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Change room and “accidental” bikini drop at a public pool

Posted 11-30-2022 at 11:17 AM by ClaireScott

A couple of weeks ago i decided to try the good old “swimsuit came off by accident” dare at a public pool. I had been dared to go skinny dipping before, or to undress in the pool and toss my clothes out of the pool etc. These I have done and while the risk of being see was relatively low (it was a pool in my apartment building), I still got a thrill from them.

This time, I wanted to be seen. I couldn’t figure out how to get completely naked at the pool as that would be too apparent, so I decided I would go with being topless in full public view. My plan was to wear a small string bikini top and a regular bottom and at some point “lose” it. I would then exit the pool leaving my top in the pool and pretend to not realize I lost my top, thus exposing my breasts to the whole pool.

I got to the pool late in the morning on a weekday and there was a fair amount of activity. I was excited and nervous as I stood fully clothed and surveyed the pool as I waited to get a ticket. The lanes were pretty full and on the other side, an aqua fitness class was in full swing. I got my ticket and proceeded to the universal change room (i was feeling ready to show my body already so figured why not - plus we know men that go to the universal change rooms are often trying to get a glimpse of skin).

I didn’t use a stall but instead, used the communal benches in the middle of the room. I placed my bag on the bench and started to undress. 2 women and an older man walked into the room as I pulled off my top and bra. I pretended not to notice the glances. Another man, again an older man with salt and pepper hair, walked in as I pulled off my jeans. Our eyes caught for a moment as I stood before him in my lime green panties. I smiled shyly and said hi. He didn’t respond but nodded, uncertain where to look before entering a stall.

I peeled my panties off my hips and to my embarrassment, I watched as I clear thin column of my clear viscous juices stretched from my pussy to the crotch of my soaked panties. I was nervous and horny AF. I pulled my panties off and quickly stuffed them into my bag. I had previously decided to be as naked as I can, for as long as I can during this little adventure which was why I was going to be naked before getting myself a locker and putting my swimsuit on.

So, pulled out my swim attire and left them on the bench and off I went to find myself a locker which got me a few more looks from a few ladies in the quick shower. Some disapproving, some confused. I stuffed my items in the locker and went back to put my swimsuit on. As I did, the man that nodded at me earlier came out in a Speedo and we awkwardly passed each other, his eyes definitely dancing all over my body and for a good second took a good look at my shaved pube.

Again I smiled nervously at him and I went on to put my swimsuit on. I made sure to tie the string holding the bikini top on my loosely, but well enough as not to be caught before. I made my way out to the pool after a quick rinse in the shower. The pool was still fairly busy and the awkwardness of everyone looking as I came out of the change room made me more nervous and self conscious. I always felt that way about public pools… self conscious about my body, about people looking, everything.

I dipped my wet body into the splash pool and waded around for a little bit, surveying and watching what was happening. I stayed and floated around for about 10 minutes before I readied myself and headed over to the free lane. The pool was a 50m pool and I had planned to exit the pool on the side that was furthest away from the change room.

I playfully dipped under the surface to ensure my top was ready to come off, loosening it a little before the big tug. I looked around one last time, and then in one sweeping motion, dipped down under the surface, kicked off the wall and pulled my bikini top off. As my body glided through the water, I felt my top slip away from my c cup breasts…this was it, no turning back. I swam to the other side and rested for a moment on the edge catching my breath, my heart racing from the sudden exercise and nervousness. I looked around, and no one had noticed anything yet. Perfect.

A gathered my courage, and pulled my body out of the water making sure to not look down at myself and to act normal.I felt the cold of the air on my bare top and my nipples harden and stick out in the cold. I lifted my arms up to pull my hair into a pony tail and to squeeze the water out of my hair as I casually walked to the change room so that my breasts were in clear view. I felt the water run down my body but kept looking straight as best I could.

As I walked, I noticed the older men in the hot tub looking at me as I casually passed, smiles on their faces, I could feel my face turning bright red in embarrassment, but I also remember enjoying the moment. I continued as casually as I could ignoring my toplessness then I heard the whistle from the lifeguard blow. Naturally everyone turned to the lifeguard and saw him pointing at me. Now everyone was staring. I would guess 30 people, men and women, all staring at little bare breasted Claire. I heard a few cat call whistles and then I “realized” what had happened. I quickly covered myself my chest with my arms and acted embarrassed. I didn’t have to act really, I was genuinely embarrassed and my face was red as a beet.

I started to brisk walk back to change room and then something unexpected happened. A wave of emotion hit me… shame, embarrassment, thrill, delight, and I started to cry. The tears just came and I started sobbing without reason. Perhaps embarrassment? A lifeguard rushed over with a towel and threw it around me as I cried, and pulled me away from the pool. I calmed down after a few moments, and another lifeguard came and returned my top that was fished out.

I apologized and the female lifeguard ensured I was ok. I said I was just so embarrassed but that I was fine. I was advised to wear a one piece next time and released from their care. I thanked them and went back to the change room. This time I went into a stall. Despite everything, I was still feeling horny and so I masturbated in the stall, sitting on the stall seat with my legs widely spread facing the closed door. There was a bit of a gap in the door, wide enough for me to see people passing by the stall.

I muffled my intense orgasm that left a little pool of my juices on the seat. I cleaned up, got myself dressed and left. I don’t know if any saw me or heard me, but I hope someone did catch part of my “performance”.

I left feeling accomplished, but a lingering feeling of guilt and shame clouded me. I cried, but oddly I very much enjoyed the moment. I felt slutty and horny, ashamed and yet proud. I must admit I’m a little confused, but I guess that’s what self exploration is.

Thanks for reading, and do leave your thoughts or comments.

Hugs and kisses,
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  1. Old Comment
    lotusdriver81's Avatar
    What a great experience for you. Sounds amazing. Well written blog too. Thankyou.
    Posted 12-01-2022 at 09:45 AM by lotusdriver81 lotusdriver81 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Great experience and excellent write up! I'm sure you made a few peoples day at the pool.
    Posted 12-01-2022 at 11:43 AM by tzzzr tzzzr is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Sounds like too much fun. Lucky pool goers!
    Posted 12-02-2022 at 04:43 AM by Speedwolf Speedwolf is offline

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