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I've been doing a lot more naked stuff, outside at night. It's fun.
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Beginner's Guide to Purchasing Sex Toys

Posted 05-21-2018 at 05:03 AM by tyragon123

Buying sex toys/lube/clothing online or instore can be a daunting experience. I know it was for me the first couple of times. I'm going to give a few tips on how to choose and purchase reliable items as confidentially as possible.

Online Purchases
Buying things online is not especially difficult, especially if you live alone/with people that won't scrutinise your mail. It requires very little human interaction and you have hundre... thousands of sites to choose from (maybe even millions, I haven't counted). You can purchase all sorts of things online, including:
  • Sex Toys
  • Lingerie
  • Crossdressing Clothing
  • Bondage Equipment
  • Condoms/Lubricants (though buying these in a supermarket could be more useful.)
Make sure you search thoroughly for what you want to buy, before you decide to purchase. Find a company that has a good name, prices, and shipping to your country. You'll have to do your own research on companies. I, for instance, wouldn't trust Adam & Eve, but your mileage may vary. Look around at everyone to find a company that seems right for you.

I normally use Lovehoney, simply because I like them and they have good discounts. 20% for being a student, other good sales and free delivery over $50 (although that number does sometimes change).

Specialist Stores

While these sorts of sites are good for the generic things (dildos, vibrators, masturbators etc) you might want to take a look at smaller sellers on Etsy or the like. Funkit Toys sells the NoFrillDo, a cheap no frills dildo, and various other designs. If you want non-human dildos try out Bad Dragon, Frisky Beast or any of the hundreds of Etsy shops. You can probably find anything your heart desires on Etsy. Expect to pay a little more for things from smaller stores. They produce things in much smaller quantities (often made to order), so it may take a little longer and be a bit pricier.

A Word on Cheaper Products
From my experience, I would say to refrain from buying something really cheap. If you can save up for something a bit more expensive, or wait for a sale, it is a much better option. Find a good deal on a Fleshlight/Tenga etc. product, rather than just going for the cheapest pocket pussy on the market. You can often find a good deal on something, somewhere. Definitely go for body safe materials, like silicone and glass etc.

On a couple of occasions, early on, I went for the cheaper option and it is almost never as good as spending a little more money. That's just my take though. Don't feel as though I'm trying to trick you into spending as much money as possible. Spend as your budget allows.

Women's Clothing
If you'd like to buy cheaper clothing for crossdressing (maybe because you don't want to go all in), there are sites like LightInTheBox, Aliexpress & Amazon. They have a bunch of different types of clothing, with a lot that is not overly expensive. You could find some nice stuff there. Just be aware that there is no guarantee on this stuff lasting too long. I've never bought any clothing online, but you can find all sorts of lingerie, skirts, dresses, stockings etc.

You could also look on the online site of your closest department stores. For me it would be K-Mart or Target. For an American, maybe Walmart or something. I'm sure you can find something nice for your price range.

Like I said before, if you live by yourself, or with people that won't ask about packages, you're fine. If you, like myself, still live with your parents, I'm sure they will ask what you have bought when something comes to the door. In this case it is very useful to use something like a Parcel Locker/Post Office Delivery.

Australia Post offers a free service for any packages delivered by them. Just provide your Parcel Locker address and it will be put into a sort of one use P.O. Box, that you can use a code to open and collect your package. I can't speak for other countries but I am sure there is some sort of service that will be offered. Perhaps getting it delivered to your local post office and then going to pick it up.

Australia has only just had Amazon open properly, so I'm not sure about the pick-up services they offer in other countries, but I'm sure there is something that you could use to your advantage.
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    Siren's Avatar
    This is really great advice for anyone looking to do some toy shopping, not just beginners. I think it's a really handy resource seeing as there are so many options out there that it can be more than a little overwhelming.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe checking out independent sex toy bloggers' reviews, but it can be hard to tell if the reviews are honest or have been bought by the toy company. A couple of bloggers I really like are Dangerous Lilly (she has a lot of info on body safe toy materials, trustworthy sex toy retailers and lubes) and Epiphora, and although they're both women and so don't review fleshlights etc, they have links to lots of other bloggers, both male and female, on their sites.

    That being said, this is still a very useful blog post and I'm sure it will be helpful for a lot of people
    Posted 05-21-2018 at 09:52 AM by Siren Siren is offline
    Updated 05-21-2018 at 09:54 AM by Siren

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