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Update: Add thread free for all

Posted 08-02-2020 at 10:22 AM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 08-22-2021 at 12:28 PM by CSasha

Sometimes you can see someone posting an add thread, for example: Add spanks, I spank myself 10 times for every post until one week from now.

The more the merrier, I thought, so you can always join the Add thread free for all.

Basic rules

Just post if you want to add tasks to other people.

You may always double post, but not more. If you posted twice in a row, wait until someone else posted or one hour has passed.

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Retrospective: PM dare bashing game

Posted 08-02-2020 at 09:22 AM by CSasha (I love words)

The PM dare bashing game

I started the PM dare bashing game over 3 years ago, will be 4 years in September 2020. It's purpose was a source to get PM dares by willing to send PM dares yourself, both lots of, based on chance.

How it works is, that you post with a chosen or random number between 1 and 24 (in a spoiler). Then you are supposed to PM dare every user before you, from last up to the closest user with the same number. People posting after you will PM dare you in...
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Fucking lose-on-purpose-losers - 1on1 Dare battle Fix

Posted 04-02-2020 at 04:38 AM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 04-02-2020 at 07:58 AM by CSasha

Interested in games with the stakes of doing a dare for your opponent?
But opponents lose on purpose turn you off?

Don't despare.
You and I can fix this!

First ask yourself if you don't want to lose yourself? Seriously, we are doing this for the chance of losing, right? But it's not an interesting game if we are not playing as good as we can.

If you really want to play for it, daring the risk to lose but taking the chance to win and make...
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Planning 6,000 posts celebration - Our PM dare party

Posted 06-20-2018 at 05:35 AM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 06-28-2018 at 11:57 PM by CSasha

Hello everyone,

Note: you don't need to have active PM dares yourself to join, add and enjoy the upcoming thread!.

Thanks for all your contributions to my thoughts on a 5,000 post celebration. Some of you volunteered for special roles. I didn't do it but it made me quite aroused. But I made a poll asking for add thread experiences and preferences.

So after thinking over it and accumulating now over 6,000 posts in total, I prefer a new idea about a celebration...
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Token PM dares

Posted 06-10-2018 at 02:52 PM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 12-05-2018 at 07:47 AM by CSasha


Inspired by and bluntly STOLEN from Kitten's PM dares I now try some new PM dares for a limited time. Feel free to also use my other Temporary PM dares as well as My current main PM dares.

You can also give me and others PM dares directly in the PM dare party thread, and also get PM dares yourself if you have a link to your own list in your signature.

Until now, I completed or am going to complete all PM dares given to me
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"Add to my" thread advice Part 2

Posted 02-22-2018 at 06:17 PM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 03-06-2020 at 12:48 PM by CSasha

Click here for Part 1

15. Your rules guide the players and the game

Whoever designs the rules, determines the behaviors which are rewarded, and the behaviors which are punished. Guess which behaviors people prefer. Do they prefer rewards or punishment (not to mistake for funishments)? So yes, by rewarding what you want them to do, they do it. It's in your hands when you set up the rules.

What do you want your players to do? Do you want your friends to join...
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"Add to my" thread advice Part 1

Posted 02-22-2018 at 06:14 PM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 03-06-2020 at 12:39 PM by CSasha

Disclaimer: I am just a human being without any clue, but I felt inspired to answer to NoLimitz call how to create or make a popular "Add ..." thread.

I had to create my own Loser thread by losing a vote to ChubbyShySissy, still working it off, and started some more Add-threads for other users like for lop747, for Gonzalez, for Buttaholic, for my precious pet astro alias oddjobber, and for spankmeohio. I think my first experiene posting and thereby adding in such threads was
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