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Cumming by bus (self dare) - Part 1

Posted 03-10-2024 at 03:08 PM by ClaireScott
Updated 03-10-2024 at 03:45 PM by ClaireScott

Hello my getdare family!
I wanted to share an account of something I did this past week which was super fun and I had’t felt such a rush in a long time. It’s been cold here in Canada so I’ve not been able to do a lot of dares but I thought of this one while I was desperately trying to think of something risqué to do. Here’s the task I devised for myself summarized so anyone can feel free to do it too!

For this date you will need:
1) remote controlled vibrator, ideally one that can be inserted so you don’t have to wear panties and be completely naked. If not vibrating panties would work (or maybe a harness?)
2) long coat
3) clothes you don’t mind loosing.

The dare/task
1) Dress in clothing you don’t mind loosing and cover up with a long coat
2) Decide a bus route that will go in a loop so you’ll end up back where you started.
3) when you are ready to start find somewhere you can strip your clothing off and wear only the coat and insert the vibrator.
4)Your clothes are to be left there in a paper or reusable shopping bag until you come back from the entire bus route.
4)Board the bus and once it starts to move, turn the vibrator on.
5) The vibrator is to be turned on and off alternating every 2 bus stops(regardless if the bus actually stops there) using the highest vibration setting. Eg vibrator is left on until it reaches 2 bus stops, then it is turned off for the next 2, then on again.
The difference in distance between stops and the traffic will change the time your vibrator is left on.
6) Enjoy the ride and see how many times you can cum in a bus full of people.
7) Once you get back to the original starting point, see if your clothes are still where you left them. If they are, you can remove the vibrator and get dressed, the task is over.
8) If the clothes are no longer there, edge yourself completely naked once, and spank your pussy once for every 10 minutes that the bus ride took. Then put on your coat and walk home. On the way home, flash the same number of people as the number of times you orgasmed on the bus.

So for this task, I used an insertion g-spot and clit vibrator so I could be completely naked and hands free the whole time. I got dressed in just an old T-shirt, a pair of retired ripped jeans, suede leather lace up boots that went to my knees and a long taupe overcoat. It was a Thursday when I did this task, as I wanted a decent amount of road traffic and also a larger “audience”. I made my way to the bus terminal with a thin reusable shopping bag and my trusty vibrator stuffed in my pocket. Next to the bus terminal, are some retailers with public washrooms which was the perfect spot to leave my clothes.
I entered a grocery store and headed for the washroom. There, I undressed putting my clothes in the bag and inserted the vibrator which I lubricated with some of my spit. I left the bag of clothes in the corner of the stall but was still clearly visible.

Wearing just the coat and my boots, i made sure the purple silicone toy was turned on and connected to my phone before I exited the washroom and headed to the bus stop. I was already feeling self conscious of my nakedness and my vibrator rubbing me between my legs as I walked did not help. I there was a small crowd of people waiting for the bus I would take which arrived after a few minutes. I boarded the bus which was already half full and found myself standing at in the middle of the bus. The bus started to move and I discreetly pulled my phone out to turn the vibrator on leaving it on the highest setting. I felt a continuous wave of pleasure radiate through my body as the little toy embedded in me hummed silently against my clit and g-spot.

I bit my lip as my legs weakened in the pleasure and I tried to keep my balance on the moving vehicle which turned, accelerated and stopped rather abruptly 2 stops went by and I turned the toy off. Another 2 stops and it hummed back to life in my now moist pussy. There was no indication to the others around me as to what was happening under my coat apart from the uncontrollable faces I was undoubted making as I tried to contain my pleasure. I won’t give an account of the whole experience but just the highlights that I can recall despite my wrecked mental state at that time, torn between embarrassment, lust, ecstasy, humiliation and self consciousness.

The first highlight was my first orgasm after about 20 minutes. I must highlight that the traffic was fairly heavy on the road so with the vibrator on, I had come close to orgasming once before I finally did. I was about to cum but we had reached the 8th stop just in time for me to turn my toy off. However I eventually orgasmed when the bus went through a congested street that had shut down one lane for repairs. I watched helplessly as the bus was stuck in traffic and I could no longer withhold the explosion that was building inside me. My clit was burning with pleasure and as discreetly as I could, I submitted and felt my love juice spray a little between my thighs. My body quivered and I was clearly breathing harder but I remained as composed as I could, tightly gripping the pole erected to support standing commuters. The vibrator was still going and the next stop was still 2 blocks away. The bus was moving again, and I was clenching my thighs together tightly trying in vain to contain the pleasure. The bus stop came into view but we had hit a red light right at the intersection just before it. My eyes rolled back as the second orgasm swept over me as the bus stayed stationary at the light. My body jerked a few times as I felt more of my juices spurt silently under my coat and drip down my thighs.

On the dirt covered bus flooring beneath me, a few drops of liquid were visible. Noticing them, I quickly stepped over them with my boots in case anyone noticed. I was leaning heavily in the pole now and people started to notice me breathing hard and blushing bright red. Finally the bus pulled into the stop and I turned the toy off. Another 2 stops and my toy was on again. The next 30 minutes of stop intervals saw me edge 2 times. I was so horny feeling by now and the dampness between my legs, my nakedness under my coat, and the sudden bumping of strangers into me as they shuffled on and off the bus only escalated my sensations. I was also getting looks and despite my best efforts, I knew my facial expressions and low whimpers gave me away. I felt like such a slut and I kind of enjoyed it.

The second highlight was cumming with a guy watching me as I did. At this point, I had orgasmed twice and had essentially edged a total of 3 times. I continued to turn my toy on and off as I rode the bus standing and realized that a guy that was sting behind me had noticed me turning my toy on and off on my phone. I guess it was pretty obvious looking at the app screen that was black and pink and a slider control. That coupled with my nonverbals. I have no idea how long he had been there or how long since he had figured out what was happening, but he was now watching me just 2 feet away. He flashed me a cheeky knowing smile, and watched as I flicked my toy on again. I whimpered softly and gripped the pole tighter as I endured the pleasure pulsing through my now well lubricated pearl. The bus stopped and some commuters shuffled on and off the bus. The blonde guy watching me took the opportunity to step closer to me and was now next to me. I smiled at him trying to act normal through my irregular breath and flushed state.

We reached the next stop and the guy watched me turn my toy off right in front of him and I recomposed myself. “How does this work?” He asked breaking the awkward silence between us. Smiling, I pretended not to know what he was talking about, but he clearly knew that I knew he knew…

“The app you’re using… I know what it is” he whispered. ”When do you turn it on and off?”

I could have denied everything, but he was a good looking guy and seemed harmless. I blushed and tried to hide my embarrassed smile. “2 stops on, 2 stops off” I said shyly, clueing him into my little game.

“A dare?” He asked as he looked around for someone that might be with me.

“No, just for fun.” I replied. The bus moved again and before long I was turning my toy on again, in front of a grinning spectator (let’s call him James). “On for 2 stops now” I said as the toy sprang to life.

James watched as I quietly moaned and whimpered, my body reacting to the pleasurable sensation coursing through me. His eyes studied my facial expressions and every move my body made trying to piece together what I was going through. He chuckled a little watching me and I turned the toy off again as we passed the 2nd stop. He continued watching me until I finally orgasmed again as the bus was on a long stretch of road with no stops. My body shuddered as my eyes rolled back again in an intense orgasm which I was barely able to hide from everyone except James. I was biting my lip hard trying to hard not to moan and half doing what looked like a small but desperate pee pee dance. James was ecstatic and loving every minute of it by the look on his face.

“Fuck… I came… it’s still on…” I whispered softly still in pleasure. My legs were growing weaker and a felt myself reaching another edge just as we pulled into the next stop. James just stood there smiling before reminding me we had 1 more stop to go. One more orgasm hit me as we passed over a bridge. This time I almost collapsed as my desperate and muffled squeals were masked by the noisy bus engine and my hand cupped over my mouth. I felt my juices running down my thigh onto the top of my boots. My body was quivering and people were noticing my erratic behaviour more now.?

“The was fucking hot… that’s gonna leave a damp patch” James said as we pulled into the next stop and I turned my toy off.

Breathless, I shook my head at him with a cheeky embarrassed grin as I mouthed the words “no pants” to him. His eyes widened as he realized what I had said.

I nodded and discreetly pulling my coat open a little, flashed him my bare left breast. James literally had his mouth drop open and I laughed shyly. The rest of the 10 minute journey back to my initial stop was uneventful apart from James asking for my number and wanting to meet up later on. I declined and before long I was hopping off the bus back at the terminal where I started. I didn’t want James to tail me, so I quickly said bye to him and jumped out at the last minute before the doors closed. He was clearly disappointed I ditched him so abruptly.

This post alone is long enough, so I’ll account for the rest of this adventure in part 2. Stay tuned!

Hugs and kisses,
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  1. Old Comment
    Azyliux's Avatar
    This was an inspiring report and I am already considering how to re-use parts of your task for my sub.

    Very lucky and clever of James to catch you. Poor, poor James watching you vanish! I'm sure you will have inspired some orgasms for him too.
    Posted 03-11-2024 at 12:52 PM by Azyliux Azyliux is offline
  2. Old Comment
    ClaireScott's Avatar

    I hope so!

    I’m glad to hear I inspired you! I hope your sun will enjoy it as much as I did. Yeah, I hope James put out a big load for me!

    Originally Posted by Azyliux View Comment
    This was an inspiring report and I am already considering how to re-use parts of your task for my sub.

    Very lucky and clever of James to catch you. Poor, poor James watching you vanish! I'm sure you will have inspired some orgasms for him too.
    Posted 03-11-2024 at 07:44 PM by ClaireScott ClaireScott is offline

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