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So my roomie started spanking me out of no where.

Posted 07-20-2020 at 09:13 PM by Twisted Kitten

So like, my roommate used to never ball tap people, but he's started doing it to me. He also started smacking my ass randomly too. 😦

Like, I haven't said anything about it, when he ball taps me I just like, laugh about it because I think it's a joke. Like locker room humor.

And when he slaps my ass I always respond with "thank you" and he walks away laughing. I honestly think he's just being playful and joking around with me, cus like, I know he's not gay or anything. And we've known each other soon once 4th grade. We're like brothers.

And like, part of me doesn't want to say anything because like, I kinda enjoy that he does these things? And I don't really want him to stop? It's kinda like I fear that saying anything about it or bringing it up might make things wierd.

And he does these things in front of my wife, who he's known his entire life, I met her in 3rd grade, and she doesn't do anything about it, just laughs like it's all a joke.

Oof. As I'm texting this, he's sitting with me watching TV. We were chatting and our convo kinda stopped suddenly when I started hyper focusing on this blog post (I do that alot) and so he asked why I got quiet and I was all like "just making a blog post on GetDare"

And hits me with "oh, cool. What about?"

Shit, uuuuhhhh, "I don't wanna say, it's a little embarrassing."

"Oh my God quit being a bitch, what is it?"

"... Fine. It's about you smacking my ass alot lately and my strange ramblings of my confused feelings on it."

This sparked an lengthy convo about weather or not it bothered me and if I was wierded out by it. How he does it as a joke, like he's just "fucking with me" I really hope he doesn't stop doing it. I like getting spanked randomly. My wife won't do it because she's too sunny, so I love him doing it without it being sexual. It's refreshing. That's why I say "thank you" when he does it.

Well, that's enough rambling for now. Talk Tonya later my fellow freaks and geeks!
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