, messy labia is such a juxtaposition to how neat and tight the rest of her body is that it loses it’s attractiveness and makes it seem like she wouldn’t be very tight. Some of you might find the idea exciting however, probably worth determining for yourself.
  5. Geluvir
    08-08-2022 08:24 AM
    As per the ‘Inspection and PUBLIC rating’ thread, I feel as though I should let you all know the results of my inspection!

    General body 9/10 - Hailey keeps herself fit as is evidenced by how slender she is, honestly I would love to give a perfect score for this, my only thing being that the outline of her ribs is a bit pronounced and is therefore a little thin in my opinion. But honestly she is damn near perfect in this regard!

    Tits 8/10 - this was a hard one for me, she has a perfect size in proportion to her slender body and slightly different sized areole which lend a charming cuteness. She sent me a picture both pain down where they looked spectacular, and in a kneel position that revealed their slightly different shapes that I also felt was kind of charming. Only issue here being that they slightly sag and drift apart, detracting from the perkiness she shows elsewhere.

    (More to come, hit character limit)
  6. marc645
    08-08-2022 08:14 AM
    Tits 8.5/10, great shape, they look very good, could only be a bit bigger.
    Ass 9/10, shaped very good, hole looks very tight, but could also be slightly bigger
    Pussy 10/10, Beautiful pussy with great looking labia
    Overall 9/10, Great sexy body, just a little too skinny for my liking
  7. tzzzr
    08-08-2022 08:09 AM
    Inspected Hailey and give her a 9/10 total overall rating. The subject sent several nice pics of her naked body. Details are as follows:

    Tits 8/10 a little on the smallish side but excellent shape. Nipples were also small but well defined and appeared to be hard in the pictures.
    Pussy 10/10 extremely smooth with a large clit. Very well defined pussy lips
    Ass 8/10 completely smooth and nice and pink.

    Great inspection poses from what appears to be a trained submissive. I asked and she told me the pics were taken last week.
  8. hahahahamaybe
    07-06-2022 06:25 AM
    Welcome and enjoy yourself here.

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