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Week 18 report of Friday 1st of Feb trip to dentist and hot date or not!

Posted 02-03-2019 at 07:13 AM by jane@
Updated 01-15-2022 at 03:02 AM by jane@

Friday 1st of Feb Report of my day

0600 up and work till 1300
Dressed today in medium length skirt navy above the knee by quite a bit (like a long skater skirt!)- black hold ups black, white T cream jumper, ankle boots and storm jacket – to comply with dress code as set by Mistress E

1310 bus to city

1410 Dentist – had usual waiting area etc. – but the Dentist was a very beautiful Asian girl – yes a girl very young.
She forced me into her chair and the nurse secured me – tipped flat and presented for horrible torture – see I do live in a dream world!

She got some torture instruments and forced them into my mouth – I could not resist and held on to the chair as my mouth was cruelly invaded.
I struggled and squirmed
I was aware my skirt was riding up and the tops of my – holdups were exposed but looking into her eyes I through the plastic glasses I could see she was ignoring my pleasure and just getting on with it-.
I needed a chip on my back upper tooth repaired and she said she would make it numb – I waited in anticipation for the needle and the adrenaline rush but she just pulled my cheek back and it started to go numb round my top tooth- so disappointing no pain did not even feel it. Picture of what I was thinking about her doing with her needles (I wish).

She then put a latex gag in my mouth and I had to keep open wide – did get a sore jaw – obviously need more practice keeping mouth wide open for a long time ! Thought about that too while was being ‘tortured’ with vibrating things and funny blue lights.
All too soon my session was finished and I was thrown out onto the street (really looking forward to going back!)

Bit early for my next torture session (re Hair torture) so had a coffee and pee in cafι – top lip numb – and felt like had it plumped out – mm body modification –

Hairdressers – just a trim and colour! Disguise so Master C can’t find me!
Sorry Mistress E but grey is forbidden it’s a hard No

1700–Changed trainers - took dog to park we had our pees in quite place just pulled up skirt and squatted- got some on skirt but no issue as intended to change later – it was cold and not nice on wet slushy pavements.

1745 tea to drink – edged in shower (kept hair dry) - – makeup black/red theme – perfume! – Silver skater skirt black thigh length socks –
Picked up by Mistress D! Yes double date – mmm

But! When Mistress D came she made me change to black leggings as apparently I was - more than a slut! Showing far too much eagerness to bed my date.
Evening went on like that with ‘Mother’ holding hand-
So dressed again, white button up silk (my best) blouse, -short socks, black leggings, ankle boots and leather jacket (was cold but wanted to flash assets! Knew mostly inside and car to get there and back).

1830 Mistress D drove to car park near cinema
~1900 met up with my (our) date who was already there he had got some popcorn and looked a uncomfortable as we approached – I went up to him - did pleased to see you bit - gave him a kiss on the cheek and put hand on his arm – explained Mistress D was keen to see the film and we often did things together (true just not what he was thinking or maybe was) – we had allocated seats but I had the tickets and I ensured I was in the middle between them – I behaved reasonably well (badly) in film 'The Green Book' - ensured a couple of buttons were undone and let jacket flap open – we shared popcorn watched the adverts and the film. About a couple of blokes a white bouncer working class and a black piano player on a road trip in southern US in the 1960’s about racial discrimination, gay prejudice education trust and friendship sad in parts some dark humour – made you think and understand how it was and maybe still is in some places. The Green book being a book where lists blacks are allowed - . Glad we went shows how we all have issues fitting in with society norms and our peer groups.

I managed to spill some popcorn in his laps as I offered the cup to him and brushed it away while accidently touching his thighs – he must have had tight pants on (or small one) as tried but - did not catch a feel of his cock!. Ensured most of blouse buttons were somehow undone before we left cinema so plenty of skin exposed (cleavage showing would be exaggerating but strip skin from chin to belly button on show) – I only did up jacket as we left as cold.
Afterwards we went for an Indian meal in a restaurant close by – I undid my jacket fully but left it on – I could see Mistress D knew what I was up to- got some glances and a little kick from her under the table when I ignored her (I realised that obeying one Mistress is easy obeying two with different preferences is impossible- Mistress E had made rules I was to flirt and more!- –mmm – and Mistress D has her hand on the cane!) – However I am bad so fit with Mistress E who is also (b-- or good like me) we had a nice chat about the film, gay discrimination- and tolerance. We chose mains and starters but shared them also nans and special rice. I had Cobra to drink (two pints in total -the adults had Lassi
Mistress D chatted to him and she discussed me as if not there I knew she was selling me to him I played with my food tore bits of nan for him and flirted with my eyes and twisted to try to give glimpse of chest – he being to the side of me, Saying it was hot took off jacket and stood up bending carefully so blouse gaped open as I put it behind my chair - and then pulling blouse down and tucking it into leggings so it stretched over now pointy nipples (all done innocently and without looking at him or Mistress D.
We talked about his club - Mistress D said looking pointedly at my exposed chest and the sides of my tits which were on view I would be just right as a hostess – he looked carefully sideways at me and I leaned forward so blouse fell more open – had to sit back smarty as got a tap on the shin from Donna’s foot – but he must have seen the side of my right tit and nipple then if not before.
He smiled at me and Mistress D saying he was sure I would make a ‘hostess’ and there would be an opening for me in his club if I behaved.

I said I was interested to see how it all worked – he said he would sort it and contact Mistress D with the details and financial stuff and let me know.

When Mistress D went to loo he did say I was looking nice tonight and if I was good to him in my probationary period there would be no problem.
He asked about Mistress D - I explained we were very close – he got the one message, and then some mixed messages - but then I am good at mixing it.

We parted from him in the restaurant lobby - I gave him a kiss on the lips put my hand on his bum and whispered we must do this again. His hand did brush my chest missed my tits-

In the car Mistress D gave me a talking too before we set off - but did lean over from her seat – unzip my jacket and put her hand inside and give both nipples a hard pinch while kissing me –she came in for coffee- which led after a short time to bed – me in the belt and having my nipples pinched really hard as I licked and pleasure her very wet pussy. Mistress D admitted she was turned on by my antics of the evening and kept saying how bad I was I also got some slaps on my bum and more telling off – but in a nice amused way – for trying to corrupt the club owner who I think Mistress D fancied.

It was very late when Mistress D left so I stayed in the belt and went to sleep.

A bad Slut Jane@
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  1. Old Comment
    Blue Fox's Avatar
    Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun there. :-)
    Posted 02-03-2019 at 09:14 AM by Blue Fox Blue Fox is offline
  2. Old Comment
    jane@'s Avatar
    Originally Posted by Blue Fox View Comment
    Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun there. :-)
    yes thank you - if dentists advertised more as S&M sure they would be more popular!!

    Film is def worth seeing - bit sad in parts also funny
    you would like the swimming pool scene!!
    Posted 02-03-2019 at 02:18 PM by jane@ jane@ is offline
  3. Old Comment
    MrCharcol's Avatar
    Great report

    I hope that the Gentleman will allow you to join his club and maybe escorts the punters. You are such a Slut and you should have given way to Mistress D and allowed her the Charms of the hunk.

    Mr C
    Posted 02-06-2019 at 03:15 PM by MrCharcol MrCharcol is offline

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