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Orgasm Challenge

Posted 11-05-2016 at 05:58 PM by The Slutty Princess

Firstly, it has been awhile since I last wrote a “naughty” blog post. The last few blog posts have been more about advice, tips, and poems that I’ve shared but I’m a little bored right now and feeling a little naughty so I guess I’ll write about a recent sexual adventure I had with Sammie a few nights ago. I’m feeling even naughtier writing this in the library while at work but I’m all caught up on homework and bored out my mind so why not give a little treat to read!

Despite the lack of blogs about my sex life, I can ensure you that the sex has not vanished. We often find ourselves rolling around in the sheets about four days of the seven day week, sometimes more. Most of the sex is a bit vanilla but far from mundane, though starting a few weeks ago, we have set up a little schedule. With college classes, work, and friends consuming most of our time, we have been setting Monday nights aside for some sexual escapades that are usually a bit spicier and wilder than our normal weekday experiences. This Monday, Sammie created a competition. The game was rather simple, one partner was to be tied to the bed as the other partner pleasured. The goal of the game was to get the partner to orgasm as fast as possible and the one who lasted the longest would win. There were no rules and no time limit, any sex toys, positions, and techniques were fair game. Sammie called it “The Don’t Cum Challenge.” The loser would have to make breakfast the next morning.

I took the first position on the bed, Sammie restraining each of my hands to the bed post. Excitedly, she started a timer on the desk and jumped onto the bed next to me. Starting at my neck, she slowly ran her tongue down my neck to my breasts, gently running circles around each nipple. I could feel my nipples harden into nubs and I pushed my chest towards her mouth, begging for more. The cool feeling of the saliva mixed with her warm breath was driving me crazy. As her tongue was taking turns dancing around each nipple, she gently placed her hand on my throbbing clit, rubbing it ever so gently while simultaneously continuing to tease my hypersensitive nipples. I squeaked and squirmed, tugging on the ribbon restraints to no prevail. All I could do was moan to the rhythm of her tongue.

Within minutes, she forced her body off mine and excitedly searched the floor, returning with the hitachi wand. I bit my lip in frustration, the hitachi wand was certainly my weakness, she knew it and I knew it. She climbed back onto the bed and set the wand next to her. Her lustful eyes gracefully roamed my body, settling between my legs, her eyes glaring at my already dripping sex with a devious grin. By this point, I was so horny it almost hurt. My clit was throbbing, my nipples had hardened to the point of causing pain but it was a pleasurable pain. Looking at the beautiful girl kneeling between my legs certainly wasn’t helping either. The first lick had sent a shiver down my spine, the second sent an explosion, and then she went for the full assault. I whimpered and my hips ejected from the bed in bliss. Her tongue still exploring, her hands encompassed my hips and forcefully pinned them on the soft mattress, asserting her control. Despite the shaking and squirming, I couldn’t escape her freely running tongue. All I could do was accept the pleasure and try to concentrate on anything but the orgasm that was already building.

I slammed my eyes shut, pushing my head back into the pillows, my chest heaving for air. My hands curled around the ribbon restraints, gripping them tightly as I tried to fight off the climax that was building inside me. Unexpectedly, she stopped within a few seconds. I let go of the restraints and opened my eyes. She climbed on top of me, her warm body pressing against me. Her lips landed on mine, tasting myself on her lips as she pressed them against mine for a second. Snuggling her head next to my neck, she deliberately teased me, breathing into my ear. “You’re mine,” she said, nibbling at my ear as she said it. Those words, they way she said it, they made something explode inside me. I could feel the hot sensation of the explosion make its way to every part of my body. She rolled off me and knelt between my thighs again, holding the hitachi wand in her hands with a grin. My head sank back into the pillows. I could already feel the defeat but I wanted the orgasm too badly. Sammie knows me well and she certainly knows that she can control my orgasms by the little amount of teasing she does, her, on the other hand, is a different story, she can handle some of the teasing I do to her. Flipping it on and placing the head of the wand against my clit, I jumped at the bolt of electricity as the electric waves sung through my body. My eyes slammed shut, my back arching, I moaned at the feeling. My hips squirming, my breath coming in short gasps, I tried to pull myself away from the wand but there was only so much space I could move to. Sammie kept the wand pressed tightly to my clit and no matter the amount of squirming I did, there was no escape. I was trapped in the bliss and at her soft, gentle words, “Cum Lia”, my body lost it. My muscles clenched. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled through my body as I squirmed and moaned at the feeling. She jumped off the bed and stopped the timer. “Eight minutes and thirty-six seconds,a lot” she said gleefully. I was satisfied with the time. The roller coaster of pleasure had felt like two minutes to me! Sammie had spa lot of time teasing, I knew if I skipped some of the teasing and went straight for the kill, I could win.

We switched positions as I gently tied each one of her hands to the bed post, just tight enough so she couldn’t squirm out. This time, she was all mine. Starting the timer on the desk, I crawled back onto the bed. I began with a little teasing. I slowly kissed my way down her neck, leaving a trail of wet, gentle kisses until I reached her breasts. My hand ran down her warm belly and found its place between her legs. Pushing her legs apart, I slowly began to rub her clit with my thumb while my tongue ran across her hard nipples. I could feel her tense muscles underneath me, her calm, steady breathing as she tried to concentrate. I only teased for a little bit before I pulled my hand away and grabbing the hitachi wand that was still laying on the bed. Gently, I caressed her face as she playfully bit at my hand.

“You ready?”

‘What can of question is that?” (By the way, I loved her sassy sarcasm throughout the game!)

I flipped on the wand and pressed it against her sex. She moaned in reaction to the vibrations and desperately tried to squirm away from it. Continuously, she bucked her hips back and forth, trying to escape the wand and she was rather successful at it. I was having a hard time keeping the wand on her all in result from her intense and strategic squirming. I tried to use the technique she had used against me, using my hands to pin her hips on the bed to hold her still but she was slightly stronger than I was and the technique wasn’t working. Instead, I scooted closer to her and leaned against her leg, pinning one side of her onto the bed. She was still kicking her other leg in an attempt to escape but I had her secured quite well. I was able to hold the wand on her and use my other free hand to incite even more pleasure. I knew one of her triggers, as is mine, is biting and so I needed to exploit that. “Should I start biting?” I said seductively as she squirmed underneath my control.

Breathlessly, but still with her sassy sarcasm, “Do I look like a chew toy?”

I smirked at the remark and scooted my body further up, gently nibbling at her nipples. She squirmed even more, moaning louder. I sense that I was rather close so I continued nibbling at her nipples as my other hand kept the wand pressed tightly against her sex. Her body was convulsing to the vibrations underneath me and I could feel her muscles loosen as I approached her climax. “You getting close?” I asked with a smirk.

“What gives you that expression?” she asked breathlessly, stumbling on the words.

“Your breathing.”

“Typically, you do that unless you’re dead.”

“You’re almost there, Sammie,” I said, trying to entice her.

“No I’m not.” She said, fidgeting underneath me.

“You’re lying,” I said, nibbling at her ear.

She responded to the ear nibbling with multiple moans and a few wiggles and twists. “I don’t lie.”

“Really?” I challenged her by using my free hand to pinch one of her nipples, keeping the wand pressed tightly to her sex as I took a mouthful of flesh from her neck, gently sucking on it. She completely lost it. Her whole body shuddered and quivered with spasms, letting out a soft moan, lifting her hips up and pressing herself tighter against the wand, giving into the orgasm. “Fuck!” she screamed breathlessly, as the waves of ecstasy engulfed her. I didn’t stop until she was done orgasming. She fell into a heap on the bed, eyes closed, breathing slowly. Excitedly, I jumped off the bed and turned off the timer. Disappointedly, I read off her time, “Eight minutes and…” I walked over to her and kissed her on the lips, letting her wait in suspense. Parting lips, “fifty-seven seconds.” “Yes!” she yelled victoriously. I smiled and began walking out of the room. “I’m gonna take a shower, I’ll untie you when I get out,” I said with a smirk.

“Lia!” She whined.

I spun around and teasingly told her I’d untie her only if she joined me. She laughed and nodded. I untied both ribbons and she joined me in the shower before we went to bed.

To say the least, I had an amazing time. No matter the outcome, there were no losers. We both enjoyed the chocolate chip pancakes I made, though Sammie may have enjoyed them a little bit more!

Love all of you,
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    And great report once again! Perhaps more Monday night surprises to come? Thanks for sharing!
    Posted 11-05-2016 at 09:05 PM by thewilds thewilds is offline

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