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Earning a treat

Posted 01-24-2021 at 10:28 AM by RainbowSky

In the UK there is a show called the Wheel. Sir and I both watch it from our respective houses. Last night Sir challenged me to a little bit of a competition. How many questions could I get right? If I did well I would get a nice task today, if not... well I don't want to contemplate that right now.

So far with this show I have done awfully. I'm not very good, the categories have been obscure. Its horrible. There was a very high chance of failing given the topics were history, the 80's, classical music and movies (so broad) but I tried my hardest and can proudly say that I scored 8/11. Which meant it was be a nice task for today.

Task 14
Equipment required
  • blackout hood
  • Ankle cuffs
  • wrist cuffs
  • Headphones
  • Collar and leash
  • rope
  • schoolgirl outfit
  • vibe
  • laptop
  • bowl of water.

The task
The task was sort of split into three sections, the first two involved some longer periods of confinement, while the third part was a roleplay in which I would be playing the schoolgirl - a role I am very unfamiliar with being a teacher normally.

The report
Early this morning Sir asked me to take myself, my leash, my cuffs, hood and headphones to my confinement space. He asked me to attach the leash to the sofa and then my collar, put the ankle cuffs on and then thread the wrist cuffs through, wear the hood and put headphones on playing music and stay in my confinement space in as dark a room as I could make it for 45 minutes. This was to be the longest time I have spent in this situation. I was given the choice of naked or clothed and I did choose clothes just because I wanted to be warm, although this did mean I got very warm as I sat snuggly in the space. There was no challenge to time myself and guess when 45 minutes was up, it was just to sit there for the whole time.
It was very peaceful and relaxing to just let the music wash over me and not have to worry about anything outside of my little space. It was very tranquil and I fell into a sort of state very similar to sleep but awake. When the alarm went off I almost didn't want to leave as I was so calm and zen but my hips and butt cheeks were starting to hurt so I clambered out of my space.
Several hours passed where I just relaxed did some drawing which was nice and peaceful and then after lunch Sir asked me to go back to my space and repeat the same thin but for 30 minutes to get me relaxed again before the main task. It's a very good way of getting me to chill and stress less.

Once my timer went off Sir asked me to get into my schoolgirl outfit which is little more than a pleated blue skirt with braces/suspenders that go over the shoulders and a mesh organza see through sailor style top that barely covers the base of my boobs. He told me that today I was going to be the student and not the teacher. He asked me to put the vibe in my panties and to turn it to medium but to not edge or cum. I then took my laptop and phone to my dining room table where Sir explained I was going to do some research. I was going to choose two of my curiosities and do some more in depth research to create a presentation on it.

The first one I chose was dehumanization. I had ten minutes to find the research. Just before we started this I began to need to edge and Sir made me try to avoid it for as long as possible but eventually let me edge so I was able to concentrate for the full 10 minutes. I have included my research below. At the end of the 10 minutes I presented my research to Sir who was pleased with it. I was then told to choose another. This time I chose torture as I had struggled to find much on dehumanization and I thought torture would have more to find (see below). About half way through doing my research for this I became very close to the edge and I messaged Sir who told me to avoid it and don't edge. This was extremely difficult and took up most of my brain capacity and didn't leave much room for research. Once the time was up Sir said I could edge but I had to hold it and tell him how long I lasted. It was a measly three seconds but I explained if I had continued holding I would have cum which was an even bigger no.

I then presented and Sir again said I had done a good job of the work set and decided it was time to do a practical lesson.

Sir had me collect my ropes and cuffs and mittens. One of my likes is petplay, alongside roleplay, both of which we hadn't tried before together. Sir asked me to bind my lower leg to my thigh to force me to walk on my knees like the dog I was being, as well as made me practise barking. Before tying my legs he made me place a bowl of water on the kitchen floor (the furthest place from my room). The I put my mittens on and I had to crawl to the bowl and lap the water up like a good pet. Walking on my knees only was so painful - I've done it once before but only on carpet and my flat is full of wooden floorboards. I moved very slowly to the kitchen, wincing with every knee step. I finally made my way to the bowl and began lapping up the water with my tongue. I was a very messy pet and water ended up going up my nose and all over my chin. I managed to get up half of it but then I began to gag and feel as though I was about to throw it all back up. I stopped deciding it wasn't worth making myself physically sick and began crawling back to my room. I got just over halfway when I was sobbing in pain from my knees and decided I needed to try a different method. I placed my arse on the floor, had my legs flat on the floor next to me and pulled myself forwards on my mittened hands like a dog sometimes does. I thought Sir would be angry at this but he was actually very kind and praised my good thinking as it is still a way a dog sometimes moves. Sir let me untie myself and get redressed.

Final feelings/thoughts
It was really fun to try something new with Sir. He had explained he had never tried either before so I had spent some time last night explaining my experience so far and how it sort of works and I'm really pleased he was willing to try it with me. I'm not too sure how I feel about the student/teacher dynamic - it feels very odd being a teacher myself but maybe I'll grow to really like it. I'm willing to give it some more tries. Although I do have to say Sir had impeccable behaviour from his student - she was much better behaved than many of my real-life students. Maybe next time I'll have to play around with the behaviour, show him what it feels like to have a troublesome student
I really like the confinement aspect. It's just so peaceful and it's something that when I put it as a curiosity did not expect to see become a firm favourite.

Research on dehumanization
Dictionary definition: To demean, disgrace or reduce in worth. Dehumanization is the psychological act of depriving another human of their humanity and individuality, to make them seem less than human. Thus this leads to many who are subject to dehumanization to feel unworthy of humane treatment and not deserving of consideration. In BDSM it is often linked very closely to objectification, where they are seen as an object such as a piece of furniture, a pet, or a particular role/service they can provide (e.g. toilet, trash, cocksucker etc). Dehumanization often requires the person to be ridiculed, humiliated and have their control taken away from them leaving them as a lesser being.
They are treated as unimportant and lesser people.
Dehumanization can lead to the objectification of women who are often seen by their sexual parts and what they have to offer rather than as a whole i.e. their vagina, ass or mouth.

Research on torture
Torture in BDSM is seen very differently from old medieval views of torture but is also greatly inspired. In BDSM culture torture is the act of repetitive actions to inflict pain on another, generally sub which has a similar effect as in medieval. It could be used to gain an admission to failing a task, or as a punishment, or to get the sub to agree to something within their limits that they may be scared of doing by inflicting pain. Many medieval devices such as stocks and the rack have inspired modern day BDSM torture with the act of chaining, or tieing a person up to prevent them moving to enable the dom to torment the sub as much as they like without resistance. It could be the act of using spikes/heels to crush genitals or even the use of tickling to reduce a person to an easily mouldable sub. In BDSM it comes in many forms such as nipple torture, CBT, pussy torture, and hot/cold water treatment. It is unique to each person what is torturous for one person will not work for another. Making someone edge continuously with no break could be seen as torture for one person while for another the opposite and never letting them edge or cum could be seen as torture.
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