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ball kicking weekend

Posted 05-04-2014 at 08:04 AM by 6u3k

Well you sadistic bastards voted for 15 kicks at breakfast lunch and dinner.

He was more then happy with the result of the poll.

The first morning I stood with my legs spread for him. My eyes closed I let a loud moan as I felt his foot land Against my nuts. It hurt a great deal but I stayed on my feet. My nuts were throbbing horribly by the 3rd one and I was dropped to my knees on the 7th. He was impressed at how well I withstood them in comparison to last time.

The agony was beyond what I had hopped for as he finished up the set. I was whincing and limping for a little while afterwards. I was angle to walk half pretty well by the time I was easy for the next 15.

I was dropped to my knees a good few times this time around and needed a bit before getting up but got through it. He decided that I would have my wrists tied above my head for next time to prevent the falling.

My nuts were still throbbing by supper and I wasn't ready to go again when he said it was time. With my arms tied up I wasn't allowed much time between kicks. This made them hurt so much more as my nuts got crushed against my pelvis. I was howling in pain.

I slept cruled up that night. Slept great though. Luckily I felt a bit better by morning but the first kick brought back every little bit of pain. My eyes were watering as I groaned out each time he crushed my nuts. I wanted to call it quites but I'm glad he forced me to keep going.

The pain during the second to last set was extremely agonizing. I was basically being held up by the ropes on my wrists as he kept kicking them. I could see the glee in his eyes. He knew as much as i was hurting and how much I wanted it to end that I would enjoy nothing better then for him to continue.

The last 15happened right before he left. He untied me for the last kick and left me on the ground as he left. I was in blissful agony. It took a while before I could crawl into bed. My nuts still hurt when I woke up for work the next day but I made it through. Once home again they started to feel normalish finally.
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