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Pleasure or Punishment?

Posted 06-23-2023 at 02:49 PM by KinkyBBW

Thank you GD! You did not disappoint! I posted a control link for my Hush in a thread and asked people to play with my ass while I worked out at the gym to help me figure out if it would be pleasurable or a good punishment. Well the verdict is in ...


So I started with a half an hour on a rowing machine for my cardio. When the the first 10 minute control session started I thought "This is nice". That thought didn't last long. As the vibrations ramped up and the Hush kept being shove in from the back and forth motion of the rowing, it became more and more uncomfortable. By the time the second session started I was having a hard time focusing on my form from the discomfort in my ass. The third session was even more intense as my ass had barely stopped vibrating the whole time!

After the cardio, I moved on to strength training. I use the weight machines instead of free weights. I did 3 sets of 10 reps on a number of different machines all of which require me to be sitting or kneeling. The one that required me to be kneeling wasn't to bad, but since I was already sensitive from the rowing, it was difficult to focus.

The one where I do crunches sitting upright and pulling forward was intense. The Hush wanted to push out but I wore a slightly too small thong to ensure that it was held in place but I also squeezed the muscles to make sure it stayed in making it even more unconfortable.

The hip machines were ok except the angle of the seat made sure that the Hush was pushed in fully and whoever was controlling at that point kept the vibrations up pretty high to the point I think the dude next to me heard it rattling the seat a bit 😳

The arm machines were all similar experiences to the hip machines except the tricep extension machine my ass was basically hanging off the seat vibrating away with just the thong and my own squezing holding it in!

GD users never let the Hush stop vibrating for long and the link was grabbed up almost immediately after reactivating!

As promised, I left the link active until the battery died so my ass was still being tormented on the drive home and while I began typing this out.

I am trying to get healthier and I ate fast food twice this week so I probably deserved this punishment; which is why, although the battery has now died, I have not taken out the plug yet. My ass is still sensitive and a bit sore but I didn't give up. However, to make sure I am punished enough to learn my lesson, I will leave the plug in for at least another hour.

I hope those that controlled my ass today read this and are happy with the job they did and with my report 😘
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    Azyliux's Avatar
    I missed out on playing myself, but I appreciate the great report here.

    An excellent and entirely suitable punishment for your fast food. This should certainly should be used again in the future if the same thing happens.
    Posted 06-23-2023 at 06:10 PM by Azyliux Azyliux is offline

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