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All My Assigned Tasks and Punishments

Posted 05-15-2023 at 10:29 PM by SluttySarah
Updated 12-30-2023 at 04:43 AM by SluttySarah

Here's a list of all my currently assigned tasks and punishments. I hope this will help me better remember what I still need to do! If you don't see your task on here please let me know!:

Tasks and Punishments to complete:

I will be finding a day to complete all PLUG LARGE PM dares in one go. Currently need 24 permissions to remove. I expect this will take a full day to complete but I've also gotten much more used to wearing my big hush plug now so I think I'll manage. I will post a report here and a list of those I obtained permissions from

Plug Large - Othar

Plug Medium - Ne_Turtle

ENEMA - yeti2007

Plug Medium - ScarletMaid

Harsher Clamps - Noone

Stuffed - Gabbixo

Enema - GivingWantingDares

Plug Large - FredSommer99

Plug Training - Iani_222

Enema, Enema+, Upload pic of black panties (completed), Clamps+Weights (completed clamps+weights) - Mafiaka

Plug Large, Contractions (completed contractions) (Hukky)

Plug Large - Nya

Plug Large, Thrusts - Hukky

Plug Large, Enema (enema completed) - Hanko1010

Plug Large, Clamps with weights (completed clamps with weights) - Makak

Plug Large - Painslutjoe

Enema+ (enema+ completed), double stuffed, and contractions - vafisher987

Optional Tasks:

To reduce STUFF PM dare: I can wear my harsher nipple clamps and my glass plug, using only toothpaste for lube, for as long as I can, up to 30 minutes. That much time will be reduced from the PM dare. DONE

From my Master, to half the time on my large glass plug PM dare: Write 3000 words for my story wearing my old clover clamps.

From my Master, to half clover clamp PM dare duration (I will add new PM dare for my harsher clamps for 15 minutes, and be allowed to use my old, nicer clamps for the 30 minute PM dare): Wear my largest plug for 1 hour. COMPLETED!!

From my Master, to remove DOUBLE STUFF PM dare: Write 5000 words for my story with a pair of panties up my butt.

Recently Completed:

Clamps - ScarletMaid

Upload grey panties to album (lotusdriver, sorry so late!!)

Upload purple panties to album (Leland, sorryyy I keep putting it off)

10 insertions with both 2.25'' and 2.36'' plugs followed by 4 hours of wearing either plug or until 4 permissions granted to remove from catch me thread.

Double Stuffed - Ququoo
Incredibly filling as always - I've been going a little easy on myself by using thongs rather than my usual panties, I hope that's ok! If not, anyone reading this is welcome to PM me and let me know.

Laundry with buttplug in and nipple clamps on from Samor in don't reply thread. Nipple clamps hurt, but it was definitely kind of exciting moving around with the clamps on and plugged. Could only do this because my roommate wasn't home at the time. I even wore my plug while waiting for the laundry! (Used my 2.25'' plug as training for my butt)

You have to wear your nipple clamps on your nipples for 15 minutes whilst inserting your biggest butt plug, whilst standing in the corner having stripped naked beforehand - Masterwants from if you don't reply thread. Wasn't naked to not catch a cold, but did only wear my panties! Um for biggest I used my 2.36'' plug since I can't fit the biggest one I own (not even close!).

Harsher clamps PM dare from Makak
Worn for 15 minutes. Hurt but I think I'm getting used to them!

PLUG LARGE from Makak. I got permissions from my master generatorox, brat_tamer, and Bondageworld1874 and it took around 45 minutes.

Enema and Enema + (Even took another 300mL on top for a total of 2.7L!! I was stuck on the toilet for quite some time afterwards but it was worth it because my master said he would give me a permission in the future)

Will wear a butt plug for 2 hours and use a marker to write ANAL ONLY on your belly - don't reply thread: No plug was specified so I went easy on myself and wore my 1.75'' for 2 hours. I don't do body writing so I didn't do this part of the dare.

Wear clamps with chain and attach 1 220g weight and drop from head level 8 times from Samor in don't reply thread. This was absolutely torturous I had to re-attach the clamps every 2 times because it was almost pulling the clamps off my nipples which hurt sooo bad and I really really dreaded having to drop them 2 more times before re-attaching and again and again... I really hope nobody ever makes me do this in the future.

PLUG LARGE - Leland (currently completing as I must be plugged for an hour due to catch me thread, after the 1 hour I will ask for 3 permissions to take out my buttplug). Completed 1 hour of plugging but was too sore to chain dares together so I will re-plug later and ask for 3 permissions to remove. After wearing my 2.36'' plug for 3 hours due to a catch me thread, I got permission from generaterox, girf69, and masterwants to remove my buttplug. I had to wear clover clamps with weights for 5 minutes before removing the plug, then without weights for 10 minutes afterwards.

2.1L enema (enemamaster): I took a 3L enema instead as I didn't feel super full after 2.1L and because the last time I tried 3L I felt that I must've leaked a lot. Pretty much managed all 3 litres!

Attempt 3L enema (dao_of_penguin).

Double Stuffed + Thrusts (Quqoo)

Plug Training (jml3030)

3h with glass plug (Jennycrossed)

I think I was leaking while taking the 3L enema but because I was in the shower and everything was wet I wasn't sure I was still plenty plenty full though and cramping a bit. I sat on the toilet for sooo long trying to release all the water in me. Afterwards, I lubed up my 2.25'' hush plug and after some pushing and relubing got the big plug all in me. As always it was incredibly filling as just slightly too long for me to keep in comfortably. I then took it out and replaced it with the 2.36'' plug. It is much shorter, and somehow it feels easier to insert into me because I just need my sphincter to pop past the widest part whereas with my 2.25'' plug it's super wide for quite a length! I took it out after appreciating how full I felt for a minute or two, as my sphincter was protesting at the feeling of being stretched open. My butt was gaping at this point, and I was worked up and wet and horny so I decided to do the other 2 PM dares, just so I would have something to fill my empty hole. The 1.75'' plug basically fell into my hole at this point and while I didn't time myself I definitely finished my 100 thrusts in under 2 minutes. Stuffing two pairs of panties in me was still difficult, although much easier than usual. I first put on two pairs of panties so that they would be layered on each other, and then pushed them up my butt starting from the crotch area. It started very very easily but at the end when it was at the waistbands of the two panties it was much thicker and really took some effort. The dry scratchy fabric was awful to keep in me, and I eagerly waited for 15 minutes to pass. I pulled out the panties (scratchy!!) and wore my glass plug to sleep, kind of happy to have something up my butt.

CLAMPS from Licander

Master forgave me, instead will make things in my next thread harder: From my Master, as punishment for not properly welcoming a set of panties I had gotten some time ago:
I will post the following on the catch me thread
"I am posting here as instructed by my Master. I recently got a new set of 10 cotton panties, and this is to welcome their arrival. I must stuff each pair up my butt, pull it out, and repeat until I have stuffed all 10 panties in my little asshole once.

I will start after this post, and post again when I have successfully completed my task. If I am caught before I have worked all my new panties up my butt, I must restart from the very beginning." EDIT: Master has allowed me to do this with 5 pairs only.

For my final term marks:
Rewards: I can rub myself to one edge, but no orgasm. Next two times I would get toys/new panties for play purposes, I can avoid the usual difficult tasks needed to welcome them.
Punishments: I will gag myself with the panties I wore for 1 hour (can break into two half hours). I will take a 2L enema, plug myself with my glass plug, and hold for 15 min (for late story updates) COMPLETED.

2 Forfeits from the "Don't Reply" thread: I will stuff 7 pairs of worn panties up my butt, twice.

PM dare from jml3030: CLAMPS PM dare, completed twice for 1 hour total as it was late!

Mafiaka, PM dares: Upload picture of the black panties I am wearing now, then stuff them up my butt for 30 minutes and clench my butt around them 1000 times.

PM dare from lotusdriver: I will upload my grey panties tonight (May 16)! Uploaded but waiting for moderator approval

PM dare from xkcdoer: DOUBLE STUFFED and CONTRACTION

PM dare from Wolf82: DOUBLE STUFFED and THRUSTS

PM dare from Mafiaka: CLAMPS + Twist and upload picture of my pink panties

(Completed these 3 PM dares all at once, kinda combined them to get it over with in one go! I still need to upload the picture of the pink underwear I was wearing yesterday!

My report:

I decided to do all 3 of my PM dares all at once, which were CLAMPS + TWIST + DOUBLE STUFFED + THRUSTS + DOUBLE STUFFED + CONTRACTIONS, since the timing just worked out really well. I had to wear clover clamps for 30 minutes, and I also had to be stuffed with two pairs of panties for 30 minutes. I started with the thrusts PM dare since I knew my poor butt would be terribly sensitive after having to stuff two pairs of panties in me since the fabric absorbs all the moisture and fabric is surprisingly scratchy!! I managed to finish 100 thrusts in almost exactly 100 seconds (I was staring at the timer so I suppose I was aiming purposefully for one a second) - I hadn't needed to do this for quite a while so I actually warmed up with 10 or so thrusts before I actually started, just in case. This was quite nice for leaving my anus a little stretched open for the panties, since they don't have a tapered shape and lube doesn't help much since it just absorbs it and to fit two pairs in me, I really need my back hole to be able to open up a bit! Of course, I chose two rather small pairs, both being thongs rather than the bikini briefs I usually wear to make it a little easier on myself. I hope that's ok! I did put on my nipple clamps beforehand though, and promised myself I wouldn't take them off until I was all done - so that I would be thoroughly motivated to fit the panties in me as soon as I could.

I had to use my meaner clamps, and wearing them for so long hurttt. I had to take them off for a minute or two every 10 or so minutes, and I really really didn't want to put them back on after every time. I could see really clear indentations from where the little nubs on the clamps dug in, but when I tried reattaching them in a different spot it just hurt so much more so I always clamped myself in the same spots. I also did twist them 5 times before taking them off, which hurt a bit but honestly wasn't even really worth mentioning. It's definitely by far my easiest PM dare haha, in some ways it feels a little bit off since all the other ones are rather lengthy and very stimulating tasks.

But the panty stuffing was still much more intense, and part of why I wanted to do everything at once, since I thought it would take my mind off the nipple clamps a bit. I just felt sooo full and the panties were rough and uncomfortable in me, making me feel like I really needed to use the bathroom. Having to clench on them a thousand times made it so much worse since every time I did I could feel the outer bits of the panties and how the lacey fabric rubbed against my insides. It was so stimulating, most uncomfortably but I also felt weirdly good to be stuffed so full of lacey fabric, knowing I was able to conceal two pairs of underwear up inside of me. I took the full half hour to complete the squeezes, instead of just 15 minutes. I hope it's ok how I combined some dares together to make things easier for myself!)

From my Master, again as punishment for not properly announcing and welcoming my newest set of panties: I will stuff each of the 6 pairs of panties up my butt 5 times each in under 30 minutes. If I cannot complete it in time, I will keep track of how much time I go over.

Report: It took me a bit of time to find all 6 pairs of panties, but after I did I laid them all down. They were lacey in the front, but also had a non-lacey layer of fabric behind the lace, so that when I wear it, nothing is actually visible through the lace. The lacey layer was also softer and I think thinner compared to a different set I had, which is quite nice. I generously applied lube to each of them as I didn't want to waste time doing so after I started. Of course, they mostly just absorbed the lube so they weren't all that slippery, but I figured it would help a bit. I had completed the double stuffed PM dare earlier today so I was still mostly clean inside since then. I started the timer and began working them in me, cycling through the panties one by one. The first few were a bit difficult as my butt was still sore from earlier today but as some of the lube got squeezed out from the panties and into my butt and I got used to it, it wasn't too difficult to work them in, at least physically. It still felt incredibly intense as usual with all the fabric being pushed past my tight hole and then the full sense of it all stuffed in me. And pulling it out, since I had to do it fast, was the most intense of all! Unfortunately, I could only do 3 cycles of my 6 panties before I just couldn't take it anymore It had already been over 40 minutes of constantly stuffing and pulling panties out my poor anus it felt almost hot and steamy, kind of like burning but not really. I guess it was just really sensitive from the rubbing against the fabric...

When I paused the timer it was at 43:28, and I had done only 18 of the 30 required I'm really really sorry sir... I know the point was for it to be very difficult for me to complete, and for me to be punished further for it but please please go easy on me!!! I really tried my best sir, I've never ever had to do sooo many panty stuffings at once sir, it was over 40 straight minutes of punishment... If it makes you more willing to forgive me sir, I wrote this wearing my harsher clover clamps as a tiny bit of self-punishmment.

In the end it was decided that I would finish the remaining 12, count the time, and then add that to 13:28 and I would wear my meaner clamps for that long (which isn't too bad, it's not much worse than my clamps PM dare!! Having to do 12 more panty stuffings though...) EDIT: DONE!! I wore the clamps while I did the panty stuffings.
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