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Game evening

Posted 12-14-2007 at 08:15 AM by mausi7280bi

Here i will tell you a story about an evening.

That I play with some other friends of me on weekend in July 2004.

I first must tell you, that im not free, i have a girlfriend and her name is Sandra.

Some times we have a game weekend , that means we invite some old friends , this are only ladies, and play some games.

We prefere games like Siedler (settler) , Monopolie or cardgames too. Some times we play twister or so too.

Mostly we start at 15:00 and have an open end.

Some word to us 5 !
Ok me , i dont msut write something obout me
then Sandra i mostly call her gf lol
Then Melanie she is bruenette
Nadine is blonde and have a light brown skin from tanning i think
Oh yes and our younster... Tanja she was 2004 19year old. she is a blackhair girl with a nice smile.
We all were friends from the university and often do sports, like volleyball and swimming dancing and so.
Tanja was the last chick that comes in our clique
( she was the 5th man h woman in our volleyball group )

So now i have to tell more about that game.
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    Merlin's Avatar


    I am back from the LAN party and still curious to here more
    Posted 12-15-2007 at 05:44 PM by Merlin Merlin is offline
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    mausi7280bi's Avatar
    The Game goes on !
    We invite all our friends on that Saturday. All our friends comes at 15:00 and we talk about womens-stuff long and drunk some drinks. We start playing at ca 17:00.
    We sat round of our livingroom table. Me on a chair, Melanie Nadine and Tanja on the sofa and Sandra on our settle.
    We start playing UNO-cardgame. After some rounds, we get hungry and so Sandra ordered some Pizzas for us.
    After half an hour , the pizza boy comes and we ate.
    After that we start playing monopoly.
    Posted 12-17-2007 at 01:31 AM by mausi7280bi mausi7280bi is offline
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    mausi7280bi's Avatar
    After short time, all streets were bought and i collect all railwaystations, lol. Tanja was the great looser, no street combination, she won 2 times the beauty competition but nothing good stuff. After 3 or 4 rounds after all bought, she lost all her money. then she roll the dices and lands on the Opera. Nadine was the owner and required the rent, but tanja couldnt pay... Hmm so Nadine had an idea and said:" Ok Tanja, if you cant pay, geive me your blouse as payment!" We all lought and Tanja flashed a bit red in her face, but she unbutton her blouse and take it off. then she throw it to Nadine. We all saw her ping bra and a little sweet piercing in her bellybutton.
    Posted 12-17-2007 at 01:39 AM by mausi7280bi mausi7280bi is offline
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    mausi7280bi's Avatar
    after short time Melanie lost her shoes to Sandra .
    then the round was on me , i was out of money and lands on park allee. thats shit, coz there was build 2 houses from Nadine. She decide that I have pay more then only shoes or bouse... She decide that i have to offer her my panties. I was shocked for a moment then i told her that i go on toilet to remove my panties , but she said, she want it now, not in 5 minutes.. So i stood up circle round and remove my pants and panties . The laughing and told me that i have a great ass . Than i redress my pants and gave nadine my panties.
    Next turn, Melanie lost her Shirt and all could see her white bra. Than Nadines turn and she get a card to renovate her houses and hotels .... she could not pay and we told ehr the bank will not gave any hypothek.. the bank ... it was Tanja forced her to remove shoes socks and pants. Nadine did so and we saw a nice black panties between her legs.
    the only of us who had her complete clothes on was sandra . now it was more intressant, coz sandra lands on my stations and must pay , after that she had no money .
    next Tanja .... she went on the east railwaystation too and i was thinking ........ and i forced her that her bra is a nice payment ... she went red again, but she unlcok her bra and gave it to me . hmm she have nice titis , not big one i think 75 b as i am. And what we all see , her nips were hard .
    My turn was bad too, i must pay to the bank, that drawn card said. I have not enough money and the bank said ...... the bank want my pants.... ohohoh, i take off my pants and try to hide my pussy, but all cry .... " dont cross your legs" and so i did.. every one saw my shaved cunt .
    Melanie draw a card.... birthday , no one of us have money and she ordered Melanie to took of her bra, Sandra lost her pants, Tanja lost her pants too and i lost my socks.
    Melanie wents in jail the next turn, Sandra lands on Melanies street and lost her panties. then tanja jumps park and Melanie forces her to strip complete nude , she did , she stood up and take the rest of cloth off. then she sit down again and we all saw on her haired pussy.
    Posted 12-17-2007 at 02:06 AM by mausi7280bi mausi7280bi is offline
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    mausi7280bi's Avatar
    Next turn i loose my rest of cloth too and the next nude girl was Melanie. The only girls with cloth was my gf and Nadine.
    We three have the next rounds luck i lands on my own station, Tanja gets some money from bank, but Nadine loose now a lot, coz she lands on my south railway and i got her panties , and a nice shaved pussy comes in light.
    Posted 12-17-2007 at 02:10 AM by mausi7280bi mausi7280bi is offline
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    mausi7280bi's Avatar
    then it hits tanja again.... Sandra looked at her and she said:"what can you offer me........ah I know, i want your hair ! Come on , clean the table , i went in bathroom and be right back . " We clean the table i i thoght we dont play further so we put all in the monopoly box back.
    Than sandra comes back with our electric razor, our eppiezer and the normal razor with creame and water .
    She ordered tanja to lay on the table and then we spread her legs and Melanie decide to put her tshirt on tanjas eyes as a blindfold .
    then sandra starts to shave tanjas pube first with the electriv razor and all long hairs were gne fast. The she gets the epiliezer and use it on all stubbles ont he top of ehr pussy. Tanja cries, coz i guess that hurts a bit. After that Sandra use the creme for around her cunny and shaved the rest. after short time we saw a nice shaved pussy with long lips and pink color inside.
    Nadine could not hold it and knees down and start to lick Tanjas fresh shave d pussy and tanja starts to purr as a cat.
    in the meantime , sandra strips too and then she crawl Melanies tits and she sandras pussy .
    Coz Nadine lays on her knees , i go bhind her and stick my fingers in ehr hot cunt .

    Later more
    Posted 12-17-2007 at 02:23 AM by mausi7280bi mausi7280bi is offline
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    mausi7280bi's Avatar
    Ok i have some time more to write .
    What the other do then, i dont know, but i have fucked her cunny hard and felt her juice. After short time she explode and at the same time , i feel someone licks my pussy and my asshole.
    that was to strong for me and i comes hard .

    After short time we all decided that we first go showering.
    one after the other, we go short showering in our bathtube and under in the showercabin.
    Posted 12-17-2007 at 07:40 AM by mausi7280bi mausi7280bi is offline
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    Wow if this is a true story you have some amazing friends!
    Posted 05-21-2008 at 10:38 AM by kabuto kabuto is offline
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    Crusher_63's Avatar
    I very much like your monopoly game.
    Settlers is a favorite game here, very fun. Also play cards.

    I have a spin the bottle story to write. It was fun to play.
    Posted 09-30-2009 at 06:03 PM by Crusher_63 Crusher_63 is offline

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