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Pm dares

Posted 10-04-2023 at 06:29 AM by Subspace-ar
Updated 06-29-2024 at 12:11 PM by Subspace-ar (limited time offer! exposure dare!)

I reserve the right to delay/refuse any dare for mental or physical health reasons. Limits in signature.

Male Doms can apply any modifiers listed in BLUE, and can suggest new modifiers be added to this list, within limits

Limited Time Offer!

EXPOSE I will send you a collection of degrading pics of myself and you can choose one to be posted on ExposedPassion! You will also get the link to view/extend/share (Claimed: 0/1)
EXPOSE Modifiers:
- Doms
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PM Dares

Posted 10-01-2023 at 04:07 PM by Lumi~
Updated 10-05-2023 at 04:37 PM by Lumi~
Tags pm dares

!!!This is currently in construction!!!
You can still send PM dares, but some things might be inaccurate or incomplete, or formatting might be weird. If you chose a WIP dare, I’ll have to unfortunately decline and ask you to choose a different one.

Welcome to my wonderful list of PM dares! I've thought long and hard about how to make these PM dares more into PM games so it is most interesting for all parties involved. There's a lot of luck involved so mutual trust is required for...
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PM Dares

Posted 03-13-2023 at 01:33 PM by Tied_up_Maid
Updated 01-07-2024 at 12:34 PM by Tied_up_Maid


Plug and Give me up to 5 hours of Plug time.
Gag and I will gag myself for 30 min
Chastity I will roll a 4 sided die and thats how many days I'll be in Chastity (I will only Accept this Dare once a week as I am still new to Chastity)
Pinch and I will wear nippel Clamps for 5 min
ICE and I will stick X ice cubes (X <= 5) in my ass and let them melt.


Challenge and challange me to a duel
Bet Let us...
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PM Dares

Posted 11-17-2022 at 08:16 PM by MagnumOpus
Updated 11-08-2023 at 10:44 PM by MagnumOpus

Here is my list of PM dares that I will perform if I receive them in a PM. If you want to send me PM dares, click here. There is no limit to the number of PM dares you can send me in one PM.


PM me “SPIRAL” and I will listen to a hypnosis video of your choosing daily for a span of time of your choosing (up to one month).
I will not listen to curse files, permanent files, or to any files that break my limits, especially feminization (including crossdressing),
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PM dares

Posted 07-31-2021 at 03:41 PM by slaveboykieran (Current toys)
Updated 06-28-2024 at 03:11 AM by slaveboykieran
Tags pm dares


Horse transformation choose a number between 1 and 10 to choose what piece of pony play gear i buy next! Please check the down the bottom for a better explanation
Starfield rules please add rules i need to follow as I play starfield. Please check blog for current rules

also! i have a new tentacle bad dragon dildo!


SPIN XI'll spin the dildo wheel x amount of times thats linked in my bio
Plug X...
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(Inactive) Current PM dares

Posted 07-13-2021 at 09:50 AM by CSasha (I love words)
Updated 08-04-2023 at 08:44 AM by CSasha


Never heard of PM dares or still wondering about some details? Click here to get more information.

Only one PM dare per person, per day!

Feel free to suggest any new PM dares.

Inactive - PLUGGED - And I will be plugged for my next 20 posts or comments on getDare
Completed/To do: 40/40

ADD - I post in another add thread than the Add thread for all

QUICK - I post...
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lumine's pm dares

Posted 06-29-2021 at 02:51 PM by lumine
Updated 06-27-2023 at 02:38 PM by lumine (added some :3)

PM me or contact me anywhere here to assign dares

I must always provide video proof where applicable, otherwise picture proof.

Please punish me any way you see fit if:
  • I fail to respond within 48h
  • After responding, I fail to start the dare within a week,
    or within a shorter time if specified in the dare
  • I fail to complete the dare at all

1. Pain

1.1 CBT

TIE "cock/balls"
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