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Humiliating fantasy Part 1

Posted 05-31-2022 at 03:17 PM by sexualfeelings

This is a fantasy of mine, no actions taken or people mentioned are realy and are unlikely to ever before real. This fantasy contains: extreme body modification, public exposure, extreme humiliation, orgasm control, bondage, diapers, exposure to coworkers, public humiliation, etc

My Daddy/Mommy is having their friends over. I've met them before, some are even my coworkers, one of them is a mystery to me. The house is clean and the food is on the table waiting to be served.

My Cg is all dressed up in professional clothing, looking mature and in control.

I on the other hand am in my punishment outfit. Locked spiked booties, meant to force me into a crawl at all times. The spikes a punishing pain that forces me off of my feet. A locked head harness that holds my pacifier against my lips, no chance of being spit out. A pain of locked mittens forcing my hands into a fist, a plush cushion covering a hard shell.
Finally I am in my punishment diaper set. A larger diaper around a smaller diaper which has two overnight stuffers inside. All topped with a locking diaper cover that spreads my legs almost to the point of discomfort. Its an impossible situation to hide, which it my Cg's plan.

I'm being punished for refusing to wear my pull ups under my dinner dress, so instead of being secretly a baby, I'm being exposed so that I never fight them on clothing again. They have taken my big girl chair and put it away, then they take my plate of adult food and wrap it up, putting it in the fridge- I won't be needing them tonight.

I am sitting in the corner, face to the wall seated and locked to an adult sized high chair by the wrists, under the bust, waist, thighs, and ankles. I won't be going anywhere anytime soon, that's for sure.

"Let's check your diaper, little whore. I know you have a hard time holding your pee-pee." My Cg says in a overly sweet tone, sounding more condescending than caring. "Hmm.. Dry." They announce, frowning in disappointment.

The doorbell rings, it's the first of the guests to arrive. The door opens and shuts, footprints echo. I'm not too worried, they won't be going to the dining room right away, but the dread of being seen still grips my heard.

My Cg smiles and pushes their hand against my bladder, applying just the right amount of pressure to my bloated belly to make me flood. Not that it matters. With how padded I am I could last until the next afternoon. Which if I don't beg hard enough for a change later could be how long until I'm changed.

Satisfied that I'm properly wet they unlock the chair's wheels and positions me to take the missing space at the table. The table itself is round and made of glass, ensuring that no part of me is hidden from view.

The door opens and closes a few more times before there's a knock on the dining room door.

My Cg pats my diaper bulge a few times before mockingly saying, "If you want to leave all you have to do is ask." Knowing full well that wouldn't be able to say anything remotely resembling a word even if I didn't have the pacifier gag.

It's been a goal of ours, for my to listen to a hypno file that forces me to only use baby talk when diapered. It's been working perfectly for the last month, even when being spanked until I could say any world, nothing besides babble left my mouth.

Walking to the door my Cg looked back and said, "I'll turn on your little button, I want you to be relaxed when our guests come in to eat." Dread and excitement started to build in my stomach.

Last years goal was to completely hand over control of sexual pleasure to my Cg, and the way we achieved that was with surgical body modification. After 9 months of constant tease and denial, I had begged my Cg to take total control of my kitty and button forever, and they did. The next day I was being prepped for a mystery surgery set up by my Cg. I went under shortly after arriving and woke up the next day in a thick medical diaper. I wasn't allowed to see what the change was until I was fully healed, as any stress could setback my recovery. So for an entire 3 months afterwards I was on a strict no contact order with my kitty, a far cry from the constant tease and edging of the 9 months previous.

On new years, an exact year after my Cg announced their intent to completely take my kitty away from me, I learned that they did.

My kitty hole was reduced in size until even a needle couldn't fit inside of it, my previously well used and abused opening completely sealed up. Not that I would get a chance to try, my kitty lips were shrank as well. My previously pretty puffy kitty was almost completely gone, the surgeon having cut them away and then joining them together until I was almost completely smooth. Not even my clitty was left alone, it was reduced in size as well, but not nerve endings, so the effect of touching would be even greater.

Thankfully my Cg thought ahead and had a special device implanted into my clitty. The implant caused my clitty to go completely numb when not activated, allowing my little nub to just sit there like a decoration, like a useless button. They let me cry and get used to not being able to bring myself any pleasure for a week before they revealed the second part of the surgery. They had all of the nerve endings rewired to my bum instead of my kitty, so that in time with training I could orgasm from being fucked anally. The implant could also be turned on and my button would get sensitive again, and it could be turned to vibrate via an app that I had no access to. The implant was a blessing and a curse. It brought my more pleasure that I could have brought myself, but it also controlled my pleasure more than anything else could. It could bring me to the edge and keep me there indefinitely, it could let me play with my button but never let me get above or below a certain threshold of arousal. My kitty was completely and totally owned and controlled.
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    Amazing story
    would love to read more
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