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Three years

Posted Yesterday at 04:00 PM by AbusiveMaster

What seems like a very long time ago now, I started messaging someone on GetDare chat. We had spoken in main chat, a few exchanged comments. I think one of the first exchanges we had, she was threatening to set her dogs on me if I hurt someone. Or possibly it was where I was telling her how I had slept with her mother, providing... unsavoury details and vivid mental images that may well have scarred her for life.

We got on well enough, we liked one another, and – through trolling blogs and watching one another “at work” we were sexually attracted. But I wouldn't say we were close friends by anyones definition of the word.

But then it chanced that we both became unattached at roughly the same time, though I was first on the boat. I will confess that I swooped like a vulture. Truth be told she had confided in me that she was going to be ending it, and I was laying groundwork before she was actually single. It may not have been the decent or honourable thing to do – but I am not a decent or honourable person. In my defence, I didnt try to speed or aid her breakup... I just made myself look nicer before it happened so I could swoop in and scoop her up.

I had planned to do the right thing, allow her to settle for a while and see if anything developed between us. Honest – no, really! However... it didn't quite work out that way. Two days later we were officially together. That would be the 19th of July, two days from now.

With typical female logic though, she maintains that the anniversary was the first day I gave her an order (I told her to go to bed, she was upset.) I still believe that our anniversary is the 19th, but I gave up that argument a very long time ago. If she wants the two day bonus, I suppose I can oblige.

We have a tradition of each posting birthday or anniversary blogs dead on midnight on the appropriate day. It is quite amusing, as neither of us have finished yet and there are 21 minutes to go as I write this. Furthermore we are both playing scrabble as we write. So neither the blog or the game is going as well as it should. She is winning, so I am going to take that as a sign that I am paying more attention to the blog and she to the game. Some people might argue that women can multitask better. These people don't know my Icy.

So, three years. What a very long time, it seems like forever – and that's in a good way. I can barely remember a time before my princess was in my life. What I do remember tells me that my life has become richer and fuller for knowing her, for having her love me. It hasn't been plain sailing all the way – but at the same time, we have never come close to splitting, no matter what. We have our problems, we have our arguments and misunderstandings, but we very seldom go to sleep on an argument (this sounds like a high and moral thing, but the truth is, I can't sleep if I am upset so I nag her until she gives in and we make up.)

1096 days and the only ones that have passed without us both saying “I love you” has been when Icy has slept for 24+ hours (an annoying habit she has, I think her record is 40.)

36 months and every one of them has been filled with fun, laughter, joy and her telling me I am mean.

39 menstrual cycles and I am still alive and sane.

So long together, and this is still only the beginning of our journey together. Every day is the start of a whole new adventure.

So what have I learned over the past three years?
I have learned I never truly knew what love was until I met you.
I have grown as a person, and a Dominant.
I have certainly learned to be a Daddy to a little.
I have learned to look in the breadbin first.
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    Blue Fox's Avatar
    Awe! That is a touching entry. You and Icey are a wonderful couple. :-)
    Posted Yesterday at 04:04 PM by Blue Fox Blue Fox is offline
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    Butterfly's Avatar
    Happy three year anniversary!!!
    Posted Yesterday at 09:04 PM by Butterfly Butterfly is offline

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