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Nude hotel stay: Day 2, room service and the pool

Posted 02-28-2023 at 07:48 PM by ClaireScott

I had just spent the night with an older man (read my other entries for what transpired) in his hotel room and now I was back at mine, just a few doors away. We had parted after a shower, and he packed to leave. I was staying for another day.

Sitting in my room, I replayed the night in my head, amazed at my my own courage. I planned how I was going to make the most of the remainder of my stay. I technically had one more blowjob to give, I wasn’t quite sure cleaning George’s dick after sex counted. I picked up the phone and called for room service and ordered myself some breakfast. I was excited as this what what inspired the whole hotel stay: getting room service naked.

As I anxiously waited, I thought it would be fun to shock the poor hotel staff delivering my breakfast with a view of my butt plug in me. I quickly grabbed some lube and my light blue jewelled but plug and promptly inserted into my self.
After a while, I heard the doorbell and went to answer the door. I took a deep breath and opened the door fully, as if I was expecting a long awaited guest. There stood a wide eyed black man, probably about 35, dressed in a hotel uniform with a breakfast cart. I guess this was the man I was going to try to seduce into letting me suck him. At this point, I had never been with a black man before, and so I knew this would be my first taste of black dick, and I was excited.

“Morning! Come on in!” I said in a cheerful tone, once again ignoring my nakedness. The man cleared his throat and and grabbed a few plates from the cart. As he did I pretended to clear some items off the coffee table in the room to make space for my breakfast. I bent over with my ass facing the door to ensure my server had a good view of the jewel embedded in my anus.

I heard him walk up from behind and he casually placed a few plates down naming them for me as confirmation of what I ordered. I sat myself down on the couch, now facing him and stole a quick bite of a piece of fruit. I played the ditz and moaned over how good or sweet the fruit was. Naturally my server was still looking at me, my naked body sitting straight and elegantly across from him. I chuckled watching him stare at me. “Come on, you guys must see naked women all the time in hotels!” I said, as I popped another fruit in my mouth. As I did I looked at his name tag that read “Sam”.

Sam cleared his throat, and was visibly playing it cool which I thought was the cutest thing. “No, not really. Maybe some of the other guys have seen stuff, but I haven’t.” He said calmly with a chuckle. I smiled, perking my body up a little for him as a sign of interest. He looked on. There was a few second of silence between us, I guess both unsure what was next. I reclined on the armchair I was sitting on and spread my legs open enough for him to see my bald pussy, “Well, there’s a first time for everything,” I said giving him a quick wink.

He liked his lips and there was a barely audible “Fuck…” from Sam’s lips. I enjoyed his eyes running all over me, and in that moment I was reminded why I love showing my body to strangers. It was exciting to see the shock, and lustful want in their eyes. I shifted my eyes to a now visibly growing bulge in Sam’s crotch. I curiously pointed at it and made a remark about how something was happening down there in his pants. Sam chuckled and said I couldn’t expect him not to get an erection with me sitting there like that. “I want to see. Show me? Please?” I asked, as earnestly as I could. His expression changed in a heartbeat, his eyes wide open and his mouth dropped, betraying his cool act.

He nodded, but turned and walked over to close the room door. “No, please, the door stays open” I called after him. He stopped and looked puzzled. “It’s, just, a thing I’m doing….please the door stays open, or we stop here.” Sam walked back over and said he could get fired if caught, I stood up and assured him I’d make it worth his while and pulled him to a corner of the room not visible from the door. He seemed a little more assured, and so I asked again to see his manhood. He smirked and unzipped his pants and pulled out a beautiful dark skinned penis, about 7 inches long and curved upwards towards the tip. I stepped forward and shyly asked “can I…?” Indicating I wanted to touch it. Sam nodded and I tenderly took his stiff rod in my small hands. It felt big in my hand as I ran my fingers all over it stroking it but getting a feel for its size at the same time.

I smiled thanking him with my eyes, as I lowered myself onto my knees an rubbed his black dick over my lips and face. I undid his pants and pulled them down to his knees, allowing me a full view of his privates. I opened my mouth and slid his meat in tasting my first black cock and I loved it. I sucked and stroked eagerly, milking Sam for his load. Saw was now leaning against the wall, watching me pleasure him with my mouth. He made some comments on how good it felt which were drowned out by my muffled eager moans. Right then, I heard a knock at the door followed by a woman calling out “hello, housekeeping…”

Flustered, scrambled to my feet and jumped into view of the front door where a mid aged woman in uniform stood. She saw my state of nakedness and apologized. “The door was open miss!” She exclaimed. I told her I was aware and it was fine. She looked puzzled and asked if the breakfast cart was for me and if I was done. I told her I was getting room service and that they had forgotten something. She shrugged and suggested I put on some clothes before they came back. I nodded and she carried on. I went back to Sam in the corner and told him it was clear but that we needed to be quiet or housekeeping would hear.

I continued to suck Sam off, and as much as I wanted him in me, I had to complete the blowjob. After a few more minutes, Sam unloaded a mouthful (and I mean literally a mouthful) of his cum in my mouth. As he did, he pulled my head down on his cock hard, so much that his tip hit the back of my throat. I had a small choke reflex and my mouth opened and a long trickle of thick white cum spilled onto my breast and ran down my front. I looked up at a pleased and smiling Sam, while he wiped his wet limp cock over my face. Sam watched on as I cleaned up the mess he made on me and I sent him on his way, but not before thanking him for his excellent service

I finished off my breakfast and to make the most of my last day, went to take a swim at the hotel pool. It was about 11am by this time, so it was a gamble if anyone would be there. I wanted to try swimming completely naked, but in case I couldn’t I had bought a black sheer one-piece bodysuit of a mesh-like material. I grabbed my bathrobe and took my “swimsuit” in hand and made my way to the pool wearing only the bathrobe (I also decided to remove the butt plug, not sure how they hold up in pools). When I got there, there was female staff member and a male staff member cleaning the pool. I smiled at both of them and as I walked over to the lounge chairs. I set my swimsuit don on the chair and thought I might just give it a go and jump in naked. I disrobed and walked over to the pool ladder and lowered my naked body into the pool. The water was a little on the colder side but I felt better after moving around a bit.

The female staff member came over to me after awhile and said I was not allowed to swim naked, and asked if I was staying at the hotel. I apologized, and told her my room number and name. I was embarrassed, just with my name being associated to my act of lewdness. The male staff member was standing further away watching from a distance. I told the lady I had a swimsuit and would put it on. I climbed out of the pool and walked back to my belongings in full view of both staff. I was conscious of the beads of water rolling down my bare breasts and legs. I grabbed my swimsuit and put it on and although it was sheer, it covered up a bit more being black in colour….until I got in got wet. As I pulled the mesh material over my wet body, the material betrayed my bare flesh. I was pleased my naked body was still clearly visible and I caught the male staff laughing to himself as he saw me. I tried to hide my own laughter at his cheekiness. The staff approached me again and said I could swim unless I was covered up. Defeated, I returned to my room, but this time, wearing only the swimsuit and left my bathrobe at the pool.

I checked out a little while later and was pleased with what I had accomplished. On the way out, I saw Steve again at the reception, gave him a big hug and wished him well.

Thanks for reading, and hope this entry wasn’t too long! As always, please come back for more, do hit me up with any dates you may have in mind, and I’ll have a few more entries in over the next few days!
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  1. Old Comment
    Great report!
    Ur very brave for doing all this!
    I hope u rewarded yourself with a nice orgasm afterwards
    Posted 03-01-2023 at 11:49 AM by _Edge _Edge is offline
  2. Old Comment
    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    Love the swimsuit bit. Sounds awesome.
    Posted 03-01-2023 at 03:12 PM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline

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