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I think I fucked up my denial (as always) and I'm scared

Posted 05-31-2023 at 08:50 AM by pluky

I would usually try to avoid stimulation if I know I can't cum, but I've been way too horny, so this time, on my third day of denial, instead of just touching myself I ended up edging 10 times. I really really did my best not to cum, I let myself cool down between most edges, sometimes several minutes. But when I got to my 10th edge, my time allowed to touch myself was just coming to an end, I had my eyes on the clock, I stopped stimulating my clit when I hit the edge just like all the previous edges...
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Report on my first session with a new Dom

Posted 05-29-2023 at 01:46 AM by pluky
Updated 05-31-2023 at 05:25 AM by pluky

Yesterday started my week of trial with a new Dom. We discussed the terms of this perticular form of a DS that I needed to fit my current situation for what seemed like a whole day, and I found myself sometimes in a hurry for these preludes to be over, yet when we got to that point, I started wanting them to go on for a bit, I think I was a bit intimidated and scared to dive into it : I really wanted it to work but my feelings have been my worse ennemy the last couple months, I couldn't let go of my...
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Lost the wedgie hot potato

Posted 05-28-2023 at 02:46 PM by Knelband


1. Get into a chair wedgie every time your on get dare, 1 day per line
2. For everyday that the potatoes is going on do 5 squeaky cleans per line everyday when you wake up and head to bed.
3. Every 5 lines is one night where you have to wear a shoulder wedgie to bed
4. Every day you need to post in one thread per two lines. At least half of these post need to result in you getting a wedgie.
5. Everyone line is a day whereon you must post in this thread...
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Half the price of an orgasm

Posted 05-28-2023 at 10:32 AM by pluky
Updated 05-28-2023 at 10:35 AM by pluky

I'm writing this blog to let anyone who wants to read it know how much of a desprate needy wet hole I am. My pathetic dripping pussy becomes the center of my universe when I want to cum so badly, so much so that I'm ready to do and say things that are really hard for me to do or say just for that second of relief. I don't even care how naughty and disgusting that makes me sound because at that moment all that matters is having that orgasm. I don't know why I am so naughty and I get so horny and moist...
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Open door challenge - quick flash at the doorway

Posted 05-20-2023 at 01:55 PM by agolnafu

Blog Post: Open door challenge - quick flash at the doorway

It all started with a dice roll challenge: The lower roll loses and has to submit to the winner.
We rolled the dice and the loser had to perform online for the winner on skype. Step by step we mutually increased these challenges to stretch our slave her limits. We started to take pictures/ screenshots and videos from our poor slave when she was doing the humiliating dares for the winner. This was definitely putting pressure...
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All My Assigned Tasks and Punishments

Posted 05-15-2023 at 10:29 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 12-30-2023 at 04:43 AM by SluttySarah

Here's a list of all my currently assigned tasks and punishments. I hope this will help me better remember what I still need to do! If you don't see your task on here please let me know!:

Tasks and Punishments to complete:

I will be finding a day to complete all PLUG LARGE PM dares in one go. Currently need 24 permissions to remove. I expect this will take a full day to complete but I've also gotten much more used to wearing my big hush plug now so I think I'll manage. I...
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Puppy's Play-Thingies

Posted 05-12-2023 at 08:29 PM by HypnoPuppy
Updated 05-16-2023 at 10:34 AM by HypnoPuppy

*I Will Update This Weekly*

-Age Play-
+ Diapers [Tykables Unicorn 🦄][60x]
+ Diapers [Rearz Cloth Diapers][5]
+ Dulcolax
+ Castor Oil
+ Prune Juice
+ Diuretic Pills
+ Teddys🧸 on White [PUL Diaper Cover]
+ Planes & Trains on Yellow [PUL Diaper Cover]
+ Planes & Trains on Yellow [PUL Bib]
+ Solid Pink Pacifier [Fixx Size 10]
+ Propeller BaseBall Hat
+ Baby Bottle [Purple Canine]...
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