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Christmas came early (or is it late?) - Part 1

Posted 05-16-2021 at 01:31 PM by AnalAddict (AnalAddict's Annals)

Iíve been gone from gD for a while. Life has been crazy, in the best possible way. Following your professional dreams is exciting and terrifying in equal measure. It also meant that I had no mindspace left for submission, and eventually it led to me saying goodbye to the best Dom to walk these forums (I may be biased). I lasted 100 days of denialó95 until parting ways with DM, and 5 more because it didnít feel right to just have an orgasm straightaway. PlusÖ 100 days seemed fitting.

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Taken to Task - a compilation of my reports

Posted 11-21-2020 at 02:41 PM by AnalAddict (AnalAddict's Annals)
Updated 12-12-2020 at 05:50 PM by AnalAddict

I've been having a lot of fun lately on this forum, and it shows in the number of reports I've been writing. As most of them were related to tasks / punishments / gifts on threads, I posted the reports in the appropriate place rather than on my blog. Feels like it's time to do a compilation with descriptions and links (click on the underlined descriptions to go to the relevant report post).

Celebrating my birthday with dares
Once upon a time, a group of conspiring fiends...
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The Beauty of an Edge

Posted 11-08-2020 at 03:22 AM by AnalAddict (AnalAddict's Annals)

For Dungeonmaster. Just so you understand exactly what your denied slut feels when you drive her to the edge.

Itís been a mere 65 hours since my last orgasm. Nothing in the grand scheme of all these courageous getDarians who live months of denial. And still, when Dungeonmaster was driving me wild with edges this morning before I got even out of bed, I experienced yet another firstóthe slow-building perfection of an edge. I thought Iíd share what it felt like.
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Get Revenge on Kila Edging Reports

Posted 03-28-2018 at 10:19 PM by kila (Kilasaurus Rexodominus)
Updated 04-09-2018 at 07:28 PM by kila

The rest continues in the comments due to the max limit in blogs!


Here is where I'll be leaving updates from my edging sessions with Daddy! This is the final count from THIS thread here giving me a grand total of 437 edges to complete followed by 21 days of denial. Don't mind the count in the thread, I did my math wrong LOL.

BJ: 33
GAG: 51
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Pm dares

Posted 10-21-2014 at 04:52 PM by Jessieboo

PM ANAL & I'll put a plug in for 1 hour.
PM WRITE & I'll write anything you want on my body in sharpie.
PM GOLDEN & i'll have a golden shower next time i need to pee.
PM HOLD & I'll have to hold my pee for 2-6hrs. (your choice)
PM HIT & a number between 100-500 & I'll hit my pussy, ass and/or tits that many times.
PM EDGE & I will edge as many times as you want before I'm allowed to cum.
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Day 11

Posted 04-28-2012 at 09:37 AM by MsX (Fat piggy's punishment blog)
Tags coins, edge, ice, time

Day 11's first task also came from the thread:

You've seemed to master the coin holding technique with various body parts. Lets see how well you've mastered it.
Stand in your slut corner for twenty minutes. This time holding a coin with each nipple, your nose, your tongue, and put your arms out to the side and hold a coin with each thumb. Before doing this though, you will put two ice cubes in your ass and will not let any water out during this task. And put your thong in your
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