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Naked hotel stay, Day 1, Part 1

Posted 02-24-2023 at 12:23 PM by ClaireScott

Lately Iíve been trying to think of ways to expose myself more during the cold winter months. Public tasks have been difficult with the cold so I decided a good place would be a hotel where I could potentially interact with strangers. Iíve also been trying to find ways to be more of a slut, and recently Iíve been more liberal with blowjobs to anyone who has made any advances. If we went in a casual date, youíd pretty much get sucked off by the end of the date. Iíve enjoyed the attention and it does get me horny and excited, so Iím exploring this side of me more.

Over the recent long weekend, I decided to stay at a hotel for 2 days and try to stay as naked as possible during the entire stay. Itís been something on my to-do list for awhile now so I figured Iíd give it a go. I am trying to detail every event that occurred so I will likely break up my report for the 2 days into a few different parts.

For this stay, some rules I established for myself were:
1) fully naked whenever Iím in the hotel room
2) curtains of hotel room cannot be closed at any time
3) if I am performing any sex acts, the hotel room door must be wide open
4) outside of the hotel room, no underwear is allowed
5) I must give at least 2 blowjobs on the hotel grounds before the end of my stay

Day 1:
I left my apartment feeling really horny and excited, I had packed all my sex toys in my small roller bag and only one other outfit as I would not be needing clothes, and my basic necessities. I wore a very loose sweater (the kind that slips off your shoulders) and jeans with no underwear. I threw on my coat and made my way over to the hotel. I arrived at the hotel, an establishment on the waterfront across from the main city area, so it was quieter. As I checked in, the female receptionist asked if I needed help with my bags being set up. I smiled and said ďsureĒ knowing it would be my first opportunity to show my body off to a stranger.

I got my room access card, and headed to the elevator. Just behind me a bellboy followed with my one roller bag in hand. I knew it looked a little ridiculous, like why couldnít I just wheel my own bag up. I smiled awkwardly and the elevator ride up to the 5th floor was just as awkward despite attempts at small talk. The bellboy (or man rather) was probably about 30, with dark hair and of a mixed ethnicity I couldnít quite pin with his darker toned skin. I glanced at his name tag which read ďSteveĒ and smiled as he caught me looking. The elevator ding-ed and the doors opened to a luxurious hallway. We made our way to the room. Steve helped with my access card and unlocked the door and set my bag inside. I bit my lip nervously as I followed him in, taking off my coat. As Steve set my bags in the corner, I walked past him straight to the window throwing my coat on the bed then swiftly proceeded to pull my top off and tossing it aside. I made some exclamation about the view of the water from my room looking back casually at Steve that was now looking wide eyed at me topless. I remember feeling the cold from the windows and my nipples being hard thinking Steve would surely notice them sticking out.

I pretended to ignore his puzzled and shocked wide-eyed stare and turned back to the window kicking off my shoes and proceeding to pull my jeans down, bending over unnecessarily so Steve had a good view of my ass and freshly waxed vagina. I felt horny, slutty, and excited all at the same time. Now fully naked, I sighed as though I was relieved to be free of my clothes and turned my gaze back to Steve. I smiled at him and thanked him and commented on how beautiful the room was. Steve got a hold of himself, cleared his throat and asked if I needed anything else. I said no but just before letting him go, I pretended to remember about tipping him. I checked my purse and told him I didnít have any cash. Expectedly, he said no tip was necessary in an awkward and nervous manner as he looked at my body.

I pretended to be unaware of my nakedness, to act like it was the most natural thing to be naked around strangers, but in reality I was nervous and my heart was beating so fast. Steve was still looking at me in disbelief. ďOh, Iím sorry, I just like to be naked whenever Iím at home, hope thatís okĒ I said casually as he looked on, his eyes now travelling more liberally over my body. He swallowed and chuckled and said something along the lines of me having the a body to be proud of when naked. I smiled at his comment seeing an opening. I asked if there was another way I could tip him instead. His eyes widened. I loved the moment he realized what I said and his expression was priceless. I couldnít help but laugh out loud as I blushed. He clearly was not opposed to it. Right there, in the entranceway of my hotel room, with the door still open, I dropped to my knees and looked up at him for ďpermissionĒ to proceed. He did not protest.

Kneeling naked in front of Steve, I gently and slowly began to undo his pants zipper. I reached my slender fingers inside and pulled out a semi hard dick that flopped out and slowly started to stiffen. I smiled at Steve, making eye contact as I wrapped my fingers around his dark skinned cock and began stroking it. His hand moved to run his fingers through my hair and I knew he wanted me. I opened my mouth and took him in, tasting his meat, sucking it desperately as if Iíd be kicked out if I didnít. I moaned quietly as a slid my lips up and down the length of his shaft, his girth fitting perfectly in my mouth. With me running my tongue and mouth all over his dick, It wasnít long before Steve gasped slightly over a whisper ďIím gonna cumĒ and his cock hardened even more in my mouth. I plunged his manhood deeper into my mouth and and felt the strong spurts of hot cum fill my mouth and ooze down my throat. His cock which was throat deep in my muffled my moans as my fingers squeezed every last drop of cum from his shaft. I loved the taste of his cum and again I knew how much of a slut I was.

Once he had finished, and I felt his dick start to soften in my mouth, I pulled away slowly letting it flop out of my mouth. I opened my mouth to show Steve his load of cum in my mouth and swished it around with my tongue a little before I swallowed it. Steve quickly tucked his manhood back in to his pants as I stood up smiling at him. I thanked him again and he left speechless. Once he left, I jumped into the bed and pleasured myself to an orgasm with my dildo while savouring the aftertaste of the cum from before in my mouth.

I will detail the other events of my stay in other parts to come, but it was a good start to my stay. Check back for more and thanks for reading and being a part of my sexual journey.
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    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    Well done, sounds as if you are in for a wild weekend.
    Posted 02-24-2023 at 02:51 PM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    As a fellow Steve, I am very very envious
    Posted 02-25-2023 at 09:06 PM by Speedwolf Speedwolf is offline

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