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The Fortress of Romance

Posted 03-17-2017 at 06:40 PM by The Slutty Princess

I meant to sit down and write this blog earlier in the week but I got caught up in a few things and well, it’s already Friday! And a great Friday at that…. Happy St. Patrick’s Day babes!

Earlier in the week, you may have seen (or you were hit by) the winter storm that hit the northeastern United States. While the storm was much more severe on the eastern coast, it was temperate in Wisconsin. Nonetheless, it still snowed about two inches and was cold and windy. In retaliation to the storm, Sam and I had decided to stay in all day, chill and catch up on some shows on Netflix. Somehow our morning conversation had brought up the idea of a creating a massive fort of blankets in the living room.

I’m not sure if it is true to all, but blanket forts seem to be a common childhood memory...right? C’mon, I know some of you had to have made at least one blanket fort in your childhood! I have fond memories of spending hours with my brother and sister tearing apart the basement and creating epic blanket forts with just about every blanket, sheet, and comforter we could find in the house. Tables, chairs, cardboard boxes, couches, we used it all, creating massive forts in our basement fortified by a canopy and walls of blankets. For us these blanket forts were a secret place away from the household clamor of our parents, an opportunity for us siblings to bond in a place that we constructed, a place that we could call our own, a place where our imagination could run wild. One day I would find myself rescuing the princess (my sister) from the evil witch (my brother) and in other instances I can remember playing “house” with my sister and treating our stuffed animals and dolls as if they were our family, living under our very own roof, or some instances, my sister and I would help our brother raid the “bad guy hangout” with nerf guns and recapture our fortress….the possibilities of our imagination were endless and the memories I have of constructing epic forts of blankets were some of the fondest memories of my early childhood that I still cherish.

So, when I stumbled across a picture of a blanket fort on Tumblr, the childhood memories rushed back to me. I’m not sure if it was the fact that Sammie had never experienced the epicness of creating a blanket fort as a child (partially since she never had any siblings) or because I am still a child at heart but I had a sudden impulse to create yet another massively epic blanket fort right in the living room. So, Sam and I spent most of the morning constructing a castle of blankets in the living room. We used chairs, clothespins, wall hangers, and textbooks to hold the blankets in place and arranged a canopy of bed sheets above the TV to create our fortress. It was our little house of blankets within our little house, complete with three rooms; our ‘kitchen’ filled with snacks, drinks, and a few textbooks; our ‘bedroom’ completed with couch cushions as a mattress, extra blankets, and about twenty other pillows; and our ‘living room’ that featured a few blankets and pillows to lay on and watch Netflix. To finish our castle off, we strung LED lights across the canopy to give it a romantic vibe.

We spent the rest of afternoon and night wrestling around in our lingerie inside our warm, cozy, and cute little tent, watching movies and TV shows, snacking on cookies and popcorn, reading and studying textbooks, and even attempting to roleplay as a Princess (Sam) and her submissive maid (me), and overall it was a fun, affectionate, and very affordable date night that I would certainly recommend for any other couples!

If you have any memories of building a fortress of blankets in your childhood, I’d love to hear about them! My parents were always strict with the three of us when we were young and never allowed us to play video games or watch much TV. We also didn’t have the luxury of many toys, partially because my parents were not the wealthiest and partially because they didn’t want us to have toys, but we’d always get the occasional Barbie doll for Christmas from another relative. Instead, the encouraged us to read books, use our imagination, and go on adventures in the backyard, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the way they parented us!


If you have time to read my new thread and offer any advice, I'd be forever thankful!
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    It was very nice in how you experience another thing together with Sam.it sounded like it was bring out the kid in both of you, in which needs to be done at times in everyone life's.
    Posted 03-18-2017 at 12:58 PM by MasterDaddy02 MasterDaddy02 is offline

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