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Cumming by bus (self dare -part 2)

Posted 03-10-2024 at 05:13 PM by ClaireScott

Welcome to part 2 of my outdoor adventure from last week. Needless to say, part 1 contains details of the dare/task so I won’t repeat it here.

As a quick recap, when I got back to the bus station I started from, I had been on a bus ride around town that took just over an hour, edged 5 times, and orgasmed 4 times (I noted this on my phone to keep track).

Now I was back at the station and had the final part to complete, and depending on whether my clothes would still be where I left them. I made my way back to the grocery store washroom where I had left my clothes earlier. There was a certain excitement of losing my clothes which seemed irrational, even to myself. I brisk walked through the crowded terminal feeling the cold air blow kiss my damp thighs.

I entered the same washroom to find that the floor looked like it had recently been cleaned, and my bag of clothes was nowhere to be seen. I guessed that a cleaner had come through and removed it. Part of me cursed, and part of me felt happy that I could continue with the next task.

Locking the door behind me, I undid my coat and pulled my soaked vibrator out of my now super sensitive swollen pussy. Lifting one leg onto the toilet seat, I started to run my fingers over my warm wet pussy bringing myself closer and closer to the edge with each passing stroke of my fingers. I came close to the edge or my orgasm, and I was so tempted to just give into my 5th orgasm, but was able to pull my grool covered fingers away in time for the rushing wave in me to subside, whimpering with longing as it did. I washed my hands and vibrator clean.

The final part: spank my pussy once for every 10 minutes I was on the bus, then walk home with the vibrator in me and flash 4 people on the way back home.

The bus ride took about an hour and change, so I rounded it up to 70 minutes which meant 7 spanks directly on my pussy. I spread my legs and looked down at my exhausted vagina; swollen, sticky with my drying juices, and sensitive to the touch. I raised my hand to position it for a good firm slap on my bald slit. *Slap* and my body jerked at the pain and sensation of my hand connecting to my bare exposed womanhood.

*Slap* another time, this time I yelped I little and my body jerked again.

Another hard slap and I had to force my legs to stay open. My abused pussy was now turning a light red from a mere rosy pink.

*Slap* the fourth spank connected and I moaned quietly out of pleasure and pain, and I felt my eyes start to water. I was so horny and I was tempted to rub myself to sooth the pain.

I forced myself another spank which produced yet another a loud clap. My poor pussy glistened again with juices leaking out onto my red skin. 2 more spanks. I heard the door handle fidget, someone clearly trying to come into the single toilet washroom. “Just a minute!” I croaked in an anguished voice trying to be polite.

*Slap* another hard spank and I body twitched as my clit was hit directly this time. I tear rolled down my cheek. I took a deep breath and mustered my self for one more hard slap. *Slap* and my body jerked again and I let out an audible cry. The door handle rattled again. “Coming! Coming!” I cried out, clearing my throat and wiping my tears.

I gave my red pulsing pussy a quick rub to soothe it before reinserting the vibrator and putting on my coat again. I flushed the toilet to effect, and left to washroom to find 2 ladies waiting in line to use the toilet. I hurried past them and left the store. It was just a 15 minute walk from my apartment to the bus terminal but walking with a vibrator pressed against my ultra sensitive clit was agonizing. I would walk a few steps then slow down to easy the stimulation on my tingling pearl. I still had to flash 4 people on the way back to my apartment and I decided instead of flat out flashing my bare body like a creep, my coat would “casually come undone” as I passed people.

The first person I came across was a homeless person around the corner from the bus terminal panhandling. He was up against a wall so no one else could see my body if I flashed him. I walked up to him undoing the belt knot that kept my coat closed. I reached into my pocket, and pulled out a bill and dropped it into his box. He looked up and smiled, thanking me. “Sorry, that’s all I have,” I said as I casually opened my coat as if to show him I had nothing else underneath (ironically, I didn’t). His eyes widened as my bare body came into view. I covered up after he got a quick glimpse, wished him well and left leaving him sitting there speechless.

The second person I flashed was man walking his dog. I knew it was a perfect opportunity (if you read my last experience with a dog sniffing my womanhood at the beach). Again my belt was loosed in anticipation and as the dog got closer, I played the “OMG, he’s so cute” card. The friendly dog (a lab? Golden retriever?) got excited as I bent down to pat him and in his excitement jumped up and I allowed my coat to come undone. The man was shocked and I pretended not to realise what had happened and continued playing with the dog until he inevitably stuck his nose between my legs pressing his wet nose firmly against my crotch (I might have felt a quick lap of a tongue too, but I couldn’t be sure). The whole time, my bare body visible as my coat hung open.

I gasped and quickly wrapped myself up again and darted off. The main left shocked and trying to hold back his dog that tried to chase after me. The third flash was a quick simple one as I cut through a park and saw a jogger doing laps past a park bench. I sat on the bench (rather awkwardly with my vibrator still in me) and waited for him to run by. As he approached u casually undid my coat and left it open as if I were simply too hot. I saw me as he ran past, did a double take in disbelief and a third look trying to determine what the purple object between my legs was. I closed up after he passed and walked on. I about reached my apartment building but still had to flash one more person.

Luckily, there were a few individuals that were waiting to crossing the street to my side, and I in turn had to cross to theirs. I waited for the light and prepared to undo my belt again. This time I would just cross the street with my coat open and pass the 3 individuals (2 women and 1 man). The walk sign came on and I let my coat fall open. As I walked, the air pulled the opening apart revealing my body to the oncoming foot traffic. I smiled at the group as they looked on at me as if nothing was wrong. I had not noticed a car waiting to turn as well as I was maintaining eye contact with the 3 people crossing the street, so the driver of the car who watched me cross also had a view of my bare body.

I made it back to my apartment building, and back up stairs. I was aroused, but my pussy felt so used and sore that I left myself wanting but letting my battered pussy rest. I showered cleaning myself of my dried up juices, and also to warm myself up from the cold.

I hope you enjoyed the report and thanks for reading. I had a lot of fun doing this one so if you have ideas that are similar, please share them with me and I’ll see if it’s something I can manage.

Hugs and kisses,
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  1. Old Comment
    Enjoyed both reports. Very vivid and erotic. Thanks for sharing.
    Posted 03-11-2024 at 12:28 PM by fieldman fieldman is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Azyliux's Avatar
    Good thing your clothes were missing so that you could fully complete your exhibitionist adventure!

    Thank you for your outstanding reports.
    Posted 03-11-2024 at 12:51 PM by Azyliux Azyliux is offline
  3. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar

    Thank you!

    Thank you for taking the time to leave a note Glad you enjoyed it and I certainly had fun!

    Originally Posted by fieldman View Comment
    Enjoyed both reports. Very vivid and erotic. Thanks for sharing.
    Posted 03-11-2024 at 07:40 PM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline
  4. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar

    Thank you!

    Thanks for reading and commenting! Me too! Deep down inside I was secretly hoping my clothes would disappear so I could expose myself more #slutconfessions 🫣

    Originally Posted by Azyliux View Comment
    Good thing your clothes were missing so that you could fully complete your exhibitionist adventure!

    Thank you for your outstanding reports.
    Posted 03-11-2024 at 07:42 PM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline
  5. Old Comment
    dragoneau's Avatar
    Lovely report, thanks for sharing.

    The cleaning service definitly need a raise for taking your clothes and giving you such an opportunity
    Posted 03-19-2024 at 09:52 AM by dragoneau dragoneau is offline

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