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Some of my issues with getdare

Posted 07-13-2023 at 08:27 AM by SluttySarah
Updated 07-14-2023 at 01:52 AM by SluttySarah

Hi everyone, I know I've been gone for a while.

Just wanted to write a blog to explain some of the things recently that have really turned me off from getdare.

1) I often get dares from people, either through PM, threads, or other places who haven't taken a single look at my profile, what my interests are, and what is feasible for me. It just feels extremely disrespectful and I never get as much as a "sorry" when I tell them to read my signature. I can usually...
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Anal Training Schedule

Posted 06-02-2023 at 08:07 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 07-14-2023 at 12:22 AM by SluttySarah

*ON PAUSE AS I TALKED TO MY MASTER. Was too much for me *

I just got 2 new plugs, since I am now able to fit my then largest plug (the large 2.25'' hush plug!) and need some larger plugs I am not able to take. One is a 2.36'' silicone plug, and the other a 2.5'' glass plug which is just HUGE!

My master made me a 2 week training schedule I am to follow as best I can.

I will start the training each day with 30 minutes of playing with my 2'' glass plug, then...
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All My Assigned Tasks and Punishments

Posted 05-15-2023 at 10:29 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 12-30-2023 at 04:43 AM by SluttySarah

Here's a list of all my currently assigned tasks and punishments. I hope this will help me better remember what I still need to do! If you don't see your task on here please let me know!:

Tasks and Punishments to complete:

I will be finding a day to complete all PLUG LARGE PM dares in one go. Currently need 24 permissions to remove. I expect this will take a full day to complete but I've also gotten much more used to wearing my big hush plug now so I think I'll manage. I...
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Posted 02-25-2023 at 10:53 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 07-14-2024 at 02:24 AM by SluttySarah

I have a 2'' glass plug, 2.25'' glass plug and hush plug, 2.36'' glass plug, 2.5'' glass plug, and 2.6'' glass plug. I can use all my toys! But I have trouble keeping the 2.5'' and 2.6'' ones in me for longer than a few minutes...

I have two sets of nipple clamps, both clovers, one mean and one less mean. I can stand the mean one for maybe 15ish minutes and the less mean one for longer, maybe around an hour or so!

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If You Don't Reply...

Posted 02-02-2023 at 04:41 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 08-22-2023 at 09:20 PM by SluttySarah

My forfeit for any tasks that become too difficult for me:
"I will work my 2.36'' buttplug in me using only toothpaste for lube once for every time I have used this forfeit."

Here are my current tasks:

Completed Tasks:

From Crionex: Hush plug for 19 hours (this is my fault for not checking the thread!) Slept with plug in.

From Melira: 17/17 Hours wearing my glass 2'' buttplug completed

From ShyGuy: Must wear...
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My Rules

Posted 11-27-2022 at 10:11 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 07-16-2024 at 05:58 PM by SluttySarah

I must be clamped whenever writing on GetDare at any time. This includes PM's, TorD chat, blogs, and my story. (I am wearing my clover clamps as I write this) After 15 minutes I may swap from the clamps to wearing my 2 inch glass plug if I would like.

From 2024-07-16 to 2024-07-24: I must wear both my nipple clamps and 2'' glass plug while naked whenever I am viewing getdare.

From 2024-07-17 to 2024-07-19: When I want to change underwear, I have to stuff the panties I was...
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PM Dares

Posted 11-16-2022 at 01:52 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 01-02-2024 at 07:46 AM by SluttySarah

My PM Dares:

You should see your PM dare in my list right away! Please only 3 PM dares per day per person!! Repeats allowed. I will write a short report afterwards either in PM or here in this blog when I complete it. If it is a very standard task like wearing my nipple clamps for a while and I don't have much more to say other than "I finished it. It hurt" I might not write anything lol.

Snakes and Ladders (currently 0/25): After getting sent this 25 times I...
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