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Posted 01-31-2022 at 11:35 PM by SluttySarah

Hi! This is a short introduction to who I am, bsaed off of a conversation I had with SlaveMasterA

Where are you from? What got you into getdare / anal training? Can you also describe what you look like?

I'm from Canada, but I guess my ethnicity is Chinese. Having to convert units all the time is a pain!
As to how I got into GetDare? Well I mean I was (and suppose am still) a pretty horny teenager (I guess I'm legally an adult now, yay) who just got their own dorm room and privacy. I've always had a bit of a kinky side but could never indulge it at home, so I ended up ordering a set of butt plugs from amazon and stumbled across GetDare when trying to figure out how to use them. You can probably guess what happens from here. I spent way too much time falling in the rabbit hole of anal training posts on GetDare (vanilla is cool but like, there's not much to it), and finally decided to get an account instead of trying to comb through old posts to find dares I could actually do with my toys and (lack of) experience. I um, was also masturbating way too much at the time (hey, as an asian kid I didn't get a whole lot of privacy at home), so I sort of promised myself I would stop doing that and focus on training my ass instead. I think part of that came from immersing myself in the GetDare anal training rabbit hole lol.

As to what I look like? I'm not comfortable with pictures (heck, I'm reluctant posting a pic of my dog to my insta, much less to GetDare) so I'll do my best to describe.
Well, I'm a pretty small 5'4'' asian girl. I'm really skinny (only weigh like 105 pounds? I hope I'm converting correctly). I don't even know my chest size, since I just go straight to the small section of the brand I buy from lol (Instead of a letter system, they just have small/medium/large and since my chest hasn't grown much I don't have to go bra shopping a ton). A few small wins for small boobs, I guess :P. This probably isn't a surprise given that I've always been the quiet asian girl, but I have next to no sexual experience other than well, masturbating with my fingers and the buttplugs/nipple clamps I got recently.

I like to think I'd be the last person you'd expect on this kind of page, given that on the outside I have no sexual life whatsoever. That kind of makes it all the more exciting for me since it feels very taboo compared to my upbringing. (I'd actually die if anyone I knew saw me here lol, I'm lucky my name is a common one)
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    " like to think I'd be the last person you'd expect on this kind of page"

    Quiet, shy, nerdy girls being massive perverted freaks isn't actually all that uncommon. You've bottled up your desires due to your upbringing and they've fermented and festered, finding this kind of a cute if depraved outlet. Its why Im always on the lookout for quiet, shy, nerdy girls, cause when I push the right buttons, I get hit with a geyser of repressed sexual energy :P
    Posted 04-21-2022 at 04:33 AM by imperator imperator is offline
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    I am also curious what prompted you to become an anal only slut
    Posted 04-23-2022 at 02:30 AM by imperator imperator is offline

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