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My origin story

Posted Today at 06:06 PM by Butterfly (The Butterfly Effect)

Today I was talking to a potential Dom and he asked me for my origin story. I was about to launch into the story of how I discovered kink (it was a CSI episode btw) but I stopped to reflect for a second and realized that he was asking something different.

When superheroes share their origin story, they talk about where they came from and how they discovered their powers.

So here is my origin story:

When I was 10, my mom gave birth to my second little brother.
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Chess Game - Forfeit Ideas

Posted Today at 01:44 AM by DaredPaola
Updated Today at 06:36 AM by DaredPaola

- [NOT YET SINCE NOBODY INVOLVED] Whenever i am at the beach, I have to go into the water until i am are fully covered by it with a friend or spouse. Then take off your bikini and give it to them and tell them to leave and come back in 5 minutes.
- Wear a sexy costume for halloween or other party. You choose which one!
- Put on a regular panty and bra (nothing sexy, make sure they LOOK like a panty and bra) get dressed and go to the beach. Find a spot with lots of people and strip to your...
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Chess Game - Reports

Posted Today at 01:26 AM by DaredPaola
Updated Today at 11:35 AM by DaredPaola

28. Forfeit would be to go in a changing room at the mall, leave the curtain open for how many points(32) of difference in cm. Take there number of remaining pieces(6) of clothes and get naked. Then try every piece of clothes there, with your back to the curtain. Bending for points(32) of difference seconds every new one you try. Can't ever have more than one on you at anytime during the dare.

I really liked this dare. Already before I did it. So I went to the mall and got to a...
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Chess Game - List of Forfeits

Posted Today at 01:24 AM by DaredPaola
Updated Today at 12:04 PM by DaredPaola

So i thought i post it here so i can put it in my bio.

So to the Game: I sent a link for lichess.org and then we make up a forfeit for me. Everytime I dont win i have to do the forfeit. I like public stuff just like the title says. Iam a little exhibitionism. Some spanking, pantsing, wedgies and masturbation is nice too of course! Also like accidental exposure and enf stuff.

My limits are: Blood, messy(not like really dirty stuff), permanent, social destruction, online exposure,...
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Ponies Return Thread Results

Posted Yesterday at 05:19 PM by Ponies

Hey Everypony!

My return thread ended and I ended up with some pretty big life changes. For one I no longer own any male clothes. There are tons of other tasks that I am doing thought the month (and longer)


I also held a poll. The final decision was that I am going to be getting at least 5 sessions of laser hair removal...
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Have sex with just two clicks!

Posted 03-04-2021 at 04:40 AM by Cassandra (I love words)

Sex with real persons, in real, for real, for free, just two clicks, no effort, no filling in any forms, adding information, giving any pictures away, getting your ass up ...

If you guessed by now that this is a rant, you are right. At least, a little bit.

Small update: I just had two wonderful kinky sex dates with the same person on two different days. And hopefully this is going to continue with more sessions next week. Jealous?

Well, I am happy, and...
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My PM dares

Posted 03-01-2021 at 06:25 PM by HornMan
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PM dares

Include your kik if you want me to send a picture or video.

DICK: I'll send you a dick pic.

EDGE: I'll edge once and send you a picture of my hard cock.

SHOW YOUR BODY: Roll 1d20 and I'll show you a part of my body.

STRIP DICE: Roll 1d6 and I'll send you a pic accordingly.

CLOTHESPINS x: I'll add that many on my balls.

PLAY 'game': I'll play a game with you of your choice with a handicap...
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