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Mall edging challenge with bladder control

Posted 11-08-2023 at 01:50 PM by ClaireScott

Hi my GD family! I hope the start of the week has been kind to you! I wanted to share a self dare I did yesterday. I was trying to think of dares I could do inside from the cold so a mall was a natural choice. This entry is a bit long, but I wanted to recount the experience as best I could.

Here is the challenge that I made for my poor self.

1) I would go to a mall wearing just a long coat and some shoes with heels (so I can’t really run),
2) I would drink a small regular bottle of water when I start the challenge and keep the bottle to refill at a drinking stations later on.
3) Before I enter the mall, I will drink another bottle of water.
3) I then have to go to 3 different clothing stores and edge once in the fitting room, fully naked with the door unlocked.
4) After each edge, I would drink another bottle of water.
5) Once I finish all the edges, I have to go to the mall concierge and ask where the nearest MENS washroom is and that is the only washroom I can pee in.
6) before leaving the men’s washroom, I would need to pleasure myself to an orgasm.
7) if I am unable to hold my pee in and end up making a mess in any of the fitting rooms, I have to notify the staff of my “accident” publicly and start the challenge all over again.

I started this challenge at the downtown public library as I decided I would use the lockers there to store my clothes. I wasn’t ready to go a full day in town with nothing under my coat. Under my puffed long winter coat, I wore a loose light grey sweater, a thick long skirt in a dull orange colour and some brown suede heeled high boots that stopped just below the knee (for the wet and cold here). If you have read my previous blogs, you may know that I don’t wear any underwear (unless it’s that time of month) and that I in fact don’t own more than 3 pairs panties. It’s been so liberating!

Anyway, I got to the library about 2pm and secured myself a locker, then went on to the ladies room and removed my clothes. Wearing only my boots, socks, and the winter coat, I placed my clothes in the locker neatly folded. I contemplated leaving it unlocked with the possibility of my clothes being removed or stolen, but I wasn’t quite ready for that. I locked my clothes and walked out. To start the challenge, I bought a bottle of water from a small convenience store outside the library, drank it, and tucked the empty bottle in my coat pocket before I stepped out of the store. The label read 591ml.

The mall I was going to was 3 blocks away in the heart of downtown. The sun was shining but it was cold at about 10 degrees out and there was some strong winds blowing. I was very conscious of my coat flapping in the wind and the cold wind blowing up my legs. No one seemed to notice my bare thighs when the wind occasionally blew in the right direction. I arrived at the mall feeling cold and the warm air inside was a relief. It was busy as usual being the heart of the city, with office people running back and forth, tourists shopping, and locals running errands.

My first stop was a drinking fountain where I filled my bottle and drank it before entering my first store: H&M. The store had a good amount of people shopping, and I surveyed the fitting rooms; no line ups. I pretended to shop a little while my body warmed up in the ladies section before grabbing a few articles of clothing, then made my way to the fitting rooms. I entered the stall leaving the door closed but unlocked and took my coat off. My bare body exposed, I lifted one leg onto the bench seat while standing to spread my pulsing pussy and started to touch myself. I was getting wet and my breath was getting short from the excitement. I swirled my clit with my middle finger gently coating it with my juices which were now flowing steadily. I watched myself in the mirror, the lights illuminating my pale skin and making my dampness glisten on my fingers. The girl in the mirror intrigued me. She looked eager, lustful, desperate to please even. I studied her closely as her actions mirrored my own.

I realized I still had my boots on and that I had to be completely naked. I stopped, bent over to unzip my boots, sliding them off my slender legs and peeled my socks off. I felt some pressure on my bladder as I bent over. As I removed one sock the door behind me opened and I heard a female gasp before the door quickly shut itself again. I was startled, and pretended to fumble with the lock but left it undone. I waited a few seconds, then removed the remaining sock and now stood naked as the day I was born. I resumed my previous position stimulating my clit, rubbing it gently at first then gradually sped up. I heard people entering some of the other stalls, the banging of the other stall doors opened my door a little but I left it and kept going. I felt the pressure build up, my climax approaching, as I rubbed my swollen soaked clitoris furiously. Just before I was about to climax, I quickly removed my hands to stop any further stimulation. Breathing quickly from the pleasure, I slowly felt the wave inside me slowly subside. I got a hold of myself, and realized I didn’t have anything to clean myself with so I wiped my juices off my pussy with my finger and cleaned it in my mouth.

It was a practical move, but the taste of myself aroused me more. I put on my boots and coat and left the store to refill my bottle. I found another drinking station and filled my bottle and gulped it down. I was starting to feel the need to pee. Not desperate, but if I were to be in a car for an hour, I would have definitely made a trip to the ladies. The next stop was on the other side of the mall, a store called RW&Co. I again perused the store for a few minutes and picked a few pieces of clothing to try.

I went into the fitting room stall at the very end which happened to have a door that stayed ajar on its own, about an inch or so. I pushed it shut and it slowly squeaked open leaving a 1 inch gap. I proceeded to undress as before and once naked started to touch myself. I started to feel the need to pee, and the stimulation to my womanhood was not helping. I ran the length of my middle finger over my clit repeatedly, dipping my fingertip slightly inside spreading my own lubricant. My hips seemed to move on their own, lustfully grinding against my finger. The cool air wrapped around every inch on my bare body, and my nipples stood firmly erected on my B cup breasts. My lips grew dry from my heavy breathing. Just as the pleasure was building up and my thoughts wondered to being fucked by a nice cock, I heard a staff member walk up and knocked on my door. My heart dropped for a moment as her knock pushed the door open about another inch. “Are you ok in there?” Asked a female voice.

I stammered a little from the shock and shortness of breath, but quickly grabbed a dress I had taken and asked for 1 size larger. The lady caught a glimpse of my nakedness as I poked my head out to hand her the dress and she side eyed me. After awhile she returned and I grabbed the dress from her thanking her. I closed the door and leaned against it to keep it shut (I felt the lady was suspicious of me so to be safe and not get into any trouble). With my bare back pressed against the cold door, I spread my legs apart slightly while still standing and continued to edge myself. I could hear the lady chatting with a colleague about 3 stalls away so I was conscious of any noise I made.

I brought myself to the brink of my climax again, stopping just a few small rubs away from an orgasm. My juices were oozing down my inner thigh now, my finger coated in a thick clear layer of my female nectar. I wanted so bad to cum, as I watched myself in the mirror gasping for breath against the door, my breasts heaving up and down on my chest. The words “horny” and “slut” came to my mind as I watched myself in the mirror. As before, I wet my dry mouth with my juices, cleaning my nimble fingers. I could smell my scent quite strongly on my fingers now. I got dressed and left the store, thanking the lady once again while she gave me a look that communicated “what were you doing in there?”.

I made my way back to the drinking fountain and agonizingly listened to the water run into my bottle. I was feeling so horny, and at that point really needed to pee. The dampness between my legs and the cool air kissing made it worse. I was covered by my coat but felt so naked and exposed underneath, and being in a place so public made it so much more exhilarating. I washed down the taste of my own pussy with the final bottle of water. I drank it feeling my small belly and bladder grow. The last drop dripped into my mouth and I tossed the bottle.

One more edge to go. My last stop was Hugo Boss at the end of the mall which carried some women’s clothing. In my heeled boots, I brisk walked to the store where I hurriedly selected an office dress and darted to the fitting room. I closed the door behind me leaving it unlocked. My bladder was pretty full now, and I was not far from doing the pee pee dance. I quickly stripped and kicked my boots off and started edging. The urge to explosively pee combined with my clit being rubbed was agonizing. I was clenching my muscles hard trying the hold the pee in, while still being relaxed enough to be stimulated. I was moaning softly but audibly both in pleasure as I fingered myself and in agony as I struggle to hold in my liquid refuse.

I felt my legs go weak, and I soon found myself on my knees, one hand pressed against the door, the other covered in my juices. I was getting close, and my juices were flowing freely now. At one point, I honestly thought I was going to orgasm and explode with pee gushing out of me. I couldn’t take more, a few more rubs and I would have gone over the edge. I gasped and stopped pleasuring myself, half moaning half whimpering on the floor, my bladder on the verge of exploding. The wave of pleasure subsided and now there was desperation to pee. I quickly dressed again and darted out of the store, walking hurriedly to the concierge in the middle of the mall.

I passed a washroom on my way but reminded myself that I had to go to whichever one the concierge directed me to. I finally got to the concierge, and there was a male staff member manning the desk. I squeaked a “hello” and asked where the closest men’s washroom was. The man looked at me confused. “The Men’s washroom?” He asked. I nodded desperately “Y-yes, the nearest men’s washroom”. He looked at me confused as if about to inquire more. I quietly gasped as I felt one or two drops of warm urine escape my urethra. “Please… please it’s urgent…” I begged, my legs now crossed as I stood there feeling the drop of pee run down my leg.

Seeing my state, he finally said “The food court is straight down here, turn right and the men’s is on the left.” Without another word, I darted off as quick as I could in my heeled boots. I could hear the concierge yell after me “But the ladies is to the RIGHT!”, announcing my situation to the crowd. My bladder bounced with each step and I swear I felt another drop escape my clenched muscles as I walked as fast as I could. I made it to the food court and found the men’s. I thanked God there was no line and rushed in. With my boots I noisily walked across 2 men at the urinals who noticed me walking in. I paid them no attention and entered the first available stall. As I did, I heard one of the men say “Miss…? This is the men’s washroom.” I didn’t respond, I couldn’t.

I couldn’t hold it anymore and I wasn’t going to be able to put the seat down and wipe it clean if it was dirty. I slammed the door shut with enough just enough time to rip my coat open. Still standing facing the toilet, I released a gushing stream of hot clear pee that sprayed all over the toilet. I exhaled moaning and sighing softly in relief as I felt my bladder slowly shrink. I stream of warm piss went on for much longer than I expected and as I covered the toilet with my spray, a steady stream ran down my legs and onto my boots. As I relieved myself, I heard the men at the urinals chuckling. They undoubtedly heard my moans of relief and gush of liquids and new what happened. I blushed in embarrassment. Once the pee stopped, I wiped myself clean as best I could.

The men at the urinalysis finished up and left, and I heard more men come in from the food court. I tried to wait the crowd out but there was always a steady stream of one or two men at any given time. I still had to finish myself off before I could leave. Peeking through the gap between the door and the hinge, I could see men at the urinals and at the sink washing their hands. Which meant they could possibly see me too. I noticed a few of them looking down at my boots which were visible from under the door. There was a brief moment where there was no one, and I decided I had to change stalls to avoid being seen so clearly, but also because of all the urine I gushed all over. I waited for a pause in men streaming in and quickly changed stalls, moving into the one at the very end.

I undressed and took my boots off again. The floor was covered in yellow pee stains, so I took off my socks and stood on them carefully, using them like little mats. More men come in, then a few others. I was so horny and felt so dirty being naked in a men’s washroom surrounded by men. I pressed one hand against the door using my body weight to keep it shut, while I started to pleasure myself again. I was so nervous with all the voices, the opening and closing of stalls, the hand dryer going off… it was quite nerve wrecking and I felt very exposed and vulnerable in that stall. I rubbed myself furiously trying to orgasm as quick as I could. I bit my lip trying hard to muffle my moans, and the surrounding noises helped.

I couldn’t help thinking of the men finding me and my imagination spiralled wildly into a gangbang in the washroom. I imagined all my holes being filled by gorgeous mouth watering cocks, and being filled and covered in all their cum. My breathing quickened, my pussy lips dripped with nectar, and finally as I furiously finger fucked myself, my body clenched and arched as I spurted out my love juice from my bald pussy onto the urine covered tile floor. Under my short breath, I could hear the soft splatter of my thick pussy juice on the floor as it spurted out of me.

The orgasm was intense and I would have collapsed to the ground limp had the floor not be that of a public toilet. I gathered myself, cleaning myself with the toilet paper this time, before putting on my boots (I left my socks there) and coat, and walked out to a washroom full of men, all looking at me. I felt as though they had seen me naked and in the act, and although I know that might not have been the case, I still felt embarrassed, naked, and exposed. I left the washroom with my face bright red, avoiding eye contact, and returned to the food court. There was such a rush of emotions, as I find is usual after such adventures.

Returning to the library a few blocks away from the mall, I retrieved my clothes, dressed and ended the day with nice hot shower and the comfort of being naked in my apartment.

Thank you for reading, and please let me know if you have some dares you would like to share me. Also don’t shy from sharing your thoughts on my performance.

Feeling achieved and slutty:
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    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    Well done. Great dare you made for yourself.
    Always like your reports
    Posted 11-09-2023 at 09:43 AM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline
    Updated 11-09-2023 at 09:46 AM by lotusdriver81
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    zephyrnem's Avatar
    What an excellent report and excellently carried out. I wish I was in that men’s room either being you naked and afraid, Embarassed, horny…or being a guy hearing…suspecting, seeing you!
    Posted 11-10-2023 at 04:58 AM by zephyrnem zephyrnem is offline
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    I’m a Dom mistress strict and loving fun to explore any sort of kinks newbie sissy/slave can also DM for daily routine
    Kik goddesskenbella
    Telegram @momkenbella
    Posted 11-17-2023 at 06:11 AM by Mistressken Mistressken is offline

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