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pm dares

Posted 05-09-2015 at 08:39 AM by brandonlow67042
Updated 01-02-2023 at 03:06 PM by brandonlow67042 (adding to it)

DESPERATE GIRL I'll dress in a skirt and bra with panties in my mouth and tie my feet then hands together for 2d6 minutes.

PM me PANTY TIME and I will wear panties next time I browse Getdare.

PM me CUTIE and I will roll 1d6:
1 - I will wear a skirt or dress for 1 hour
2 through 5 - I will paint 3 fingernails and leave it until it starts wearing off from natural wear and tear
6 - I will tell you how it feels to be crossdressed

Pm me 'DICE' and I will do a dice dare of your choice within my limits

PM me "PM" and give me 2 of your PM dares and I will do them myself (within my limits)

pm me and i will wear bra and panties for 24 hours. (even will sleep in)

pm me bondage and i will tie myself up how you would like

PM me SLEEP TIGHT and i'll sleep with my legs tied together!

pm me hypnotize and i will watch a hypnosis of your choice for however long (if not against limits)

pm me Battleship and I will play you with some sort of bet within limits.

pm twist and I will do all dares I sent you when returning the dares favor along with what is given.

pm me release and i will cum how you would like me to.

pm me time and I will do a dare of your choice within my limits and if I fail I will do a forfeit for you or become your slave for 1 week.

pm me "Vs" and the stakes you want and I will vs you.


pm me yummy gag and I'll cum in a pair of my worn panties and use it as gag for x minutes

pm me gag and i will gag myself for 15 minutes

pm me edge and i will edge up to 10 times

Cum - I have to ruin an orgasm within 5 minutes of reading. Failure will result in you getting to give a punishment to me. Add "Also" feel free to send a video or something else to try to get me to fail for your pleasure.

pm me "just watch" and I will watch a porn video of your choice while being bound to a chair.

Pm game show and a question and if I get it wrong I have to do 2 dares within limits and if I get it right I give you a dare.

PM me QUESTION with a question (no asking for personal info like name, address, etc) and I must respond with both a lie and a truth. You will then guess which is which. If you are correct, you will get to punish me. If you are wrong, I will punish you.

PM me "challenge" and I will play a forfeit game of your choice with a chance of adding PM dares to either of our lists

UNFAIR COIN and I'll flip a coin 3 times. If it's mostly heads I'll edge 20 times if it's mostly tails you have to edge once

ROLL IT and I'll roll a dice. If I get an 5 or higher I can cum. If I get 4 or less, I must get permission from that many people to cum.

NUDE LOCK and give me some condition to fulfill in order to earn back clothing items. But if the condition is too unrealistic, you get a penalty dare instead!

pm sit and wait and I will get naked, sit on all fours on the floor in front of my door and excitingly wait for my owner to arrive for 10 minutes.

pm SIT = For 24 hours, if I use a public or unisex toilet, I have to be sitting on it.

pm revenge and I will give you some dares back as well.

TIPTOES -> "PM me tiptoes and I'll strip naked and stand on my tiptoes with my arms upstretched for a full 2 minutes. If I fail, you may give me a punishment and I'll repeat the tiptoe task as well.

PM me WEAR IN THE WORLD and I'll play a game of geoguesser (world map, 5 guesses) giving a score between 0 and 25,000 (the average is about 11,000). Every point under 18,000 equals 1 minute you can control what underwear I wear (within limits). If I somehow get over 18,000 though I can control yours for that amount of time.

DESPERATE BOY and I'll strip naked, putting my current socks in my mouth and clothes pegs on my nipples for 1d6 minutes. Afterwards I'll make sure to put my socks back on even if it means sleeping in them.

BAD BOY and I will ask 4 people for a punishment for being a naughty little boy and will accpet any punishment given to me within my limits

pm Straight to Dessert and I will ruin my orgasm and then eat it.

"PM me CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE and I'll clamp my tongue with a clothespin for 2xd10 minutes"

Check toy and see if I have my toy inserted in my butt at the time. If not I mjust insert and leave in for 6 hours straight. 2nd time caught without toy is 12 hours. 3rd time caught in a row means I leave in for a day (possible longer if you wish) and get a punishment for not being plugged. However if I have toy inside me at the time you get the 6 hours of time as well.

PM me "DENY X" and I can't orgasm for X hours, but neither can you (if your in denial you have to add 2 days to your end date) (MAX 48)

feel free to add as many as you like at one time.
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  1. Old Comment
    Pm game show and question that I have to answer and if I get it wrong I do 2 dares of your choice within limits and if I get it right I give you a dare
    Posted 04-19-2017 at 02:27 PM by brandonlow67042 brandonlow67042 is offline
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    Manarus's Avatar
    Hi! I cannot send you a PM. Did you de-activate PMs? This is a little obstacle if someone wants to send you a dare
    Let me do it in the comment section instead: SLEEP TIGHT!
    Posted 02-16-2021 at 01:00 PM by Manarus Manarus is offline

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