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Race to 50 edges

Posted 06-10-2022 at 07:13 PM by Butterfly

Yesterday I had the day free from work and had planned to stay in bed as long as I could. I have been feeling pretty burnt out and needed some self care time. This plan had originally included porn, edging and some a few orgasms, but when I mentioned this to the Dom that I have been casually playing with, he teased me with the idea that he might prohibit me from touching myself all day. Of course this made me very pouty and also even more horny. I was instructed to check in with him when I woke up and find out my fate.

My morning started with a good morning to my casual Dom (let's call him Mr. Ted). I waited in anticipation, growing hornier and more desperate by the minute. When he popped up in pointed out that I had been bratty and that I had forgotten to speak in third person and therefore, it was a shame but I wouldn't be allowed to touch today. BLERG!!!

I was super pouty. I begged Mr. Ted to use me and abuse. To let me earn an orgasm. I needed to ache for him, to hurt for him. My clit was already tingling. I was given instructions to write "Mr. Ted's Toy" across my left boob. Marked as his, Mr. Ted had me spread my legs and touch myself briefly and let him know how wet I was. Knowing I was just a toy at his disposal, and that being a toy turned me on was so humiliating, and yet, that turned me on even more.

Mr. Ted had me put 4 clothespins on my 'princess parts'- on the lips. This was ouchie. He also had me grab my clover clamps. He teased me about the different places he could make me put them. My ears, my tongue, my nipples, my clit .... *gulp* ... I begged him not to make me put them on my clit. Clit torture is something in my soft limits currently. It is something that I want to explore with the right person (and don't tell him but Mr. Ted could be the right person) but I was not ready yet. Thankfully he showed mercy and left my throbbing clit alone. The clovers went on my nipples. They ached so good. I love the bite of the clovers, the weight of them hanging down from my nipples. Nipple pain is like a direct line of pleasure to my clit.

I was instructed to use the crop on my thighs, 20 times on each side. To go slow and let it sting. I have never really done much impact on my thighs, just a few swings of a crop. Boy did it sting. It left a few marks and I snapped a photo to send to Mr. Ted. I think he was pleased because he finally gave me person to touch my aching princess parts. I was allowed to get my magic wand and edge for him.

It took me about 2 minutes to get to the edge. The fact that it took so little time made me blushy and embarrassed. Mr. Ted liked this and decided that I should go into getDare chat and ask if I should be allowed another edge. The only problem was that I have a rule .... when I am talking with Mr. Ted, I have to speak in third person, this meant in chat as well. Gah! I had been avoiding this. But this time there was no way around it. I couldn't think of a way to ask the question "Should I edge?" without having to use the word "I" and therefore having to change it to "this Toy". This was going to be so freaking embarrassing. I wanted to die.

The worst part about the whole thing is that that chat was mildly busy and a few old friends were in there. I was given permission to edge, not once, but 3 times. I also was given some unsolicited verbal teasing from the old "friends".

Denon12 also commented and said he would like to match any edge that I did. He was given permission to do so. I am not sure how it came about but somehow I was challenged to a competition. Mr. Ted agreed to the competition. I asked if we could plug our asses because my little toy ass needed to be filled and I thought it would help us with edging. Tease stepped in and acted as the moderator. We all agreed on first to 50 edges would win.

Mr. Ted allowed me to remove the clamps and then we began ...

I am the edging Queen. My first edge took me 2-3 minutes but then after that I think I was averaging about 5 edges every 2 minutes. As I neared 30, I was literally just turning the wand on and off and an edge was instantly there. I was getting so close to the edge, that it was taking me longer to cool down between edges than it was to get to the edge.

Mr. Ted told me that I needed to take a break. I had a lot of time since Denon12 was only at about 10 at that point. While I waited, I was assigned 20 more crop hits to each thigh. Fuck those hurt! And then 50 hits of a paddle to my ass. I chose the ping pong paddle. I love the feel and sound of this paddle.

I thought the pain would help me calm down so that I could handle the last 20 edges but instead the pain seemed to just spur me on. The last 20 came just as quickly. I was so ready to cum. I was so wet, aching, throbbing ... sitting in a puddle ... the wand was spraying my juices everytime I turned it on. I was so freaking happy when I reached 50.

Denon12 still had another 15 to go. When I told Mr. Ted he told me that I wasn't allowed to cum until Denon12 reached 50. And he teased me that maybe I should be nice and not make him finish. Thankfully the rest of the chat participants backed me up (though they didn't know that my orgasm depended on it).

As soon as he reached 50, I begged Mr. Ted to let me cum. He told me I had done a good job and earned my orgasm. I turned the wand on and within seconds I exploded into an amazing orgasm.

It was a wonderful little play session. As hard as it was being exposed in chat like that, I enjoyed being embarassed and blushy. I enjoyed the competition and pushing myself to win. The combination of pain and pleasure throughout was amazing.

Thank you Mr. Ted, Tease, Denon12 and all other chat participants. It made for a fun day.
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    Jaro's Avatar
    Wow! This must have been a big dare for you stepping out of your comfort zone. I have to admit I'm a bit jealous of your edging capabilities. I'm glad you had so much fun same that you were allowed such a splendid orgasm!
    Posted 06-11-2022 at 02:40 AM by Jaro Jaro is offline

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