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Homosexuality and Christianity

Posted 02-10-2014 at 11:04 PM by Manbearpig

*Let me start off by saying that I am straight. These questions came up after reading certain comments on the Michael Sam story. If you don't know who that is, google is your friend*

Homosexuality and Christianity. If you ask society, those two things CANNOT go together. There is a notion that because one is Christian, they cannot support homosexuality. Furthermore, if I support homosexuality, I can't possibly be Christian.

Now, I can understand why people MIGHT think this. If you look in Leviticus, it does say homosexuality is a sin (this is of course much deeper than that, since it says that eating pork is a sin, as well as wearing polyester, and having wet dreams, ect, ect.). Furthermore, religious institutions such as the Catholic Church told us that being homosexual is a sin (although this stance has softened a bit under Pope Francis).

But why is being gay the worst sin? Why is it that we look to the Bible first when it comes to homosexuality? Why is it when someone has a wet dream, we don't shun them? Why is it we don't sell our daughters anymore, or accept slavery? Because we evolved and grew more understanding on the subject matter. Studies show proved that this was apart of life. However, when studies show that people are born gay, the response we hear is, "THE BIBLE TELLS ME I CANNOT LIKE GAY PEOPLE!!! SIN, BLAH, CRAP."

One idea I have on it is that as society, there must be someone to hate. It has happened throughout history. People have treated Jews, Christians, Blacks, Samaritans, Women, Muslims, Hispanics, Physically Handicapped, Old people, Little People, Mentally Handicapped, Non-Caucasians, and countless other cultures as second rate citizens. But rarely have we used the Bible as a source of this hatred. I know the Bible isn't exactly a book full of love. But whether you are Jewish or Christian, we use it to help us live a Christian life.

As a Christian growing up, I wasn't taught to hate. I was taught to love. Most Christians are taught the "Golden Rule," treat others as you would want to be treated. The way some of society treats homosexuals (and countless other groups) would not follow this example. Why do Christians think this rule is, "Treat others the way you want to be treated, unless of course you are gay."

Furthermore, the main figure of Christianity Jesus Christ didn't go around just hanging out with religious people. He was with the people who society threw aside. And not just sinners who repented. He was with the sick or people society just did not accept, like people with leprosy and blindness. He supported Samaritans (a group the Jewish people did not get along with), and promised a sinner next to him paradise while on the Cross.

Some might argue that, "MBP! If I accept homosexuality, then I must support pedophilia or bestiality, because they are essentially the same thing!" First off, they aren't. Second off, pedophilia is preying on children to have sex with them. Bestiality is similar. A man can love a child but a child is not mature enough to consent. Nor can an animal. If a man loves a man or a woman loves a woman and they are both are of age to consent to sex and maybe down the line, they love each other enough to get married, who are we to say that they cannot.

That brings me to my conclusion. You cannot consider yourself a true Christian if you don't accept homosexuality. Jesus did not go around condemning homosexuals. He often criticized the religious orders of his time. So if Jesus did not, why do so called "Christians?"
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    Alexis Rune's Avatar
    I'm going to ask a question, and I really hope that it doesn't sound mean spirited, but it is a serious question...

    If you need to pick and choose which components of a book to 'believe in', why believe in any of it at all?
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 03:39 AM by Alexis Rune Alexis Rune is offline
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    Manbearpig's Avatar
    Fair question. Don't forget, the Bible was written a long time ago. The New Testament around 1900 years ago and the newest books of the Old Testament are over 3000 years old. The Bible, in my opinion, should be used for the stories, and not step by step rules how to set our life. For example, the parables Jesus told are great, once you get the background on some of them. Noah's Ark is interesting because it was mostly likely taken from a pagan story. Moses might not have parted the Red Sea, it might have just been a swamp. But these stories are still interesting.

    While these stories might not be true or exaggerated on, I still believe there is a creature that does look upon us. But I don't think he is sitting on a moral high ground saying, yes, this person is living a good life because he or she is Christian, or nay, this person not believe in me that so they go to hell.

    For me, God is hearing that song on the radio that describes what your life is like after a breakup and somehow puts in perspective, snowing on Christmas Eve, or having friends who are there for you after a rough time.

    Could I be wrong about there being a God? Or what God is like? Of course I could, and most likely am. But in my 23 years of life, and from my understanding of scripture and theology, this is just my take on it.
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 09:55 AM by Manbearpig Manbearpig is offline
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    Alexis Rune's Avatar
    Fair response. I absolutely agree that some of the parables and messages are 'good.' Thank you for writing that.
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 11:05 AM by Alexis Rune Alexis Rune is offline
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    drwarschauu's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Manbearpig View Comment
    Some might argue that, "MBP! If I accept homosexuality, then I must support pedophilia or bestiality, because they are essentially the same thing!"
    Wow, there really are people out there who don't see the difference and make this argument? Bizarre.
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 03:34 PM by drwarschauu drwarschauu is online now
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    Dareholic's Avatar
    Interesting thoughts. I totally agree.
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 04:14 PM by Dareholic Dareholic is offline
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    perkygirlie's Avatar
    Taking bible passages out of context and claiming the moral high ground can be fun. Observe.

    In defense of bestiality, God actually madates it. Genesis 1:24:
    "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth."
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 07:37 PM by perkygirlie perkygirlie is offline
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    EnigmaNZ's Avatar
    I believe many parts of the Bible were written for the time and no longer apply as circumstances that created the original rules have changed.

    The admonition to not lay with another man as with a woman was in a section on rules for the priestly cast that were to work in the temple. They had to be pure at all times.

    If God created us in the womb, why would He condemn His creation for its programming that He wrote.

    Sodom and G were not condemned for their sexual depavity, including homosexuality, but for their treatment of visitors.

    Jesus did not condemn the adultress that the religious of the time wanted Him too, He said to them to not condemn someone for something unless you are yourself above approach. How many who condemn homoseuality are pure of heart.

    David had a friend killed so he could sleep with the man's wife, and God said that David was a man after his own heart. He looked at the overall man.

    If you are going to follow the rules set down in the Bible, then follow ALL the rules. Don't wear clothing of different materials, pull down your house if it has mould that can't be removed with water, don't cut patterns into your hair, and so on.

    Judge not lest ye be judged is a good rule to observe.
    Posted 02-11-2014 at 09:28 PM by EnigmaNZ EnigmaNZ is offline
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    Happy Me's Avatar

    ... lol...
    Posted 02-15-2014 at 02:22 AM by Happy Me Happy Me is offline

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