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Laying out my thread

Posted Yesterday at 01:28 PM by Sophie :)
Updated Yesterday at 02:40 PM by Sophie :)

This is for me to keep track of what I've agreed to try and implement in my thread, and so you have a bit of an overview as well, and don't have to read through all the posts:

Rules outline:

No touching without permission

Album with outfits to choose from

Plug/vibe while exercising - kinky session?
Naked fitness - maybe record?

Edging routine?

Earning orgasm by 100 edges, or other tasks (poll?)
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Rules for 2023 and 2024

Posted Yesterday at 03:54 AM by SlaveBB

Rules for 2023:
  • Must sleep in only women's underwear
  • Must buy new female underwear once a month.
  • I'm not allowed to cum without permission from Miss
  • I have to eat my cum at least once a week (if allowed to cum)
  • All precum must be licked up
  • I must edge 10 times every morning
  • Anal must be part of all longer edging sessions

Longest denial: 23 days (and counting)
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I had the first orgasm of my life last night

Posted 09-21-2023 at 03:49 PM by andrew_b

I should explain a little bit more and I'm sure people won't believe me

I've got a condition or well it seems now I had a condition that meant that my cum would go into my pee this means that I'll enjoy sex or masturbating without the pay off at the end.

Then about a month ago I was stroking myself and finally came. I was that shocked of what was happening that I stopped during but it still came out. I'm pretty this is what people call a ruined orgasm.

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A ‘nothing is off limits’ Q&A with an owned, denied sub

Posted 09-19-2023 at 10:52 AM by HiJayJay

What is your slave name and how should you refer to yourself?
My name is slut. Slut must always refer to herself as slut and must also use feminine pronouns. Slut is owned by mistress and obeys any order mistress gives.

How long have you been denied so far?
Slut has been denied orgasms for 63 days so far.

Would you like to cum?
No, Slut does not want to cum. Mistress has helped slut to realise that her pleasure is more important and slut should prioritise...
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Back Again

Posted 09-15-2023 at 06:49 AM by JulieAllison (Sissy Julie Allison)

It has been a while, but I am back again.
I can't deny what I am and what I love.
I am a submissive sissy girl and I love everything about it, from being feminine, girly, submissive to dressing up sexy and slutty, to being an object and a toy to men and of course sucking and pleasuring cock. I need more and more of it all!

I'm on Kik as julieallison1 if you want to chat, follow along or even help be become the perfect submissive sissy slut I was born to be.
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this is stupid dont read it!

Posted 09-15-2023 at 01:35 AM by luzifell

after over 3 months without a single orgasm (not even ruined)

Im stupid enough now to offer this option:

any FEMALE person contacting me on discord

discord name lucciteaser

can fuck my live simply by sending an "I own you" message.

This will enable you to do 3 things:
1. you have an 100% veto right to my orgasms for however long you keep owning me.

2. for every goon/porn/cock teasing/tickletorture...
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General Rules

Posted 09-09-2023 at 01:57 PM by Tied_up_Maid

This is a Place where I will collect all Rules that I have stuck to or am currently subjugated by.[COLOR="Magenta"][B]

Current Rules

I cannot use my hands to zip any article of clothing.(From the 09.09.2023 to 09.09.2024)
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