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Completed and (pending) PM dares 2018

Posted 01-04-2018 at 01:01 PM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from ancient greece)
Updated 07-16-2018 at 12:08 PM by Cassandra

This is my current list of (pending) and completed PM dares in the year 2018. Those from 2017 and before are here and there.

16.07.2018 - Chastity
15.07.2018 - Sales, Chastity, Liquid Ginger
11.07.2018 - Collar Leash
10.07.2018 - Tiger
02.07.2018 - Animal, Chastity, Ginger Liquid, Pigtails, Open while being gagged, Tokens
01.07.2018 - Tokens
30.06.2018 - Slut, Chastity, Ginger, Pins, Slaps
29.06.2018 - Pigtails, Squads, Crunches, Slut, Deepthroat...
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Plans for 2018

Posted 12-29-2017 at 11:25 AM by Cassandra (Mad prophecies from ancient greece)

Originally Posted by Cassandra: My goals for 2017
While I am not a fan of new years resolutions, stating some of my goals might help me keep conscious about them and focus.

Regarding my life in total, I want to get a new job, take more time for my husband, family, and friends, work off the emotional burdens of my past and keep on making more games in private. For my sexual and kinky activities, I just want to maintain what I started 2016 since it does good to me to release and live that side of my life. I am still a romantic slut and
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