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Running with a Full Bladder Dare

Posted 03-08-2016 at 06:27 PM by The Slutty Princess
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The dare:
Drink 32 oz of water. Wait an hour, drink 20 more oz. Wait an hour, then go for a walk in yoga pants or dark running shorts and bring a water bottle (and go somewhere you can refill it). Drink about 8 oz every 10 minutes until you really have to go. Go to a bathroom (or if you're daring, find bushes to hide in), and pee for 2 seconds, then stop. Now get dressed and go walk for another 15 minutes. You can't use the bathroom until the time is up. If you have to go, it has to be outdoors, and you can't pull down your bottoms. You can hide, squat, whatever you need to, but can't take off your bottoms (or move them out of the way) until 15 minutes are up.

My Report:

It was a beautiful day for a run. Upon getting home from school, I drank a bottle of water and a glass of water that was about equivalent to thirty-two ounces. After waiting an hour, I could already feel that the water had filled my bladder but I consumed another bottle of water and waited another hour. After changing into a blue sports bra and black running shorts, I was ready to go. My bladder had already begun to beg to be released and I hadnít even left the house yet. I felt full. I walked outside to the beautiful, warm weather and began my jog to the park. Though it felt like my bladder was ready to burst, jogging actually took my mind off of it. When I got to the park, I began jogging around the trail that encircled it. Inside the cemented trail was a pavilion that held a water fountain, restroom, and picnic tables, and behind the pavilion was the small playground. Living in a small town, the park often had few people in it, today was one of those days. I saw no one in the park besides a young mother with her two little boys who were playing on the playground. I kept watch on my phone as I jogged around the park, enjoying the nice weather. When I reached ten minutes, I stopped and drank from the water fountain. I drank for about 15 seconds which I assumed was about 8 ounces. Now my bladder was really killing me. The sound of the water running in the water fountain and consuming the chilling water really intensified the urge to pee. After drinking, I continued my jog, this time it was hard to concentrate. My bladder was killing me. It literally felt like a ticking time bomb. I tried my hardest to use contractions to ease the urge but if felt as though it did nothing. I wanted to stop running and cross my legs. It felt as though I was full to the brim. As soon as I reached ten minutes, I jogged towards the pavilion to get another drink, thatís where I lost it. As soon as I was stationary, the urge intensified as though it was almost unbearable! I bent over and began to drink from the water fountain but hearing the pitter patter of the water, I lost it. I felt the warm urine begin to slowly leak from inside me. I quickly tensed up and tried to stop myself but I didnít have the control. I had lost it. Soon, the small squirt of urine converted to a stream. The urine soaked my shorts, running down my legs and soaking and filling my socks and shoes. I felt disgusted and humiliated. The young mother by the playground could not see me but I still felt humiliated. Sadly, it was not a short pee, rather it lasted what felt like forever. The pee continued to flow through my shorts and down my leg, splattering either in my shoes or on the cement. By the time I was done, my shots were soaked, my socks were soaked, and there was a small puddle on the ground. I was too embarrassed to stick around, even if the shorts were black and they werenít visible, the pee still grossed me out. I hated walking back to the house in soaking wet shoes and shorts. Luckily, I snuck inside the house without my parents or siblings seeing my wet shorts and I managed to get back to my room and change clothes after showering.

Thank you for the dare, I had a great time with it, even if it did disgust me. It still felt embarrassing to me, though no one did see me, just the thought that I had just peed myself in a public place was humiliating enough.
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