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Public Walk in underwear dare....

Posted 05-17-2022 at 11:22 AM by Matt:
Updated 05-17-2022 at 11:30 AM by Matt:

My report on a dare I was given to do while on holiday.

The dare I was given - You must go for a walk on a sunny day following a proper public footpath. You must be wearing tight fitting briefs as underwear. At some point of the walk you must remove your trousers/shorts and put them in your bag. Then you must walk a minimum of 2 miles in just your underpants and a T-Shirt. A few conditions to add-:

You are not allowed to go off the proper path for any reason.

You are not allowed to try and cover yourself in any way.

You must not make any effort to avoid any people on the walk.

You are not allowed to slow down if you are catching walkers ahead, if you catch them up, you must go past them.

No running or extra fast walking. You must always walk at your normal speed.

As you pass any people, you must say "morning/afternoon" (depending on time) If anyone asks why you have no trousers/shorts on, you must reply with a reason (can be made up). At least once you must tell someone a reason as you pass, even if you are not asked.

You can only put trousers/shorts back on when you reach your car at the end of the walk.


While on holiday I finally worked up the courage to attempt this dare, I know it may seem tame to some, but felt a big deal to me! Virtually all my dares are done when there is either no, or very little chance of being seen, at least at close quarters anyway. The odds of NOT being seen closely, were next to non existent!

I chose a walk that was quite strenuous, so to at least reduce how many people were likely to be walking there and mean that there was less chance of there being young families with children around.

The 1st part of the walk was done with the friends/family I was on holiday with, so obviously I remained fully dressed for this part! But as planned, about half way, they went to do different things and I continued on my own.

About half a mile after this I decided I'd better start the dare. I stopped to the side of the path, checked nobody was around, took off my trousers, revealing my tight blue briefs I was wearing underneath (Apparently I should have been wearing my red ones, but I didn't see message about this until I had left the house, hopefully I don't get in trouble for this...) I put my trousers into my backpack and nervously set off on the rest of my walk....

It wasn't long before I noticed there was a couple walking ahead of me that I was catching up with. This did get my heart beating, and I have to admit, I did make excuses to stop, such as having a drink, adjusting bag, just to delay catching them, not knowing what they would think or say when I passed and they saw my state of dress....

But I knew this was against the rules I had been given, so I started walking again at my normal speed, and a couple of minutes later I was right behind them. I passed the lady first, saying "good morning" as I went by, imagining in my head what she must be thinking as I went past with no trousers or shorts on, only tight briefs covering my private parts.. She did seem a bit surprised, but just said morning and didn't mention anything, I did notice her looking down though. I felt very self conscious and embarrassed! Then I caught and passed the guy as well, again saying good morning. He didn't say anything in reply, maybe he was in shock haha

I walked another half a mile without seeing anyone, allowed the thought that maybe I'd get away without anyone else seeing me. But, then I saw 3 people in the distance walking towards me on the path. As they got nearer, I definitely saw one of them point in my direction and all 3 stopped and looked at where I was walking, I really wanted to run off the path and hide! But I didn't want to fail the dare, and was worried about possible punishments if I did.. So I worked up the courage to continue walking towards them. One of them was holding a mobile phone, I was really hoping they were not taking any pictures or video!!! The path was quite narrow, so we were very close when passing each other, we exchanged good mornings, and I thought I was going to get away with that, but the last person (a lady, I guess in her 30's) said "do you mind if I ask why you are walking in your underwear?"

I'm sure I must have gone bright red with embarrassment and panic as I tried to think of what to say. I just stood there in silence for what felt like a long time, but was really only a few seconds. All I could think to say was "Sorry, I had an accident with my trousers" I was praying she wouldn't ask what the accident was, as I had not thought that far ahead.... I had no idea what I would have said if she did ask. Thankfully, she didn't, and they carried on with their walk. Guess I gave them something to talk about lol

The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful right until the last few hundred yards before reaching my car, where I saw a couple walking their dog coming in my direction. The dog was not on a lead and come running towards me, jumped up and was sniffing my underwear! I thought, great, this is all I need lol The guy did call the dog, and thankfully the dog ran back to him.

I remembered that I was meant to tell someone a reason for walking in my underwear even if not asked, so as I passed the couple, I used the same reason as before and said "Morning, sorry, I had an accident with my trousers, I don't usually walk in just my underwear" and an attempt at a laugh. Not sure what they made of that, I didn't hang around and carried on walking towards my car.

I was very glad I had parked on a quiet road away from the main parking areas and there were only a few houses on the road, thankfully I didn't see anyone else before getting back to my car.

I would like to thank the person who gave me the dare, it was fun (if a bit scary and embarrassing (but then I kind of enjoy being embarrassed...) haha. I hope this report is satisfactory, been a while since I last wrote one!

I will end with a short gif....

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    That's a rather embarrasing walk, meeting people on the way. Being asked what you are doing by the lady without having an answer must definitely have send you blushing and squirming Well done on actually managing!
    Posted 05-17-2022 at 10:44 PM by bluedieblub bluedieblub is offline

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