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Keep me Plugged! - Report/Overview

Posted 02-29-2024 at 05:46 AM by Kaiyo
Updated 03-02-2024 at 05:33 AM by Kaiyo
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A little overview of my "Keep me Plugged - Add Thread" Thread ^^

Originally Posted by Kaiyo View Post
I promised you a little add thread, especially with disappearing randomly so have fun with this small interim one. I got a bigger one planned but not ready for it yet ^^

Here’s how this small thread works:

- Thread ends at the end of the 8th of March (12 AM CET on March 9th)
- Each post adds 2 minutes of plug time (keep on reading, you can increase that number)
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Rules [update]

Posted 02-27-2024 at 11:15 AM by pluky

There has been a few new rules for a while now that I never mentioned in my initial Rules blog post for the ongoing rules of my DS dynamic. Some of those rules were tricky and I wanted to have space to explore them in privacy first so I felt like keeping them to myself for months, but my organized side always wanted to update my list eventually. I however wanna keep the old blog post untouched with all the main rules, and prefer creating a duplicate for the updates.

Rules that are scratched
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Giving up control (another update)

Posted 02-25-2024 at 07:54 PM by KinkyBBW

Day 16: Due to work craziness for both of us, I haven't had any playtime since my last update, untill today. I was instructed to "wear something in your ass tonight. No lingerie, fully naked, and use any means to give yourself three orgasms between now and bedtime" I was also told to wear "something pinch-y" on my nipples and to imagine his cock taking my holes the entire time.

After dinner and a shower, I inserted a small, metal anal hook into my ass, put on my jingle...
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The gender/sexuality blog

Posted 02-25-2024 at 02:57 PM by Hukky
Updated 02-25-2024 at 03:26 PM by Hukky

I've been on somewhat of a hiatus. For may many reasons. I can only come to you and try to explain, and I hope some of the people of GD may choose to know me better and to read this, and maybe eventually try and help me rebuild my ability to play.

So, people that have experienced me may be frustrated with me. But due to our explorations, I have learned much of myself. And though, I haven't been able to internalize every cost of these relationships, and my belief that I could handle them,...
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Reports are pointless most of the time

Posted 02-19-2024 at 10:41 PM by Toybox

I feel like quite often I get tasks from people on here like, "Smack your ass 20 times then report back to me" I will do the task and then tell them, "Finished the task." I dont really know what you are expecting from a report. "My ass hurts." I just smacked it 20 times." Thats it. If the entirety of a report can be summarized in a single sentence there really is no need to send one, but some people on here I've talked to get disappointed (and in some cases mad) when...
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Likes / Limits

Posted 02-18-2024 at 03:27 AM by Princesspanties
Updated 02-28-2024 at 01:59 PM by Princesspanties

likes: embarrassing/childish underwear, diapers, wedgies, spanking, humiliation, wetting myself (panties/bed), having my outfits picked for me, ballet themed dares, leotards, forced “feminisation/crossdressing”, being spoken down too (especially as if I’m a child), being bullied, being spoken too like I’m actually a sissy boy being embarrassingly girly. Childish punishments. Using baby items or pet items (ie, bottles, pacifiers, bowls, pet pads)

limits: anything illegal. Feetstuff. Family...
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Giving up control (update)

Posted 02-16-2024 at 07:43 PM by KinkyBBW
Updated 02-20-2024 at 11:53 AM by KinkyBBW (Updating)

Day 7: Today I told him that my only plan for the day was going to the gym. I was instructed to use a toy of my choice when I went to the gym but if I chose one that could make me cum, I would of course have to ask before doing so. I chose my Lovense Vulse because the toys that can make me cum are a bit to loud and bulky, they would be noticeable. For those that don't know, the Vulse is like the Lush but thrusts instead of vibrates. I of course also wore nipple jewelry as I was leaving my house for something...
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