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1000 Posts Rules

Posted 06-17-2020 at 12:26 PM by Bloxo
Updated 06-23-2020 at 03:49 PM by Bloxo


100 - Alligator365 gets to give me a dare
150 - I will randomly select 10 dares from my list below and complete them
200 - I will issue all requested dares at this point
250 - I will do 3 Duolingo lessons a day and whenever i get something wrong, I will do 5 squats
300 - I do a hidden dare while recording a video
350 - I will spin for 3 dares
400 - I will issue all requested dares at this point
450 - I will host a game on GD
500 - Messy Session
550 - I will write “I am so thankful for my new subscribers” in Polish 35 times while spanking myself 10 times between each line.
600 - I do a hidden dare while recording a video
650 - I add a risque profile picture on GD
700 - Nude pic on Eblue
750 - I will perform 6 dares from the spinner
800 - I start a new role play thread
850 - I will record a song and provide a drop box link
900 - Messy Session 2
950 - I will create a new story thread
1000 - I do a video about the GD community with personal shout outs



JUMP - each one of these means 50 star jumps
RUN - each post of this means a lap of my local track
REPS - each post of this means 30 reps with my weights
CRUNCH - each post of this means 40 sit ups
PRESS - each post of this means 30 press ups
SQUATS - each post of this means 40 squats
READ - each post of this means 30 minutes reading time
POLISH - each post of this means a lesson on Duolingo
WATER - adds a glass of water for me to drink a day (max 8)
SUGGEST - Suggest a topic for a video for me to produce
DOUBLE - You may double a specific dare posted by any girl (please quote said post)
VOTE FOR ME - Give me a thread you want me to vote in
SHOUT OUT - I will try to sneakily include your username in a video (unless it’s offensive)

Girls only:
BUST - each post of this means 10 ball slaps
SPANK - each post of this means 20 spanks to my ass
TWEAK - each post of this means 10 twists to each nipple
MESS - post this, a messy item and an action for said item, I will then add this for a messy session
EDGE - each post means one edge
PADDLE - specify cock or ass, will mean 3 strikes for cock, or 10 for ass
ICE - one ice cube in boxers
DARE - post this and a short dare, I will add this to a spinner perform 3 of these at a threshold (please stay within limits)
SHOWER - every 5 posts means a clothed shower, add an item of clothing with this
LINES - each post of this means me writing 10 lines, give me something to write, picture proof can be provided if requested
REQUEST - I Provide you a dare based on your likes/dislikes/limits (if you want any focus let me know) I will issue all days at thresholds
ADD - Make my exercise more fun by adding a condition
GAME - Challenge me to a game of your choice with a forfeit to the loser
STRIP - I remove an item of clothing whenever this is posted, I will say what I have remaining
WEDGIE - I will give my underwear a strong yank
COMMANDO = I will spend a day without Boxers for each post of this

New for all:

PLANK - I will do a 30 second plank
SIDE PLANK - I will do 15 seconds on each side

New for girls:

PEN - Give me a word and where to write it on my body
PIE - I will make a simple whipped cream...tell me what to do with it
TOOTHPASTE - I will cover my balls in toothpaste for 10 minutes
BET - Pick something for us to bet on and what happens to the loser
PIC - I will send a semi clothed picture to you
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    Adding some more Keywords...this will be so Submissive girls can feel freer to post in my thread:

    GIVE ME A RULE - I will give you a rule you must follow for 1 week
    GET ME MESSY - I will give you a small messy task
    MAKE ME BLUSH - I will give you a hidden public dare
    MAKE ME WET - I will give you a small teasing dare
    MAKE ME COLD - I will give you a dare to make you cold (ice/toothpaste/shower)
    WRITE ON ME - I will give you a word to write and where to write it
    COMPETE WITH ME - We will enter a Loser has to thread together, please specify which one
    GIVE ME PAIN - I will give you a simple spanking/implement dare
    I WANT TO BURN - I will give you a wax dare
    Posted 06-26-2020 at 10:44 AM by Bloxo Bloxo is online now

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