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Rant about an old ""slave"" I had

Posted Today at 04:21 AM by lilith_ (Ramblings of a Nymphet)
Updated Today at 04:24 AM by lilith_

Sure, there are a lot of talks about fake Masters, but there is a whole other different thing called fake slaves. Those can be equally annoying and make you wanna give up kink for good. So far I've only met this kind of """"slaves""" online. Let me tell you a little story about my encounter with one of these.

This happened a while ago, and to this day I find myself thinking about this particular person and I get pissed off. Not exactly at him but at how
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Aimee Made Me Blushy!

Posted Yesterday at 03:50 PM by IceMaiden (IceMaiden's Blog of Awesome)

So for a long ass time I have had 5 orgasms on cam with Heart on my backlog of tasks from an old thread. I asked AM if I could have an orgasm and he said if Aimee watched and it turned out tonight was a rare oppurtunity where we were both around and able to cam at the same time.

So after grabbing my wand and getting all shy and nervous and awkward and Skype calls playing up a little we were finally able to connect on the group call with AM.

I complained I couldn't see either...
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How do you wake up out of a dream?

Posted Yesterday at 07:27 AM by knorke (knorke's hidden library)
Updated Yesterday at 08:21 AM by knorke

So here's a small interesting question for y'all: Once you realize you're dreaming, just how exactly do you go about waking up?

I don't/didn't really think lucid dreaming was even a possibility, and very much so never really thought it could so much as happen until now - and it's just very bizarre still. I at least know I'm awake right now - presumably, as I woke up, took my blindfold off (with which I still can't nap during days), and went to my actual living room... and am here writing...
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Can't be arsed until further notice

Posted 09-19-2018 at 10:16 PM by Scintillate (Eternal Bosom of Hot Love)
Updated 09-20-2018 at 07:23 AM by Scintillate

Note has been taken of my PM dares received and several have been finished.
Same thing for the 100 thread, desert island thread and so on.

Reports will follow.


I'm currently absolutely not feeling it. Heck, yesterday i just fell asleep for five hours because i felt so exhausted and i've been in an absolutely terrible mood ever since, so currently everything is on hold. Not gonna force myself to do jack.

I shall be back whenever...
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Scattered Thoughts in the afternoon

Posted 09-19-2018 at 07:09 AM by imakward
Updated 09-19-2018 at 07:12 AM by imakward

I'm writing this partially because of the september writing contest and partially for me

i will try to not jump back and forth which i usually do trying to write things like this ,but will see what will happen,here goes nothing..

Hello i'm AK or Imakward ,yes my name is spelled wrong because i did believe that how is spelled for 23 years,yeah its quite funny,i picked this name for couple of reasons but for that i need to take you back 1 year ago.

It was ...
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100 thread blog thingy

Posted 09-18-2018 at 01:12 PM by Scintillate (Eternal Bosom of Hot Love)
Updated 09-18-2018 at 01:15 PM by Scintillate

Dares received:

Knorke: wear your high heels for 100 minutes. - done
Knorke: masturbate for exactly 100 seconds - done
churroboy101: 100 seconds to make a the food combo you've not tried before - done
KittenLicks: 100 seconds cuddling a pillow - done
KittenLicks: watch 100 seconds of kitties on youtube - accepted, not yet done
EnigmaticBunni: 100 seconds to make a list of likes and dislikes - declined

5 accepted, 1 declined, 4 done. Points:...
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*PM dare-related title goes here*

Posted 09-18-2018 at 06:46 AM by Scintillate (Eternal Bosom of Hot Love)
Updated 09-19-2018 at 12:05 AM by Scintillate

Figured i'd finally start setting up a public draft of PM dares.

They're bound to get changed rather frequently though. I reserve my right to reject any PM dares just for the case of abuse, exploit or real life conflicts.

Now, for the rules: As i'm a busy adult with many important things to do, there's a lightly enforced limit on how much you can make me do.

- If you're added as a friend of mine on this site or any other, you can send me 5 PM dares per day....
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