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Ground rules and play rules for my kinky play sessions.

Posted 06-10-2022 at 06:35 AM by Garry0993
Updated 09-05-2022 at 03:47 PM by Garry0993 (Correcting a mistake I made in safe word section.)

I know there are details of what my thoughts on the "kinky play sessions" that is just too long for my ads. They are as long as they need to be. I kinda never wrote them out properly besides just mention all of them within the chat.

I think it will be a good idea to have this separate blog as a future reference to any girl who wishes to play with me. So here are my ground rules and play rules in writing for any kinky play sessions. Hopefully this give you a sneak peak of what "you are getting yourself into".

Ground rules

First of all, for me the most important ground rules are Consent and Real Life First. Whatever I tell you to do, are always for a play setting. If you need to do real life things such as work,friends, family etc, go for it without hesitation. I think I have stressed that a lot within my ad. Here is just a reminder that no matter what happens within play, they all stop when real life kicks in. Consent is no need for further explanation. No is no for all cases. Safe fun with consent is the best fun we can get.

Second, safe words are important in play. I use traffic light systems as safe words. Red for stop everything, no matter what we are doing. Yellow for slow things down/change directions. Green for all good to go, it's for the more tricky play (for example in the situations when we have talked about but never actually tried before so I am not sure how you feel at the moment). Please keep those in mind at all time. If you use other type of safe words, I am happy to include them so you are more comfortable with using it. Never hesitate to use safe words or think you don't need it. Better safe then sorry.

Third, about photo/videos. Like I explained within my ad, I will be asking for pic/video/audio to an extent, after the trust has built. No matter how long it needs. Assume we have come to the part where you agree to send things over, I would like you to know that you always have the say on what to show and not show me. No matter how much we have played and how many things you have sent the day before. 1 day vs 1 year the expectations stays the same. You have the final say in what you show me. All my "order" during play are really just suggestions for what I want to see. That can be completely different from what you like to show. If you don't want to show me one day for any reason that is perfectly fine. I would appreciate it if you tell me why, but you don't need any reason to say no.

Play rules

Assume you are happy with the three points above and we have established a good base for naughty fun, here are the basic play rules:
  1. No touch/No edging/no orgasm without my permission (Either within play session only or long term. That will be discussed. )
  2. Always address me properly during play
  3. Reply to my message ASAP during play session
  4. Keep good daily communication, both kinky and non-kinky

In general I would like to keep play rule simple yet effective. So this way we don't need to spend hours on reminding rules over and over again.

Since orgasm control is my biggest kink, that's why it is rule 1 for my play rules.

Rule 2 and 3 are just basic manners in my opinion. Reply asap just ensures we both have most fun during play session.

For rule 4, it's also my personal belief that the more I know you, the easier I can dominate you. I am happy to share my vanilla life with you and listen to your life so we can be friends. I have found it very helpful to built trust between dom and sub. Trust is important within kinky plays.

Above 4 are my basic rules. Of course when I play with different people who like to focus on different aspect of things, new rules may occur, current rules can be altered. We can for sure talk about it.

Again, for different people, the play expectations are different. It could be a quick edging session, or a long term denial role. It could be a spanking toy or some hidden play tasks. This is all up for discussion when we decided to play if you are happy with my ground rules and my play rules.

Of course more little details will be determined on an individual base, but here are my ground rules and play rules that I will try my best to follow.
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    pluky's Avatar
    That was a nice read, thank you for providing this clarity about your domination style that we can access prior to any additional exchanges it makes things easier.
    Posted 09-03-2022 at 08:46 PM by pluky pluky is offline

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