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Doctor Slothy

Posted 03-31-2023 at 06:42 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

I have never been somebody who enjoys roleplaying. It just feels cringey and cheesy to me. I don't have a poker face and so pretending to be in character just makes me laugh and feel awkward.

However, a few years ago, we did an interogation roleplay that was super hot. It felt less like a roleplay because we were just ourselves, but essentially we played without limits. If I wanted something to stop, I gave the code. It made it feel less like pretend.

Throughout my porn
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Worshipping swimsuit 8

Posted 03-29-2023 at 09:48 PM by RainbowSky

Preface: I have recently handed in my resignation for the end of the school year from a toxic job. To celebrate my new found freedom, my BF has stated that from April until I start a new job (earliest for this will be July) I am only allowed to wear swimwear as underwear unless specific permission is granted. As part of this the lovely people of getdare voted for my swimsuits and as there were x amount of votes I must post a blog for each new swimsuit, detailing my worship of it.

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Intro to Breathplay

Posted 03-29-2023 at 05:22 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

Breathplay has been a theme that I have been drawn to in porn for quiet a while. I get so wet when I am watching somebody gasp for air through a gas mask, or with a bag on their head. My clit tingles when a bound woman is dunked underwater.

As much as the thought of it has turned me on, and led me to many edges and orgasms, breathplay is a kink that has always resided outside of my risk profile.

So many things could go wrong, despite any safeguards that you put in place.
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Suggestions About How To Pay a Debt

Posted 03-27-2023 at 09:29 AM by cariadferch
Updated 03-30-2023 at 02:46 AM by Butterfly

I need help with coming up with an idea on how to pay a forfeit.

I lost a game of battleship to roadrunnerkc17 and have to do, and then report, on some sort of sexual payment. His kinks, according to his profile, are: Cross-dressing, anal and masturbation.

When I asked him which of the three he would want me to do to myself, to my relief, he didn't choose anal, however, to my surprise, he went with cross-dressing.

Now, I love an erotica/literary challenge....
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Swimsuit modelling

Posted 03-26-2023 at 03:57 AM by RainbowSky

As part of the threads I created a few months ago, I agreed to try on all my new swimsuits and take 3 photos in them - 1 from the front, 1 from the back and 1 from the side.

I was a little bit nervous about this as photos is a limit but I knew the photos weren't going to go anywhere (well, except 1 that I have to post on here as part of one of the threads achievement goals).

My BF asked if I would like him to take them, but I told him no as that would make me feel even more...
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E-stim went a bit wrong

Posted 03-25-2023 at 04:09 PM by pluky

Yesterday I had the good idea to use my conducting clothespins with e-stim but not by touching the wand to the conducting part of it as I usually did, this time I thought about touching it directly to the sticking out part of the nipple, which would then lead the electricity to the clothespins and everywhere and maximize sensation.

I think this has been the most painful I've got from it, even at the lowest level (pretty much unnoticeable under normal circumstances), even using the tip...
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Report - Tit Torture: Bands and Bondage

Posted 03-23-2023 at 11:17 AM by Angelsaredying

Hi again! Here's another report for a task I completed recently focused on torturing my giant tits a bit more.

For this I was told to hump a rope to 2 edges, then for every ten seconds it took to reach the second edge I had to add an elastic band to a tit, alternating right then left. Once my tits were all plump I had a bit of a bondage situation and sneaking around to not get caught!

As always please enjoy, feedback is welcome and I can confirm I bought more elastic bands...
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