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PM Dares

Posted 04-19-2024 at 05:33 AM by sissydanjella
Updated Yesterday at 11:33 PM by sissydanjella

Chastity X: where X is days locked up to 7
Diaper X: where X is hours diapered up to 6
Doubles: Double Diapers
Drink: Drink 500ml water
Hypno link: will watch hypno link
Diaper Check: will send pic showing diaper
Chastity Check: will send pic showing chastity
Canvas Message: i will bodywrite message
Clamps: Nipple clamps 30 minutes
Copy: will copy pmed dare into list within limits
ADD: will add pm dare to list within limits
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Sissy Bucket List Update: April

Posted 04-15-2024 at 06:02 AM by JulieAllison (Sissy Julie Allison)

Here is my updated bucket list so far this year. I will be updating some of these tasks and adding new tasks as I progress throughout the year. As of today, these are my bucket list items for my sissy Behavior, Wardrobe, Accessories and Tasks so far for this year.

1. Only sit down and pee as a girl.
2. Replace all of my bath supplies with female products.
3. Lotion my body with female lotion after each bath or shower.
4. Wear panties at least 4 Days...
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My 7 day journey to Anal whore

Posted 04-13-2024 at 07:24 PM by simplesub

Yes it's true, I am an owned anal whore now. 7 days ago I wasn't i didn't think i would be but then i met Mistress and well here i am.

I don't know exactly how much detail the Mistress wants me to put here but I'll keep it brief for now. I can always expand it later (much like my ass). It all started when I sent out a message enquiring about looking for a new Domme after having had a quick glance at her ad. I haven't subbed in a while after needing to work on myself for a little bit but
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Toys and clothing

Posted 04-13-2024 at 04:03 AM by Lis
Updated 04-13-2024 at 04:49 AM by Lis (adding some things)


5x medium dildos
3x larger dildos
1x knobbed dildo
1x double dildo
1x small fantasy dildo
large knotted dildo (large fluffy tail attachable)
medium BD Terra
large BD Apollo
30x5 cm Horse Dildo
35x6 cm ribbed dildo
30x5 cm ribbed dildo with 8cm knot
60 cm long slink like dildo
50 cm long tentacle dildo
40 cm long wiggly dildo

Anal Beads:
2x small size (1...
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Report on things with Master and the Swinging couple

Posted 04-09-2024 at 02:30 AM by SilverBlue (Dare Reports)
Updated 04-15-2024 at 02:50 AM by SilverBlue

This blog is a bit more personal than usual and might be kinda heavy, so unless you're in an empathetic mood, you should skip this one.

I haven’t been out with Master for a long time, Master is unwell and I felt awkward talking about it to others and to blog about it to strangers. I mentioned to some friends on Snapchat that I had a ‘friend’ that had a serious medical problem. That person was in fact Master. Master revealed the news to me in 2023, had surgery and we were kind of hoping
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Pm dares

Posted 04-09-2024 at 01:58 AM by arne02

PM me strip and I will strip and send you a pic on skype or another platform

pm me edge and I will edge.

Pm me skype and we will set up a time where I will skype naked with you and you get full control over me.

pm me underwear and I will show you my underwear.

Pm me pulled out and I will pull my dick and balls out for you.

PM me writing and I will write whatever you want on my body

PM me bust and I will slap...
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Accidental self-inflicted torture

Posted 04-07-2024 at 07:26 PM by pluky

So I woke up with a vaginal infection, one at the very entrance of my hole instead of deep inside, and I didn't have anything but my bad ideas to do about it.

It felt really itchy so I wanted something drastic to clean it with, salt water didn't seem to be enough.

So I thought about using this specialized toothpaste I have, instead of containing just toothpaste it also has some herbs like thyme in it, which are known to fight off bacteria and infection, so I thought it would...
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