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Sweet [email protected] dies with the werewolf

Posted 02-07-2019 at 02:11 PM by [email protected]

This story / roll play is not for the fait hearted
Jane @ was destroyed by an animal beast Ė who acted in the roll play and wrote the introduction upon which the play was based.
If you are depraved please enjoy Ė if you are Ďnormal pleaseí donít read

Subject: Story
Jane stood on the dirt path in front of her small cabin waving good bye to her lover who was leaving for a few weeks. Jane was not looking forward to being alone for so long but she had confidence that she would take care of things and her lover would be happy to see a well-managed house when she returned. jane set about her busy work cleaning and tending to the home it was not long before the sun got low in the sky. Jane wiped the sweat from her brow she was tired but she had managed to get a lot done and was proud as she went in for the night. She began the long task of stripping down till she was in nothing but her gown and wiped herself down with a damp rag before slipping into bed. Jane was exhausted from working but could not help as her hands slip down between her legs gently rubbing her pussy. Her warm lady hood became ever more desperate with each passing min of attention she gave it with her hands. Jane was panting lightly into her pillow and could feel her gown slowly wetting around her fingers but she was quickly pulled back to reality when she heard the cow in the barn give out a terrible noise. She nearly jumped out of the bed with freight but quickly got herself under control. She got out of bed and lit up a candle cautiously walking out to check on the cow.
Jane walk into the barn hardly able to see anything by the candles dim light. She softly spoke the cows name as she looked around. She opened up the cows stall expecting to see her but didnít she stepped in and her foot landed in something wet and still warm. Jane froze slowly she realized something had gotten to the cow and she was standing in the old cows blood that was seeping around her foot. Jane was filled with a since of dread and even more so when she heard something moving in the barn behind her. Whatever had gotten the cow was still there, tears welled in Janeís eyes as she realized she had no means of escape.

Jane could feel the creatures hot most breath on the back of her head feeling that the creature stood a good bit taller than she did. A tear rolled down her cheek moments before the beast grabbed her tossing her hard against the wall of the barn. Before she could recover it was on top of her raking its claws over her tearing her clothes to shreds exposing her tits with only a few scratches that drew blood. The beast panted heavily seeming to get excited at the first smell of blood, it grabbed her dress pulling hard lifting Jane off the floor till her dress ripped away at the waist leaving her legs bare. She dropped to the floor screaming she tried to claw her way off the ground barely making it to her feet before the beast grabbed her then pinned her to the wall. Her tits pressed into the rough wood boards of the wall a nipple even sticking between 2 of them. The beast pressed its body against hers compressing her to the wall more and thatís when she felt it, it to her a bit to realize what it was. The wolfs stiff canine member pressed against her the base just above her ass cheeks but the tip was up to the middle of her back. Jane cried out screaming as she realized what was about to happen, the wolf forced her up her tits dragged up the rough boards.
The beast forced her legs apart she could tell its cock was under her then she was brought down the tip of the canine cock pressing against her anus. Her panties were still on but they did not hold for a second as the wolf plunged its cock into her, her panties were turn loose and forced up her ass along with it. Jane gasped as the air was knocked out of her from the large insertion sliding up her ass she could feel her intestines stretch over its length as it went balls deep into her. She struggled to stay conscious slipping in and out for a few moments before being brought back to the painful reality of having her ass stuffed deeply. She felt her belly bulge against the wall from the wolfs girth and winced in pain as its cock flexed inside her. The wolf then gripped her body forcing her back up its length Jane still gasping struggling to breathe as she feels her belly flatten then the wolf forced her down making it bulge again. Jane finally began to pant pulling in as much air as she could her eyes rolling every now and again as her vision would darken for a moment. It was not long before she began to scream again the pain of the wolf now using her body like a toy bouncing her up and down its length she thought her ass must already be ruined.
She groaned cringing as she dangled in at the wolfs mercy which did not seem to be coming. Her head hanged and she watched her belly getting violated bulging with each hard thrust like a fist punching inside her.

Chat session: The Wolf 07 02 19

[19:06:23] [email protected]: hi finish your dinner see you later when you can eat me!!
[19:21:17] The Wolf: hello hun :*
[19:26:11] [email protected]: hi sir
[19:26:32] [email protected]: story so hot
[19:26:49] The Wolf: good to see you again I have missed playing with you:* thank you I had fun writing it
[19:28:21] The Wolf: you want to start the rp in the barn?
[19:29:06] [email protected]: yes please sir You remember my Mistress D wanted this roll play to end badly for me Ė and said I had to act out some bits if possible.

[19:29:46] [email protected]: maybe from whatever had gotten the cow was still there, tears welled in jane's eyes as she realized she had no means of escape.
[19:30:30] The Wolf: (hehe alright) you hear it moving closer getting up behind you its breath hot and moist on the top of your head.
[19:31:21] [email protected]: Jane could feel the creatures hot most breath on the back of her head feeling that the creature stood a good bit taller than she did.
[19:31:54] [email protected]: I trembled and was so frightened the dark what had ripped the cow to bits OMG
[19:33:13] [email protected]: will get dildo and lube ok
[19:33:37] The Wolf: I grab you and toss you against the near wall before you can recover me slam my hands onto your tearing at your clothes exposing your breasts (ok yes need lube for where youíre going to put it)
[19:34:29] [email protected]: I felt myself tossed like a rag doll against the wall
[19:34:50] [email protected]: my clothes ripped I try to cover myself
[19:35:09] [email protected]: enjoy Ėemail nude picture to you
[19:35:59] The Wolf: (mm very nice I like it any chance I could see a vid some time or you on cam)
[19:36:33] The Wolf: I grab your dress pulling up lifting you off the floor your dress teared away exposing your lower body.
[19:37:43] [email protected]: oh stop no my tits on the wood splinters in them as am pushed against the wall.
[19:39:09] The Wolf: I did not ask before but am I talking with Jane?
Give me proof Ė
[19:39:32] ok thatís fine
I growl pulling you up off the ground again and slamming you against the rough wood boards of the wall. I press against you hard my massive canine cock pressed and throbbing against your ass and back.
[19:40:06] [email protected]: I feel -- no it canít be -- a huge cock half way up my back
[19:40:38] [email protected]: itís no no itís against my bum
[19:41:03] [email protected]: my legs trying to hold them together
[19:41:32] The Wolf: I pull you up your tits dragging against the wall and you know I am what is coming. I push you down the tip of my canine cock pushing against your ass.
[19:41:45] The Wolf: I slam you down your panties getting forced up your ass with my cock
[19:42:31] [email protected]: oh god I feel it my knickers start to tear I feel your cock start to split me open
[19:43:08] [email protected]: itís too big oooh canít talk or scream imm losing it
[19:43:34] The Wolf: I growl pushing you down your panties tearing and forced deeply. You can feel your intestines stretch over my canine cock your belly bulging
[19:43:48] [email protected]: slipping in and out of consciousness with the pain - for a few moments before being brought back to the painful reality of having my ass stuffed deeply
[19:44:17] [email protected]: right inside me impaled like on a spit roast pole
[19:44:38] [email protected]: emailled picture of dildo up arse
[19:44:53] [email protected]: oh I feel you
[19:45:00] The Wolf: (mm nice)
[19:45:46] The Wolf: I grip your hips tightly you can feel your pelvis straining from the girth and my grip. I yank you up making you feel empty inside before impaling you again on my beast cock
[19:46:34] [email protected]: my belly bulge against the wall from your s girth and winced in pain as your cock flexes inside mer. the wolf then gripped her body forcing her back up its length jane still gasping
19:47:57] [email protected]: oh I am fucking my arse
[19:48:42] The Wolf: (think your mistress would like that you are used like this?) I howl as I pin your head and upper body against the wall keeping you still as I pull my hips back my cock sliding out of you then I thrust slamming in and bulging your belly like a fist ramming inside you
[19:49:41] [email protected]: Yes Yes - I feel you holding me around my waist then realise youíre about to start lifting me up you do only to drop me back onto your cock
[19:50:05] [email protected]: itís as if your whole arm is inside me
[19:50:38] The Wolf: I slam you down my length you even feel the tip of my cock push into your stomach. You can tell it wonít be long before I begin to cum
[19:51:14] [email protected]: I feel my anal sphincter start to split and my arse stretch and tear
[19:51:34] [email protected]: but am now bouncing up and down on your cock
[19:51:52] [email protected]: please stop
[19:51:57] [email protected]: please no more
[19:52:09] The Wolf: I keep you pinned down and grab the bulge in your belly then begin to move you roughly jerking myself off using your body as a rag.
[19:52:24] [email protected]: I can feel blood running down my legs
[19:52:51] [email protected]: I try to escape but my feet are off the ground
[19:53:21] [email protected]: your claws are on my tits
[19:53:39] [email protected]: you are pulling me up and down by them
[19:54:21] [email protected]: I feel deep scratches across my tits
[19:54:41] The Wolf: I slam you down my length the head pushing into your stomach again this time you feel me begin to cum my seed pumping in so hard your belly moves from it and quickly fills
[19:55:45] [email protected]: it feel hot liquid cum coming from you searing and burning inside me
[19:56:49] The Wolf: I howl as I keep you pinned down on my length my cock flexing as it pumps you full inflating your stomach
[19:57:58] [email protected]: you pull back and I slide down the wall tits dragging on the rough timber - I am in a heap on the floor
[19:58:29] [email protected]: I feel cum and blood flowing out of my ruined arse
[19:58:33] The Wolf: I pump more cum out covering your head and letting it leak down over you.
[19:59:23] [email protected]: my hand reaches between my legs its cover in blood - cum covers my face as you finish over me. I pass out later I come round realising am tied up
[20:00:07] [email protected]: email tied up picture
[20:00:16] The Wolf: you hear me growl and then I grab you by the head pulling you up then dragging you deeper into the barn.
[20:00:18] [email protected]: itís dark -- I am in the barn
20:00:51] The Wolf: want to do a short snuff rp and save this one for a bit later?)
[20:01:59] [email protected]: ok mistress said this should end badly for me - how about a rape to the end
[20:02:43] The Wolf: (ok I have a fun idea on how to end Jane in the werewolf story ass well that I think you both will like.)
[20:03:10] [email protected]: ok [email protected]: this first
[20:04:11] [email protected]:
[20:04:12] The Wolf: (yeah.) itís not long before you see me again still a werewolf I stomp over my cock pulsing again. I grab you pushing on you as I slap my stiff canine cock against your pussy
[20:05:14] [email protected]: I was asleep woken roughly as turned on my back squashing tied hands
[20:05:43] [email protected]: feel you weight on me canít resist
[20:06:08] The Wolf: I slowly move my cock rubbing against your bare pussy teasingly then slowly slide down pressing the tip against the lips of your pussy
[20:06:42] [email protected]: no no I struggle itís too big its horrid youíre inhuman
[20:07:00] [email protected]: I feel your rough hair on my smooth skin
[20:07:14] [email protected]: your cock about to violate me
[20:07:21] [email protected]: no no no
20:08:09] The Wolf: I press down on you and begin to push my cock stretching your pussy open wide. I growl as I push harder forcing my way inside your belly bulging then I thrust the pointed tip of my canine cock entering your womb and stretching it over the head of my cock
[20:08:41] [email protected]: my legs are wrenched apart I feel you rip into me it hurts like hell
[20:09:46] [email protected]: my pussy is being ripped open like my arse I wonít be able to have sex - -normal sex --ever again the pain is terrible
[20:10:02] The Wolf: you can see only half my cock is inside you. I seem to grin and then thrust you feel your womb rip as my cock pushes up inside you my cock
[20:10:27] The Wolf: you feel your insides shift as I push my length inside you the head of my cock reaching up into your rib cage
[20:10:48] [email protected]: I look into your animal eyes see only hate and lust as you push deeper and deeper
[20:11:35] [email protected]: your cock is destroying me itís killing me I move forward and sink my teeth into your chest
[20:11:58] The Wolf: the pressure of my cock inside you keeps you from bleeding out at least as long as my cock stays inside. I grip tightly and pull you up my length then slam you back down using your body as a toy again.
[20:13:18] [email protected]: I realise I am being fucked to death as your cock explores inside my body and rips into me
20:14:07] [email protected]: I am never going to see my lover again [20:14:17] [email protected]: emailpicture [email protected] and her girl friend.
[20:14:52] The Wolf: I donít even seem to notice your bite as I slam you along my length ruining your insides with my fat cock
[20:15:57] [email protected]: I start to pass out as you pump in and out my cunt is ripped and now my arse and cunt are one bloody hole
[20:16:56] The Wolf: the last thing you feel is me forcing you down my length and another load of hot cum pumping into your chest covering your lungs and heart
[20:18:07] [email protected]: I manage to free a hand as your cum gushes into me I see the lantern and matches I knock the lamp over oil spills out I light it we both die in the flames
[20:18:14] [email protected]:
[20:18:35] [email protected]: ok you can change the ending just though surprise you!!!

20:19:18] The Wolf: lol itís alright, this is a bit out of the world story since I canít really rip you up like that and then abuse you when I turn human later on
[20:19:59] [email protected]: mmmm ok so were both dead in this story bit violent but enjoyed it
[20:20:18] The Wolf: yeah I had fun:*
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    great so stay dead!! no more werewolf stuff slut
    your too busy to play at that
    Posted 02-07-2019 at 02:20 PM by yorkrose yorkrose is offline
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    Originally Posted by yorkrose View Comment
    great so stay dead!! no more werewolf stuff slut
    your too busy to play at that
    NO will not
    Bite you!!
    Posted 02-07-2019 at 02:24 PM by [email protected] jane@ is offline
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    Ohh fisty don’t worry we can still break you
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