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JuNo Day 4 Task & Report

Posted 06-05-2023 at 04:17 PM by lola.fox

JuNo Task Day 4

Ask people to give you up to 3 edges. You must complete all edges given before asking another person for edges.

1 Point: Ask 2 people for edges and complete all edges given.
2 Points: Ask 4 people for edges and complete all edges given.
3 Points: Ask 6 people for edges and complete all edges given. After the task is completed, ask a 7th person if you can be done for the day. If they say no, roll a dice of their choosing and complete that
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JuNo Day 1 Task & Report

Posted 06-03-2023 at 11:51 AM by lola.fox

JuNo Day 1 Task:

You're going to do lots of little edging sessions today, waiting at least 20 minuted without touching between sessions. For your first session, do one edges, two for your second, three for your third, and so on such that each session adds one edge.

1 Point: 3 edging sessions (total of 6 edges)
2 Points: 6 edging sessions (total of 21 edges)
3 Points: 12 edging sessions (total of 78 edges)

JuNo Task 1 Report:

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Report - Tit Torture: Bands and Bondage

Posted 03-23-2023 at 11:17 AM by Angelsaredying

Hi again! Here's another report for a task I completed recently focused on torturing my giant tits a bit more.

For this I was told to hump a rope to 2 edges, then for every ten seconds it took to reach the second edge I had to add an elastic band to a tit, alternating right then left. Once my tits were all plump I had a bit of a bondage situation and sneaking around to not get caught!

As always please enjoy, feedback is welcome and I can confirm I bought more elastic bands...
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Underwear walk dare number 2...

Posted 06-04-2022 at 02:32 PM by Matt: (Matt's blog)
Updated 06-04-2022 at 02:42 PM by Matt:
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Not sure anyone is really interested in this, perhaps not your usual type of dare here, but I have been told to post it, so I'm just following instructions lol

(Very similar to my previous dare, but it has been made harder/more difficult, as I made 1 or 2 mistakes the 1st time....)


The dare I was given - You must go for a walk on a sunny day following a proper public footpath. You must be wearing a bra with your breast pads...
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Dare report (Walk and car wash)

Posted 10-25-2021 at 10:42 AM by Matt: (Matt's blog)
Updated 10-25-2021 at 10:50 AM by Matt:

I've been asked to write a report of a dare I was given, it has been a while since I have written one, so hopefully it will be okay.

I was told for the day I had to wear my pink bra and pantie set with breast pads inserted. Over these I was to wear a tight white t-shirt and jeans.

Part 1 of the dare was to go for a minimum 5 mile walk at a fairly popular country park dressed like this. (as it is the end of October and a little chilly, I was allowed to wear a light coat
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Naked in sex shop dare! 😱

Posted 11-30-2020 at 02:57 AM by ClaireScott

This dare was from a person I chatted with on another site but thought it was a fun one and hadnít done anything like it before. So hereís a report for your reading pleasure.

The dare: Wearing heels, I had to go to local sex shop wearing a butt plug, strip naked except for shoes and either 1) buy some lube to reapply on butt plug before getting dressed and leave, or 2) try on a bondage collar while naked in the shop and ask someone what they think. If the person replies with any positive...
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Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. -- First sessions with my Dom

Posted 10-08-2020 at 01:40 PM by AnalAddict (AnalAddict's Annals)
Updated 11-22-2020 at 05:45 AM by AnalAddict

When I joined getDare less than a week ago, I didn't dare dream about finding my first online (now former) Dom that very same day. And yet, that's exactly what happened. When Sir asked me to start a blog to report on my tasks, rules, and feelings, I was happy to obey.

So far, we've played every night, with tasks throughout the days, and Sir's orders have already pushed me far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

When He asked me yesterday what I took away from our session,...
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