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BDSM Test Results

Posted 08-16-2018 at 04:15 PM by LucieA

From now, and from two years ago! May or may not be completely accurate, it changes quite a bit depending on my mood :P

== Results from bdsmtest.org ==
(taken 2018-08-17)
99% Degradee
96% Masochist
91% Submissive
78% Rope bunny
78% Slave
75% Pet
69% Primal (Prey)
58% Sadist
58% Non-monogamist
58% Experimentalist
56% Primal (Hunter)
52% Boy/Girl
49% Master/Mistress
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My black dog

Posted 12-26-2017 at 07:51 AM by Cassandra (I love words)

I have a black dog called depression. Looking back, I had at least four bigger episodes of longer, deeper depression over my lifetime so far. Fortunately enough, as my brother expressed it, I am "too clever to commit suicide". Though I cannot remember having had serious suicide thoughts or fantasies. But quite vividely, I remember smaller signs of slight sadness overshadowing years of my childhood. There's longterm knockdown I experienced from the break-up with my first girl friend, bringing...
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About Me

Posted 06-29-2017 at 04:37 PM by vance810
Updated 12-11-2018 at 07:02 AM by vance810
Tags about me

Do not contact me if:
You didn't read the entire about me. Yes, I know it's long, but I have important things to say
U tipe liek dis. Some spelling errors are fine, but be able to have a normal conversation
You just want a quick play session. I understand wanting to just fool around, but this isn't for you
You don't respect my likes, dislikes, or limits
You aren't interested in having a friendship as well as a potential D/s relationship. Because, not to toot...
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I am a romantic slut

Posted 10-02-2016 at 05:02 PM by Cassandra (I love words)

I am a romantic slut. The slut part is easy. Except for some busy or sad phases I not only still have an intense sexual desire, I am also lazy and have a below average standard of keeping my space and stuff clean, as well as regarding my care for beautiful cloth and looks. And of course I have a filthy mind, quite a bunch of kinks and pretty dark fantasies.

But I am also romantic. Though I have supressed my sexual drive and kinks for decades due to a subconscious education about normal...
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Skylar's about me.

Posted 03-03-2014 at 07:21 PM by Skylar and Kaz
Updated 03-05-2014 at 04:20 PM by Skylar and Kaz

This is my about me. Firstly please address me as Skylar and nothing else.

I am 23 years of age, I am 5'9 I have Brownish Blonde hair medium long, about 3.5 Inches below my shoulder, with a 32 B cup bust. I live in the Eastern Part of the United States of America, I am Submissive, I am not a Domme please do not ask me to be your mistress. I WILL NOT BE YOUR MISTRESS.

I am Owned by Kaz Currently DO NOT ASK ME TO BE YOUR SLAVE or SUB.

here is my list of Likes
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