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Rules I must follow as I play through starfield

Posted 06-25-2024 at 01:32 AM by slaveboykieran (Current toys)
Updated 07-08-2024 at 08:10 AM by slaveboykieran

So i'm playing through starfield for the first time and I want it to be memorable so below is a list of current things I must do while playing.

Please feel free to message me additional tasks within my likes and limits

General rules
  • I must sit on my bad dragon austin and hope the knot slips in
  • After each gaming session try to insert the dog knot.

  • I must deepthroat a dildo 3 times every time I speak to someone
  • Every time you choose a dialogue
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Extreme truths.

Posted 06-22-2024 at 01:48 AM by Subthijm

1. List all your secret fetishes and give details about these
all? These are mostly secret because I canít do them because of circumstances. ABDL sounds kinky, so do feminisation and bondage, I just donít have the supplies or means to get the supplies. there are probably a lot more fetishes, but these are the ones I can think of.
2. Favorite fantasy?
Iíve already been dared to write about my kinkiest fantasy, and I think that qualifies. You can find it here.
3. Favorite real...
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Watch 2 movies dare report

Posted 06-17-2024 at 06:34 AM by Herwhoralhighness
Updated 06-17-2024 at 06:41 AM by Herwhoralhighness

The dare
Loser has to watch 2 movies chosen by the winner in a single diaper. The winner may also decide 3 rules to be followed while watching the 2 movies, and a punishment for if the losers leaks before finishing the movies. If the loser doesn't leak, they are free once they finish both movies.

The details I was given
You were chosen as the loser, so your 2 movies are the Lego movie, and Avatar (the blue people one).

The 3 rules to follow:
Drink 500ml...
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Exposure agreement and pic sharing rules

Posted 06-17-2024 at 05:59 AM by malykotek
Updated 06-17-2024 at 06:24 AM by malykotek

♡ Specify what you want to see: nude, underwear, clothed, diapered, face requirements, pose etc. If you get something less than expected because you haven't specified enough I might refuse to send second version.
♡ Try to be more creative than just asking for pics!
Sometimes I want to just show myself when asked but not alwelays. Also more creative ideas are always appreciated. It might me a part of some other dare, some normal conversation ending up with pic sharing etc....
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Failed diaper dare report #1

Posted 06-17-2024 at 03:08 AM by malykotek

I had to complete 4 of 5 dares in a single diaper while obeying to Rome permanent rules to earn a change but completely failed this dare. 3 tasks completed, one rule failed.

1. Lock up in chastity for the duration. You must hump without your hands and edge 3 times during your time.
2. Shove a bag of marshmallows up your ass. Cool down in the freezer to make it easier. Hold for 20 minutes.
3. Drink 2 litres over the duration. If you leak you must put another
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My toys and funny accessories list

Posted 06-09-2024 at 05:12 PM by malykotek
Updated 06-21-2024 at 03:38 AM by malykotek

ABDL, toilet control and messing
♡ many disponsable diapers and some stuffers
♡ 2 not disponsable diapers + 10 stuffers
♡ childish patterns onesie
♡ sailor white and pink onesie
♡ white and pink too short sailor onesie + mini skirt set
♡ adult baby bottle
♡ enema bags
♡ suppositories
♡ pink pacifier
♡ rearz safari pacifier
♡ Pacifier gag

Chastity cages
♡ small black plastic cage
♡ XS...
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Likes and limits

Posted 06-09-2024 at 05:12 PM by malykotek
Updated 06-23-2024 at 08:49 AM by malykotek

Like, love, yes, please, do it to me
♡ toilet control
♡ wetting and messing
♡ chastity
♡ hidden public
♡ humiliation
♡ praise for being good
♡ pain (not wax, I'm not sensitive for it)
♡ roleplay
♡ bodywriting
♡ pics
♡ short vids
♡ bullying
♡ light exposure
♡ nipple play
♡ blackmail
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