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Mall edging challenge with bladder control

Posted 11-08-2023 at 01:50 PM by ClaireScott

Hi my GD family! I hope the start of the week has been kind to you! I wanted to share a self dare I did yesterday. I was trying to think of dares I could do inside from the cold so a mall was a natural choice. This entry is a bit long, but I wanted to recount the experience as best I could.

Here is the challenge that I made for my poor self.

1) I would go to a mall wearing just a long coat and some shoes with heels (so I can’t really run),
2) I would drink a small...
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Pm dares

Posted 10-04-2023 at 06:29 AM by Subspace-ar
Updated 06-18-2024 at 08:08 PM by Subspace-ar (added BOOST and BEG dares. removed 3 dare maximum. let’s see if i regret this…)

I reserve the right to delay/refuse any dare for mental or physical health reasons. Limits in signature.

If you send me a dare that contradicts one already in progress, I will let you know.

Male Doms can apply any modifiers listed in BLUE, and can suggest new modifiers be added to this list, within limits

Orgasm Control

EDGE - Add up X edges to before my next orgasm (max. 10)
EDGE Modifiers:
- max. 20

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21/Male/Dom seeks 18-30 female sub(long term)

Posted 07-13-2023 at 07:25 PM by Qwerty4569
Updated 10-22-2023 at 07:14 AM by Qwerty4569

Looking for a sub.
(I am not going to go above two. )

Hello everybody, this is going to be a long ad, but the short version of it is if you are interested in becoming my sub send me a message on here or on kik(found below this paragragh,) with a tiny bit about yourself, and over the next month or so I will get to know you better as I give you rules, tasks, and challenges that you need to complete in order to earn the right to orgasm.

My kik is qwerty4569 and make
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JuNo Day 2 Task & Report

Posted 06-03-2023 at 04:34 PM by lola.fox
Updated 06-03-2023 at 04:42 PM by lola.fox

JuNo Task Day 2

Find a smut story or porn video you will enjoy that lasts at least 15 minutes. Turn on a 10 second interval timer in the background. Alternate between masturbating as effectively/quickly as you can for 10 seconds (This could be stroking very quickly, holding a wand on your clit, whatever feels best for you) and not touching for 10 seconds.

1 Point: Complete the task as written.

2 Points: Complete the task while plugged or gagged.
3 Points:
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My task report for subboyj

Posted 02-07-2021 at 03:02 AM by footlover.london
Updated 02-07-2021 at 06:23 AM by footlover.london (Update)

I must refer to myself as subby in this blog.

Subby lost a battleships game by 7 ships to subboyj and, in return, must complete 7 tasks. This blog keeps track of Subby’s progress.

Comment (and additions) welcome/encouraged


Tasks remaining
(1)+(2) Edge 3 times a day to a pic of Subby’s cock for 7 days (1/7 competed)
(3) Watch 10 mins of porn a day without touching cock for 7 days (0/7 competed).
(4-7) Tasks tbc....
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#21 - Becoming an Edging Toy - Punishment

Posted 12-02-2020 at 02:51 PM by Felix645

Becoming an Edging Toy

#21 - Becoming an Edging Toy - Punishment

Yesterday I got a new challenge from my master. I was required to do 30 edges in sets of 5. And for each set I had to use a different technique to edge. The catch was that at least on of those sets had to be done without using my hands. And if I managed to do two or more sets without my hands I would get a reward.

Unfortunately there are only two methods that are practical to me: Humping my matress or...
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#19 - Becoming an Edging Toy - The magic number 100

Posted 11-29-2020 at 03:05 PM by Felix645

Becoming an Edging Toy

#19 - Becoming an Edging Toy - The magic number 100

After doing yesterdays remaining 16 edges a new challenge was awaiting me and it involved pushing myself ... and I could even choose between them:

First option:
Doing 170 edges until bed time

Second option:
Doing 100 edges consecutively in a single session.

I chose the second option ... and because I wanted to make it a bit more interesting a had...
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