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100 thread blog thingy

Posted 09-18-2018 at 01:12 PM by Scintillate
Updated 09-18-2018 at 01:15 PM by Scintillate

Dares received:

Knorke: wear your high heels for 100 minutes. - done
Knorke: masturbate for exactly 100 seconds - done
churroboy101: 100 seconds to make a the food combo you've not tried before - done
KittenLicks: 100 seconds cuddling a pillow - done
KittenLicks: watch 100 seconds of kitties on youtube - accepted, not yet done
EnigmaticBunni: 100 seconds to make a list of likes and dislikes - declined

5 accepted, 1 declined, 4 done. Points: 4

Total dares sent: 19
6 accepted, 3 declined, 10 pending
Points: 5

Worthwhile dares sent:
Knorke: drink, ever. - done
Kittenlicks: circle with one finger around your butthole for 100 seconds - done
Kittenlicks: m, e, o and w in every message in chat for 100 seconds. - declined
KittenLicks: Y Spanking brown? >.< - done
KittenLicks: Lap milk - declined
Kittenlicks: I challenge you to ring your bell thing 100 times - done
Pariahterror: spank yourself while standing for 100 seconds (and at least 12 times :P) - accepted
churroboy101, wear a pair of underwear on your head for 100 minutes. Deduct 10 minutes for female clothing item 5 min min - done.
EnigmaticBunni: Just read blogs.. - declined

Pending dares:
Knorke: For the next 100 words you type on getDare, you will be gagged.
You can take the gag off whenever you're not typing, but you need to be gagged to type.

tallguy2241: You will be writing 100 Lines.
As in you will be writing "100 Lines" on your chest.

StrawDog: You will PM somebody and compliment him in exactly 100 words.

Galtee: You will stay at your location. Meaning that you'll be bent over and waiting for cock in the nude for 100 seconds. Wiggle your butt every 10 seconds.

Prepare and eat a snack you like while wearing a bra and panties in 100 minutes or less.

MaximusRyde, you will be writing a list of likes and limits and post it in your blog. It doesn't need to be long, but i would appreciate it if you gave us literally anything to work with.
At the end of it, you will be posting a picture containing the number 100.

IHeartFun, you will be sharing your favorite dare from last years 100 thread. Also please describe, why you liked it in 100 words or less

Matt: You will be playing Strip poker night at the inventory for 100 minutes or until you finish one round. Every time you lose an item of clothing ingame, you will also take one off irl.

EnigmaticBunni: Write a text about your favorite animal that's 100 characters long

KittenLicks: Get well soon. Have a glass of milk on me. That's a serious dare.
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    This is a great idea, very interesting and useful. Thank you.
    Posted 10-10-2018 at 08:18 AM by StrawDog StrawDog is offline

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