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PM Dares

Posted 11-16-2022 at 01:52 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 01-02-2024 at 07:46 AM by SluttySarah

My PM Dares:

You should see your PM dare in my list right away! Please only 3 PM dares per day per person!! Repeats allowed. I will write a short report afterwards either in PM or here in this blog when I complete it. If it is a very standard task like wearing my nipple clamps for a while and I don't have much more to say other than "I finished it. It hurt" I might not write anything lol.

Snakes and Ladders (currently 0/25): After getting sent this 25 times I will play through the snakes and ladders game created by getdare for me to the finish. I expect this to only occasionally happen once every couple months at most since I don't usually get sent these PM dares.

Clamp Challenge! - I will wear my meaner clover clamps for as long as I can and report the time back to you. If you can wear your nipple clamps for longer, you can discuss with me to make a nipple clamp rule I will follow for 7 days. Edit: You have to use clovers too!

Plug Challenge! - I will wear one of my plugs for as long as I can and report which plug and how long I managed. If you can wear a larger plug for a longer period of time, you can discuss with me to make a butt plug rule I will follow for 7 days.

Plug Challenge 2! - I will push my 2.25'' plug in and out of me as many times as I can within 30 minutes. If you can do so more times with an equal sized or larger plug, you can discuss with me to make a butt plug rule I will follow for 7 days.

THREAD VOTE (currently 1/2) - Every two times I receive this PM dare, I will post the following in the If you catch me thread:
"If you catch me in 10/5/3/1 minutes I'll push my 2.25'' hush plug in and out 1/3/5/10 times wearing my nipple clamps, then keep the plug in for 1d(1/3/5/10) hours:
REPLY (does not count towards 3 max) - Add this to any message and if I don't reply in 24 hours I'll write my reply with two pairs of panties up my butt and wearing my clover clamps. If you can see that I am definitely online (not just the green circle, but my status is changing), then I will have only 5 minutes to send you a reply.

FRIEND - If you've PM'd or interacted with me in threads quite a few times let me know and I'll add you!!

GUESS (this does not count towards 3 max, you can add a guess to any message you send me) - make 3 guesses at what colour my panties are and if my panties are mostly that colour I will upload a picture of them to an album (I kinda wanna do this eventually, since I use my panties as part of my play just like my toys, and I have pictures of those, but this is more fun haha)
If you're friends with me you can have me stuff those panties up my butt, put on a new pair of panties, and you can guess 3 colours again and repeat.

PLUG TRAINING - I will work my 2.25 inch lovense plug in me (I can take it out right after) then do the same with my 2.36 inch silicone plug 3 times.

PLUG LARGE - I will wear my 2.25 or 2.36'' inch buttplug until I receive permission from 3 people to remove it.

PLUG MEDIUM- I will wear my 2 inch glass buttplug until 3 hours pass.

ENEMA - I will take a 2.1L enema.

ENEMA+ - I will add 300mL to the next enema I take.

THRUSTS - I will push in and pull out my medium 1.75'' hush 2 plug at least 100 times in 2 minutes, and if I can't, for each one short I will thrust it in and out of me 10 times.

STUFFED - I will stuff a pair of panties into my asshole for 30 minutes.

DOUBLE STUFFED - I will stuff 2 pair of panties into my asshole for 15 minutes.

CONTRACTIONS - (to be used concurrently with either STUFFED or DOUBLE STUFFED) I will perform 1000 sphincter contractions

CLAMPS - I will wear my clover clamps for 30min

HARSHER CLAMPS - I will wear my harsher clover clamps for 15 minutes.

WEIGHTS (0/1 times this week) - (To be used with clamps) I will add 2 220g weights to my clover clamps (once per week please!)
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