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Public Exposure at the Beach

Posted 03-23-2020 at 06:22 AM by SilverBlue (Slut training)
Updated 03-24-2020 at 02:06 AM by SilverBlue

Something a little more tame. As March has arrived and the days here in NZ are getting shorter, when I go out for exercise or a run, Im now getting back home in the dark. So, knowing that summer here in New Zealand is coming to an end, when Sunday was forecast to be (a warm for NZ) 25 degrees Celsius (78f) with clear skies I knew I should make the most of it. I gave a lot of thought about what to do, get out of the city, I hadnt been to Rona Bay in Eastbourne for a while I looked through my drawers...
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PM Dare reports

Posted 02-03-2020 at 11:21 AM by Tarcsowo
Updated 03-08-2020 at 05:58 AM by Tarcsowo

Whenever I do PM dares I'll write a little report on this blog. See my PM dares here, and send me some!

I haven't received a PM dare in a very long time but as soon as I woke up this morning, before even getting out of bed, I saw that I had been told to edge 3 times then swallow my cum. I was sleeping in only a sweatshirt and a skirt without panties so I just lifted my skirt a bit, still laying down, and edged by humping my pillow. After doing all three edges I came, nearly...
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Ultimate Slut Dare Report: Update (1 / 2)

Posted 11-29-2019 at 04:19 AM by SilverBlue (Slut training)
Updated 12-28-2019 at 06:55 AM by SilverBlue

DARE: Ultimate Slut Dice Dare
CURRENT CHALLENGE: I must give 7 guys BJs, let 7 guys fuck my ass, and let 7 more guys fuck me in the pussy. (Variety is the Spice of Life 2)
PROGRESS: 4 Oral, 4 Vaginal, 2 Anal.
WHAT I WORE: Black low-cut top, black vinyl mini-skirt, black ankle boots, natural lipstick, black eyeliner, black smoky eye-shadow, no underwear, and butt-plug.
THE SCENE: A certain other strip club.

I haven't worn my vinyl skirt for a while. Maybe since
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Ultimate Slut Dare Report: Sex Club /5

Posted 10-15-2019 at 04:19 AM by SilverBlue (Slut training)
Updated 12-28-2019 at 07:01 AM by SilverBlue

Continues on from Part 4
When we were back at their place, they helped me in. I felt dirty, used and unclean. Id sweated and I had the smell of sex on me. Miss K said shed get some ice in a bag for me. I wanted a shower and Mr H supported me while we ran a shower together, he towelled me down and carried me naked to the spare room. It looked familiar to me now. Miss K came in with some ointment and an icepack. Shed ushered Mr H away and said we should talk.

I thought Id get
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Ultimate Slut Dare Report: Getting Nude in da Club (2 / 5)

Posted 09-27-2019 at 07:00 PM by SilverBlue (Slut training)
Updated 12-28-2019 at 07:04 AM by SilverBlue

Continues from Pt.1
Mr Hung and Mistress K were going to drive me to the club with them, I didn't really know where it was. I slid into the back seat of their car. Miss K had on this gorgeous leather or vinyl dress and stylish overcoat. I was quite jealous as my little red dress was kinda simple. I chatted to them over the front seats on our drive there, I felt like a kid going out with mum and dad. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, it seemed like just a few minutes had passed when we...
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Ultimate Slut Dare Report: Slut in Public Toilet (1 / 1)

Posted 08-27-2019 at 05:04 AM by SilverBlue (Slut training)
Updated 04-04-2020 at 03:00 PM by SilverBlue

Toilet slut – Not what you think! Spend 30 mins a day nude in a men’s bathroom – offer to fuck any guys that come in! Also, you may not use the same bathroom twice in a row
I needed to take my time with this and plan out how I can do this penalty task properly. I’m trying to play within the law so doing this dare without any thought or planning is a serious risk. I wrote out a list of options. Nightclub toilets, Unisex automatic toilets by the memorial, in Brooklyn or Waitangi Park, or some
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Ultimate Slut Dare Report: Threesome Slut, Follow-up

Posted 08-12-2019 at 01:43 AM by SilverBlue (Slut training)
Updated 12-28-2019 at 07:08 AM by SilverBlue

Hi - So, I'd wanted to post this for some time, but I didn't want to spoil the earlier blog posts.

As you might have guessed, the gang bang slut challenge took a lot out of me, and after 5 days of threesomes, I physically needed a break. I had told the couple Id had more experience with BDSM so theyd accept me, simply so I could be part of a threesome with them, and avoid finding a random stranger to fuck and make the task a little easier to complete. I was sore afterwards, Mr Hung's
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