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Jane@ back in control no more pre-approval -I just decided 13 11 19
I may update but recently being in my cell not much happened - now i am free who knows ?

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week 17 just one evening reported Community service task

Posted 01-24-2019 at 03:25 AM by jane@
Updated 01-24-2019 at 03:58 AM by jane@


When in London the previous week See Week 15 a week of Jane Bond https://www.getdare.com/bbs/blog.php?b=89006
I played various spy games with Master -
Unfortunately afterwards it came to light I vandalised with chalk marks a public monument and a phone box see attached pictures.
Excerpts from Emails
Email from TTJ Tiny Teats Jane@ to Master -
> I plead guilty of defacing and vandalism of a public phone box in London I also wish you into account other crimes -namely graffiti chalk marks on a public monument.
> I realise unlike my previous crimes which were done in private and involved sexual practices that some may consider unnatural (but other think are delightful) these crimes are serious crimes against the state.

The slut will carry out community service to clean and decontaminate a public phone box and public monuments that she vandalised when messing about playing as a Spy – to be done the night of Sunday the 20th of January.
I was dressed inappropriately as told in just:
1. Full zip Hoodie Charcoal.
2. Thin old! plain white T Shirt
3. Black Corduroy Mini Skirt!
4. Long socks –
5. White Knickers,
6. High heels,
7. Tarty make up as a disguise

~ 2005 Used stairs rather than lift to escape hotel – did not want to be taken for a lady of the night – as fitted part for this well- looking as I should a real slut.
Walked to Southwark Bridge
Was told to bring an empty coffee cup –most coffee shops closed this evening but - McD open on Fleet Street St Pauls so bought a cup of coffee from one or the other – needed it as was freezing – short skirt – goose bumpy (or cellulite thighs) pale and exposed to hot prying eyes and jack frosts fingers,
Was aware of some stares and felt daggers pointing to my back as walked past but did not glance back although a few warranted eye contact and the odd man as well. Felt empowered and sexy as I strode to my slutty tasks ahead. Got – no offers of employment – pity hotel expensive – maybe I thought if loiter on way back rather than hurry to my room! May get a tickle – hurry being totter as best I could in these B----- heels! London weather this evening BBC Zero Centigrade - was wrong it was colder I know was out half naked in it.
~ 2035 Down Queen St to south east side of Southwark Bridge, found stairs - but first had to struggle to sit on large butt plug at top of stairs (tried but was just too big for my bum hole did a wiggle on it to see – also like pressing huge ice cube up me - sat astride it - skirt around it just knickers between it me – god it was cold – I think Master - longer legs than me! had to steady self with hand on wall legs off floor - 10 secs was well long enough. Mistress - what Master - photo does not show but mine does is the high tec security camera that was focused on my bum as I mounted the but plug! Thank you Master - hope someone got a good show -. The camera tracked me down stairs so I hid round corner for next bit! ( (instructions were where she will wet her knickers. Adding the decontamination agent PISS onto the knickers and also into a Coffee cup that she will carry with her).
At bottom looked about see photo very dark a bot spooky glad not gone later (this felt a bit unsafe) – decided to remove knickers rather than piss through them to keep legs and skirt dry- – put bag and cup down glanced about and pulled them off stepping carefully out of then so not to fall in river Ha – end me then and headline slut found in river!
I dropped knickers by cup stood up parted legs and played with my pussy edging to point for a few mins - hand up skirt - kept checking both path to left and stairs – then squatted down holding cup and skirt up difficult and pissed – got on heels but ok - wiped knickers in piss on ground and put them in cup with lid on so they were soaked but easy to carry.
When round corner, stood watching on river path – pulled off knickers stepped of them - hand up skirt masturbating till edge reached

Then put bag down and squatted and pissed caught some in cup and then used knickers to sock up rest
Was not sure if supposed to piss through knickers but kept drier this way just splashed heels a bit?

~2050 Returning to the Bridge I crossed it and entered the phone box I had vandalised / contaminated box and wipe all traces of the code away using agent “PISS” applied with my wet knickers.
then edged in box pretending to make a call holding phone by ear and other hand up skirt but facing wall of box so not exposed at edge stopped ad then went outside. Standing by back of box looking down steps and back over bridge put hand up skirt and returned myself to edge again kept myself there a – car came over bridge towards me but I carried on. There was another butt plug here but just used it lean against as I masturbated almost didn’t notice a couple who turned into bottom of steps but just dropped skirt scoped up bag and piss cup - and started down steps sure they didn’t see much ? I smiles as I passed them.
I went under bridge and down the river path going west to find the bench where I had sat and observed my rival Bitch A from last time (instructions were - trying to draw very little attention to herself).
From evidence agaist me -The two sets of Benches where Spy recced the site from. Nerve Agent “Love Juice” contamination found on Seat highly toxic erotic Task -Agent TT J to prove that she is now on our side is to edge whilst sitting on this bench and leave more of the highly intoxicating “Agent Love juice” on the bench for our scientist to analyse.
~2100 Arrived just in time for window of opportunity (if I edged for 10 mins sitting on bench then masturbated for 10 I could orgasm first since 6th December had to do 2100-0200 on bench and once left bench window closed). Was so keen to have an orgasm after all those edges since being denied - had tough about this since knew of chance – dark cold public – exposed but did not care was up for it) Reality – after edges on bridge and in phone box and the hype of task arrived hot and ready
Disaster it was really busy and what Master C photo did not show was real position of bench
People circled

So no way at 2100 could I sit and masturbate on this bench – decided to go for Pizza as no tea and cold.
My table circled looking over bench longing to have an O!
Went in gave order to lady but served my guy who hit on me – asked why ordered pizza I did – said I should have had an American Hot – as yes I was hot!! Felt very slutty in short skirt white –see through top no knickers bear bum on seat!
~1020 it was still busy on path so hope this is ok moved up path to bench a bit more secluded (not Much)
Higher level tree and some railings seperating it from main path people still walking past
Sat on bench forward so could drop hand under skirt mastturbated and kep on edge 10 mins had to pause as people close – then masturbated for about 10 more – was in a state and closed eyes and went for it ooo
People were walikg behind just diddnt give a fuck - had a crashing O out side jumping and twisting – kept quiet I think – then jumped up and staggered to bridge legs very unsteaddy.
Whilst on the Bridge Agent TT J is to add the protective serum “Baby Oil” to her T Shirt whist it will make it INVISABLE it will also be a good cleaning agent to remove the graffiti from the Sentry Boxes
Graffiti be removed by Brushing your teats against the cold steel, the baby oil will stop them getting frozen to the metal
I arrived at the HSBC sentry posts having opened jacket and put oil on T over teats but again Master - no idea! Graffiti was far too high for me to reach with teats – no way – stood thinking time passing – took of jacket there in open then took off T and jacket back on – didn’t do up zip – used T to rub off graffiti left oily marks
Then I spilt pee from cup and cleaned the marks from the floor did it squatting on one but as nobody about did the other bending from waste giving a good view of wet gaping pussy to any passing pigeons.
When all clean did a quick touching to edge and ran off as fast as I could go –
Once that is finished Agent TT J is to place the used knickers in a plastic bag –did – took a detour down to left over Blackfriairs Bridge and posted wet knickers and a spy device I- hope they take it in hidden microphone will record conversations – !

Walked back to hotel – hot bath – typed this up and presented myself for debriefing on my task in GD chat.
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  1. Old Comment
    MrCharcol's Avatar
    What a great report, maybe had Agent Jane Bond be wearing 6 inch heels she could have balanced on the Button Plug and reached her graffitti..

    There is method in my madness
    Posted 01-24-2019 at 03:45 PM by MrCharcol MrCharcol is offline
  2. Old Comment
    yorkrose's Avatar
    Good to see TTJane@ has cleaned up all her mess
    Hope the rain washed away her pee on the Thames path if not that’s outstanding.
    Overall she is a promising Scrubber
    Pity some jerks have rated this entry with a poor score I gave it 5x noted other bloggers have suffered in this way mmmm
    Maybe TTJ needs to put more effort into her email reports and less into this blog. Would welcome comments from others who read it. My subs time is not for wasting.
    Posted 01-26-2019 at 02:57 PM by yorkrose yorkrose is offline
  3. Old Comment
    MrCharcol's Avatar
    Dear Mistress Yorkrose

    I fear there are those idiots on Get Dare that are not aware that everything Slut TTJ is real and she follows a D/s life 24/7

    These lesser people who are just fantasist and have no concept of true D/s And playing with real people.

    Mr C
    Posted 01-29-2019 at 02:45 PM by MrCharcol MrCharcol is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Blue Fox's Avatar
    I hope that she continues to post in the blogs. I rather do enjoy reading them.
    Posted 01-30-2019 at 04:06 PM by Blue Fox Blue Fox is offline

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