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PM Dares

Posted 10-02-2020 at 02:57 PM by bdsm_guy1
Updated 10-08-2020 at 05:13 PM by bdsm_guy1

Some suggested PM Dares below. I'm a bit limited as I live with my girlfriend and rarely get time alone since the lockdown... but I'll try my best! Most of the Basic PM Dares can be done easily, while the Special PM Dares may need more preparation / home alone.

Basic PM Dares

1. Choose a PM dare below
2. Roll a dice to determine duration (if we're 'friends', you can double)
3. (Optional) Choose the specific type of toy - full list here

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Retrospective: PM dare bashing game

Posted 08-02-2020 at 09:22 AM by Cassandra (I love words)

The PM dare bashing game

I started the PM dare bashing game over 3 years ago, will be 4 years in September 2020. It's purpose was a source to get PM dares by willing to send PM dares yourself, both lots of, based on chance.

How it works is, that you post with a chosen or random number between 1 and 24 (in a spoiler). Then you are supposed to PM dare every user before you, from last up to the closest user with the same number. People posting after you will PM dare you in...
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More: PM dares to get you receiving more PM dares

Posted 07-30-2020 at 04:52 PM by Cassandra (I love words)
Updated 08-02-2020 at 09:54 AM by Cassandra

As I explained here, I love PM dares. Since I know and appreciate pure dare givers, the following list is for people who don't submit themselves into doing dares. I like to dare you to open yourselves up to be PM dared ... to dare other people. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people gave you impulses where to strike your mischief at? Feel free to link to this list, copy all of them or parts into your own PM dare list, modify them however you like or just let them inspire you. PM or comment with any change...
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How PM dares and add threads work for me

Posted 07-29-2020 at 05:20 AM by Cassandra (I love words)

Inspired by knorke's blog post. Many thanks for the perspective.

More often bottom than top, I go through phases of submission, domination, and not much desire for kinky play at all. That's why I have been unable to keep up a long-term BDSM partnership, in what role whatsoever. For me, the most important aspect of my tasks is to do it for others, due to others, "forced" or better spelled decided by others. I love to please and satisfy people. That works better when I...
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Likes, Limits, PM Dares, and Toys(Slutttyslave418571)

Posted 04-20-2020 at 10:41 PM by Sluttyslave418571
Updated 10-12-2020 at 11:42 PM by Sluttyslave418571

Likes: Anal, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Oral, Pet Play, Water Sports.
Limits:friends/family, too public, controlled masturbation, orgasms, face pics/vids/pics/vids with face in them, blood, excessive long tasks and CBT.
Toys: blindfold, buttplugs/dildos, funnel gag, handcuffs, markers, nipple clamps, and a locking collar and leash

My masters have thought up some PM Dares for me. Please PM me with any other suggestions.
CUM (number)-> I will eat my next (number)...
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HELP, please! Suggest PM dares for me

Posted 04-16-2020 at 02:22 PM by Cassandra (I love words)
Updated 06-02-2020 at 12:56 AM by Cassandra


Many thanks for all the input

I intended to go without PM dares for a while. But recently I met my current, lovely keyholder. He ordered me to add a PM dare, and then another, and now a third one:

PM or Kik me SUGGEST X, where X is a new PM Dare, and I will forward your suggestion, to add that PM dare to my list, to my keyholder immediately

Since he would like to have your ideas and proposals, please consider to come up and
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(Received) and Completed PM dares 2020

Posted 04-15-2020 at 12:53 PM by Cassandra (I love words)
Updated 04-26-2020 at 02:51 PM by Cassandra

This is my current list of (pending) and completed PM dares. You find all my former lists here.

26.04.2020 SLUT, SUGGEST
23.04.2020 SLUT, CANVAS till 24.04.2020 10:44 AM
22.04.2020 3x SLUT
21.04.2020 2x SLUT
20.04.2020 CALM DOWN till 21.04.2020 11:29, SLUT, FORWARD
19.04.2020 2x SLUT
18.04.2020 3x SLUT, 2x SUGGEST, CANVAS
17.04.2020 SUGGEST, 2x SLUT
16.04.2020 6x SLUT, SUGGEST
15.04.2020 9x SLUT
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