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Stepping into the online BDSM world Thoughts and ideas worth sharing along my online BDSM journey, sometimes they are things that someone looking into playing with me might find useful to read, a way to save time and misunderstandings by having everything laid out here.
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Custom box on my blog's side bar ! 😮

Posted 05-01-2024 at 07:37 AM by pluky

Juste realized I can literally embed gifs in a custom box at the side, this leaves room for a lot of fun 🤩
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Accidental self-inflicted torture

Posted 04-07-2024 at 07:26 PM by pluky

So I woke up with a vaginal infection, one at the very entrance of my hole instead of deep inside, and I didn't have anything but my bad ideas to do about it.

It felt really itchy so I wanted something drastic to clean it with, salt water didn't seem to be enough.

So I thought about using this specialized toothpaste I have, instead of containing just toothpaste it also has some herbs like thyme in it, which are known to fight off bacteria and infection, so I thought it would...
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Things I've done for an orgasm

Posted 03-27-2024 at 10:39 AM by pluky
Updated 03-27-2024 at 10:42 AM by pluky

This journal might be regularly updated on commented on with new tasks that I end up doing to earn the permission to cum, there's always more of those and they tend to be at the limits of my comfort zone.

Based on previously approved hentai images I figured that the censoring rues don't apply to drawings the same way they do to photos, so I will post my doodle of this morning's task that I earned my orgasm with, a picture is worth a thousand words, hopefully it's ok.

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Hands-free orgasm

Posted 03-13-2024 at 04:20 AM by pluky

I am shocked that this happened, I didn't think it was physically possible.

This morning Sir kept me denied and I think either to punish me or train me to resist my urges, he kept me giving me 10 mn permissions of watching my favorite porn. Which happens to be stuff I wasn't allowed to watch for months and was craving.

The first 10 mn already felt unbearable and I didn't know how I was gonna keep myself from touching after that. After a couple more I ended up resorting...
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Rules [update]

Posted 02-27-2024 at 11:15 AM by pluky
Updated 04-28-2024 at 03:12 AM by pluky

There has been a few new rules for a while now that I never mentioned in my initial Rules blog post for the ongoing rules of my DS dynamic. Some of those rules were tricky and I wanted to have space to explore them in privacy first so I felt like keeping them to myself for months, but my organized side always wanted to update my list eventually. I however wanna keep the old blog post untouched with all the main rules, and prefer creating a duplicate for the updates.

Rules that are scratched
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Posted 02-15-2024 at 11:12 PM by pluky

Some things I did before that I'm terrified or reluctant to do now :

- having edges while denied, for days/weeks
- serving random strangers (online)
- toothbrush on clit torture
- e-stim on clit torture
- melted candles on tits
- sleeping on the floor the whole night
- sleeping (nap) stuffed with underwear
- anal insertions anything bigger than my finger
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Temporary rules while Sir is away for a couple of days

Posted 12-26-2023 at 11:15 AM by pluky
Updated 12-29-2023 at 01:56 AM by pluky

  • All Sir's default rules remain the same but Sir's toy can choose to take a break from any rules if things get too uncomfortable

  • Sir's toy won't be punished for not following a rule

  • Sir's toy has to stretch her vagina with markers everyday

  • Sir's toy can earn an orgasm by doing clothespins/clamping time :

  • If she reaches 30 mn of clothespins time on a work day (if that seems too easy the first day, she will have to increase the goal to
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